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This extension will help to work with your Redmine issues without need to open Redmine

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Description from store This plugin will notify you of the change of your Redmine issues. And give ability to work with them. Change Status, Type, Done percentage. Adding comments to issues. Creating new issues. And track time you spent on issues. It requires Redmine 1.3.0 or later. To start working with this extension (after installation) go to the options page and enter your Redmine URL and Api Access Key (Could be found into your Redmine profile). For now this extension is under development and lot of new features will be added very soon. Changelog --------------------------------- 2.0.0 (28-Oct-2013) - Moved to new version of Twitter Bootstrap (v3) - Lots of core fixes - Fixed list of project - Fixed creation of new project - Fixed minor issues - Added priority field to list of issues - Fixed Redmine URL + port issues - Lot of UI updates 1.7.0 (25-Apr-2013) - Time synchronization with Redmine - Ability to add comments to time entry - "Mark as read" fix - 1.6.8 (8-Apr-2013) - Lot of core fixes 1.6.6 (11-Mar-2013) - Updated storage location - Major code enchantments - Added time tracking ability - List of available projects - UI enchantments 1.6.0 (15-Feb-2013) - Updated Twitter Bootstrap to version 2.3 - Added ChiliProject support - Updated UI - Latest news - Code optimization and stability improvements 1.5.6 (17-Dec-2012) - Stability improvements - Now in Issue details attachments could be downloaded from History tab - Bug fixes 1.5.2 (15-Dec-2012) - Ability to collapse/expand history items in issues details - Now extension also loads issues you watching into Redmine - Bug fixes 1.4.1 (13-Dec-2012) - Error handling into create & update issues - Core stability improvement 1.2 (1-Dec-2012) - Stability update - Fixed issue statuses loading - Minor bug fixes 1.1 (30-Nov-2012) - Code & stability improvements - Remove unused code 1.0 (28-Nov-2012) - Create new issue from selected text (Context menu) - Hints + disable hints in options - Options code optimization - Minor UI optimization 0.9.9 (23-Nov-2012) - Attach file to issue - Attachment history parsing - Stability improvements - V8 code optimazation 0.9.8 (20-Nov-2012) - Added "Issue list options" 0.9.7 (19-Nov-2012) - Added assignee field into Create issue - Core fixes

Latest reviews

  • (2017-03-15) 沙包妖梦: 非常好用!目前商店里最好的redmine插件。
  • (2015-04-22) David Beneš: Looks good, but I'm missing task numbers in main list,
  • (2015-04-19) Александр Ландеховский: То что нужно.
  • (2015-04-16) Максим Андреев: Good
  • (2014-08-30) Андрей Кольчурин: Не работает. Может проблема в basic authorization.
  • (2014-06-23) Alex Klomin: Очень удобная штука, рекомендую!. Автору огромное спасибо!
  • (2014-05-07) Sergey Nikulin: Идея отличная, а вот подключиться не могу, блин!
  • (2014-02-11) Nirmal Keshvani: a good UI ad it is also a faster than the normal web app. But I miss the all filter options of the issue list..
  • (2014-01-10) Sergii Kravtsov: Понравилось, поставлю клиентам как helpdesk-решение
  • (2013-11-14) Danilo Oliveira da Cruz: Não funciona, não carrega as tarefas que estão atribuídas ao meu usuário.
  • (2013-03-12) Ruben Ajras: Muy buena aplicación, realmente ayuda a obtener una información clara de lo que está sucediendo en redmine.
  • (2012-11-22) David Grieshammer: The UI is a breeze! Its really better than what I was hoping for to find as a chrome-plugin. Two little things: - Images are not shown - when Creating a new Issue I cannot directly select the desired Tracker, like Task / Req etc. Thanks so much for that, and, just as a suggestion - if you add time-tracking it would be thee killer app!

Latest issues

  • (2018-03-16, v:2.0.1) Александр Чёрный: Timelog don't transmit into a redmine's task.
    Timelog don't transmit into a redmine's task. Why? Our version of Redmine 3.2.0 stable.
  • (2017-02-28, v:2.0.1) Issues assigned to other team members.
    It would be good to see the issues assigned to other team members.
  • (2017-02-09, v:2.0.1) Count Kes: Добавление наблюдателей
    Добрый день! Невозможно не отметить: Созданные задачи нельзя увидеть в списке задач (Issue list), так как при создании задачи наблюдателей указать нельзя и дальнейшее отслеживание созданных задач невозможно. Очень не достает этой опции. Приходится тут же лезть в редмайн и ставить себя наблюдателем, а задачу еще найти надо (номер мы не знаем и ссылку система не дает). То есть добавление только наблюдателей реально сократило бы время на постановку и мгновенное отслеживание большого кол-ва задач) Возможно ли?
  • (2016-01-18, v:2.0.1) Dambaev Alexander: issues statuses are not updated
    When I close issue or change it's status in redmine, it is still in extension with status "new".
  • (2015-11-26, v:2.0.1) Виталий Кабузан: Фильтр по автору
    Добавьте пожалуйста фильтр по автору.
  • (2015-09-28, v:2.0.1) Mauro Comba: API KEY
    Where do i find the api key??
  • (2015-08-25, v:2.0.1) Samuel Suther: Hide unneeded Informations/Tasks
    Please add a Filter for "Archived Projects" and "Closed Tasks". So if you toggle those Buttons / Filters, you'll have a better overview of all you open Tasks and Projects.
  • (2015-03-24, v:2.0.1) Time logs Sync.
    My time logs are not written to redmine. I can edit other fields and changes show up in my redmine server, but time logs don't. Is something broken on my side, or time logs just don't sync to redmine?
  • (2014-12-27, v:2.0.1) Suvrat Bhat: Jira Capture Like Feature
    Great extensition, if there is an option like Jira Capture to capture screenshots and directly create bug or attach the screenshot to bug will be amazing feature to this extension
  • (2014-07-23, v:2.0.1) Brett VV: Multiple Redmine Connections
    This would be the best Chrome App ever if I could connect to more than one Redmine instance. Any plans for that?
  • (2014-02-11, v:2.0.1) Nirmal Keshvani: missing the issue list filters
    missing the issue list filters


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