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Change the play speed of YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo/EggHead or ANY website using only your keyboard

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Description from store An easy way to control any HTML5 video playback speed. [ Slowdown the video ] Speedup the video. 0 Reset, and get back to normal speed - Go back 5 sec. + Skip 5 sec. Have fun! @gilamran Note: This extension will ONLY work on the HTML5 version of YouTube

Latest reviews

  • (2021-07-15) Matt Haliadex: Other reviews notwithstanding, this is perfect for what I needed (Brightcove embedded videos without a speed adjuster having been added). Works flawlessly - thanks.
  • (2021-06-16) Judit Serra Mascaró: No funciona
  • (2021-01-28) Mehmet Yaşar: ı use the xbowtie video player. https://sosyalyum.com/turkiyenin-yerli-online-egitim-platformu-xbowtie/
  • (2021-01-01) Lydia Ilyakhina: It helped me with changing speed of embedded videos (video lectures). I'm so happy about it, because usually sites with payed content have their own players that don't have speed toggle. And sometimes people talk too slow and I don't have that much time. I'm really grateful for this extension.
  • (2020-10-24) Rice n Beans: From reading some reviews, this extension seemed pretty good, so I got it. But there's one major problem.. when I try to add speed, it shows 1.10 for a split second before going back to 1.00. Is there any way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
  • (2020-03-16) Stuart Jenkins: Super useful! Any chance you can make it 32x speed please. Also two default speeds, so one of like 1.8x speed default, the other where you can push it to 32x speed to skip ads if you need to please?
  • (2019-08-20) Ольга Карташова: супер
  • (2019-03-31) Beans345: It didn't even show up when it was supposed to. I can't rate it lower than one, so I have to be generous.
  • (2019-01-25) Дарья Бондаренко: Отличное приложение! Смотрю с помощью него аниме :3 работает лучше чем другое приложение, несмотря на то, что на нем куча отзывов.
  • (2018-11-26) johny radio: works well, but 0 is a terrible key to reset speed, since YouTube uses 0 to jump to beginning of video. Love how tiny, don't get fat.
  • (2018-09-20) Rotem Erlich: Just do the job as expected!
  • (2018-08-30) Isaac Brown: This is possibly the oldest video speed extension and definitely the lowest footprint and most reliable. It works on every video I try it on, both from different video sites and embedded videos from different sources (I assume anything that uses the HTML5 video player will work). I really like the very small speed step so I can fine tune video speeds so I can comfortably understand/comprehend people talking while still playing the video as fast as possible. I actually forgot the name of this extension and tried to install it on my wife's chrome account and ended up comparing a dozen different ones. This is the one people, Video Speed by Gil.
  • (2018-08-27) Max Myzer: Works great, the only problem I have I will post in the suggestion section, along with another problem someone pointed out.
  • (2018-08-23) Christoph Kahl: Super, genau das was ich gesucht habe.
  • (2018-07-17) Anderson: Excelente! Só faltou exibir o ícone na barra.
  • (2018-06-28) Bakulesh Singh: Love the extension. No frills does its job from the get go.
  • (2018-04-13) Marc Genet: Only plug-in that allows you to precisely adjust the speed - very useful for sound lovers who want to make quick speed tests before using a dj software
  • (2018-03-12) Ben: it only goes down to 0.5 speed?! i want somethnig that can at least match youtubes 0.23 if not lower!!!
  • (2018-03-12) Hans-Peter Anzinger: would be nice to change the shortcuts (like when using non US keyboard layout)
  • (2018-03-02) ygo Lin: I think it's perfect. I use it to watch study videos that is not posted in youtube, this tool makes it more efficient for me, it helps me save a lot of time. Plus it's easy to use, thanks for sharing this tool with us !!! :)
  • (2018-01-28) MrLegav: Zarąbista apka! <3
  • (2018-01-25) Piotr Plata: Chyba najlepsze rozszerzenie jakie miałem do tej pory, bardzo praktyczne przyciski, można dużo czasu oszczędzić przyspieszając sobie różne filmiki jak się ogląda. Polecam
  • (2017-12-08) Orion Schmok: idk why, but when i click 0 the video restarts..... if u can tell me how to fix this plaz tell me
  • (2017-09-25) Jorge Barroso: excelente
  • (2017-05-26) Rachel Bradford: Just terrible. It doesnt even work 1/5 stars
  • (2017-05-02) Johny Why: Instructions are wrong: To reset speed to normal, press: CTRL-0, not just 0. I just started using this extension, so can't say more yet.
  • (2017-04-22) Allison McClain: The incremental step is too small. Uninstalling it. The step should be at least 0.1. Change that, or at least give us the option to choose the step
  • (2017-03-10) Tulio Sandoval: Beautiful! The only thing is that the 0 key shortcut is not working for me, but it is not a huge thing. It'd work just fine even if it didn't had it in the first place.
  • (2017-01-07) M G: There is a problem, when clicking 0 instead of back to normal speed, the video restart ( goes to 0 start point )
  • (2016-12-21) Bogdan Kuzmich: Excellent extension, just works as described. The option to change the shortcuts may be useful.
  • (2016-08-01) Works as described but it would be better if it lets u have the option to pick your shortcut keys

Latest issues

  • (2021-02-07, v:2.0.7) Kiruu Sehrawat: need this feature to work in my android phn
    i hv used desktop site of chrome in my mobile phn even then its not showing any increament in speed or such option .. .. its say add to desktop then install .. n its added.. i didn't find where it is added .. no speed increament option in my android for this.. i reallyneed it..i don't hv laptop or computer .. but chrome desktop site works but here it is not working
  • (2020-07-03, v:2.0.7) Carolina Amorim: encerrei a extensao e agora nao consigo achar mais
    a extensao começou a ficar descontroada, no desespero, fechei e acabei encerrando, e agora nao consigo encontrar mais...como posso habilitar e incluir ela novamente nos meus videos?
  • (2020-03-05, v:2.0.7) Bryce Demby: Audio Problems
    Excuse me, there's a problem with your extension, every time I increase the video speed to between 1.02 to 1.06, the video audio pitch goes up. While the video play at speeds that are more than 1.06, the audio pitch is normal. Please fix this so the video's audio play at the normal pitch in speeds between 1.02 to 1.06. Thank you. Bryce Demby
  • (2020-01-26, v:2.0.7) Kan Ji Uzumaki: I can up speed more than x2 ?
    i want to see speed of video and i can play x2 x2.5 x3 x3.5 or more...
  • (2019-05-04, v:2.0.7) Video Speeder: Partnership with Smart Speeder
    I'm one of the developer of this extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/smart-speeder-for-youtube/bgebodibamdplnilacadocjnipgjkpig/. That allows to speed up unvoiced intervals and save user time during watching videos. Are you interesting with integrating with our tool into one big and powerful? Or get partnership with our team (advertising, PR, etc). Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks! Best regards, Smart Speeder for YouTube Team!
  • (2019-03-18, v:2.0.7) Incremental Revenues via Push Notifications
    Hi Gil, You have a really nice extension product and I’d like to help you generate significantly more revenues per subscriber using the unique NativeAlerts Push Notification service. NativeAlerts is an easy way to provide special offer alerts to your extension product. Just install NativeAlerts and we do all the work and send you a check each month. Start recruiting push subscribers and sending alerts in minutes using our WordPress Plugin or by manually adding a couple of lines of code into your extension page or tab. We provide robust and detailed analytics to help you understand what works and what doesn’t. You can find more information about our WP Plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/native-alerts-push-notifications/. Please let me know if you have a few minutes to discuss how it works in the coming days. My email is [email protected] Kind regards, Steven
  • (2018-12-04, v:2.0.7) Kevin Andrew: Vimeo speed control
    I have installed the Vimeo speed control on my OPERA browser and i see a faint icon at the top. BUT it does not work. Also it is NOT clickable. When i right click on it the menu item "Options" is not clickable. it seems it is not installed properly. What do i need to do?
  • (2018-09-02, v:2.0.7) G.: Back and Skip affect caption size
    Very useful. It would be nice though to have a way to change the default shortcuts, I guess, or to use other ones, as the Skip and Back are affecting the size of the captions (make them bigger or smaller).
  • (2018-08-27, v:2.0.7) Max Myzer: Make it a bit more sensible
    Can you make the speed STEP_SIZE .25 instead of .02? I tried to mod it myself but it crashed the webpage.. Someone else pointed out that '0' is already used for Youtube in their shortcuts. I suggest you set the speed rest to '\'
  • (2018-04-22, v:2.0.7) 김기정: Excellent but pause/play short cut?
    Excellent! Would you add pause/play keyboard short cut?
  • (2017-10-27, v:2.0.7) -E A-: BUG with "0"
    I recently set up a different computer running Win7 Pro. Your extension is not working properly. When I press the "0" key, the video starts over, retaining the current speed setting rather than resetting the speed to normal and continuing from that point forward.
  • (2017-05-28, v:2.0.7) Luca Benazzi: More customisation please
    Too bad you can't customise the keyboard shortcuts, making it useless since I am already using plugins that use those buttons
  • (2017-03-21, v:2.0.7) Katharina Osika: Doesn't download
    Can't download the extention
  • (2016-07-27, v:2.0.7) daniel Brown: 3 Things You can change the keyboard? I want to choose other keys This conflicts with this plugin Youtube https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rightspeed-for-youtube/flibmeaimaamdoldglmbcooncgjedblo Allow it would cost each time by 10% and 2%? ...
    3 Things You can change the keyboard? I want to choose other keys This conflicts with this plugin Youtube https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rightspeed-for-youtube/flibmeaimaamdoldglmbcooncgjedblo Allow it would cost each time by 10% and 2%? ...


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