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Sort Bookmarks Alphabetically

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Description from store Bookmarks Organizer helps in keeping the bookmarks sorted. It monitors for newly added or moved bookmarks and auto arranges them in ascending order by title. There is a reorder button to manually order the whole bookmark, which can be used initially after installation or import. Only bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar are sorted. If you want to have a custom order, those bookmarks can be placed inside the Other Bookmarks. Limitations: There are max write limits set by the browser so that the sync servers are not abused. So only a certain number of move operations can be performed per session in a given interval of time.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-12-08) Beatriz Guerra: Great! I wanted to organize my bookmarks in alphabetical order and this extension did it perfectly. Thank you!
  • (2020-12-15) Sandeep Anand: It is one of the best bookmark organizers. It’s beneficial!! Great!!!!
  • (2020-10-20) Stronger Ever: I don't understand why is this extension underrated. People are crazy.
  • (2020-10-19) サイトごとに並べ替える又はフォルダを生成するようには開発できますかね
  • (2020-03-02) 面条君495: 这是个以标题为排序,给书签、收藏夹排序的插件 中文慎用,因为中文没有顺序,收藏夹会被打乱成一片狼藉
  • (2020-02-22) Ashton “Ashtonesia” NW: works just note that this is for people that wants there bookmarks to be in order A-Z, works with the latest version of chrome so far i got a winner.
  • (2019-11-19) Jaroslaw Istok: Reorder in progress since days :( I see no changes
  • (2019-11-11) Skill seizer: simple + superb wasted my time on other extensions thanks a lot plz provide us option for to "un touch" the Bookmark bar
  • (2019-08-06) 张義: 怎么用的?安装后也没东西,难道是因为我书签太多了吗?
  • (2019-05-04) Emma “3”: Reorganiza cientos de miles de marcadores. Demora su tiempo y usa bastante CPU si es que tienes bastantes marcadores como yo (10 mil o más), mientras lo organiza todo ve por un café ya que toma varias sesiones. Después de reorganizar todos tus marcadores, la extensión se queda activa por lo que seguirá organizando, yo recomiendo desactivarlo para poder usar los marcadores correctamente y no tengas comportamientos extraños cuando vuelvas a tener más marcadores, activalo de nuevo. La mejor extensión para organizar los marcadores.
  • (2019-03-28) Hao Chan: 为什么安装后没有看到书签?
  • (2018-12-03) Rombout Versluijs: It works like a charm, there is 1 but... You cant really organise anything :( This extension should be called Bookmarks Orderer, because thats all it does. It does the job perfect. But i wish we could actually organise the bookmarks.
  • (2018-07-06) David Dickinson: It does what it's supposed to do: it sorts my bookmarks perfectly.
  • (2017-08-06) Spuner: Make, please separate the settings "Other bookmarkarx" and "Bookmarks Bar". Thank you.
  • (2016-04-24) jjsaspo1: I use this ALL the time because I employ hundreds of URLs in Chrome tabs. Gave only 4 stars b/c the site crashes frequently & I have to uncheck and recheck it in my Extensions Mgr (aka switcher) many times each day.
  • (2016-04-21) Eli Vst: I think only a selfish or a not very intelligent person can create an app of this kind!! The least it can do is to ask and tell you what is going to do! And allow you to decide.
  • (2016-04-05) Eric Garcia: Pretty awesome little extension. Does what it says, and keeps things in ascending order. Only bad part is you have no control. Wish there was a way to exclude my Bookmark bar, those I like to order of usefulness!! I also have to disable this app regularly, and just enable it for a few seconds when I've added some bookmarks. When it is active you are not able to right click to edit any bookmarks because it is constantly refreshing. Other than that I like this extension a lot!!
  • (2015-09-11) Rahul Huilgol: useless.. nothing to control. just reorder automatically and mess your own ordered bookmarks!
  • (2015-05-28) Wow!! I hope it's never going to be like internal chrome bookmark organizer... this tool is fabolous!!!
  • (2015-04-16) Magnus Oxlund: This really needs an undo button.
  • (2015-04-02) Eddy Castle: It does what it says. Sorts bookmarks alphabetically. But, it has 3 issues. 1. Uses a lot of CPU (at least on Linux). 2. It has a memory leak. 3. Bookmarks manager starts to behave weird. Sometimes you cannot select elements or drag them around.
  • (2015-03-04) Cem S. Nalbantoglu: useless.. nothing to control. just reorder automatically and mess your own ordered bookmarks!
  • (2015-02-13) KTKC CHANMAN: Useless...
  • (2014-12-11) Mirosław H. (Miroo): Jest w porzadku. Nie muli, nie wyświetla reklam. W sumie to czego oczekuje się od aplikacji.
  • (2014-11-21) Sven Lammer: Messed up all my bookmarks and doesn't even have an undo-button. Deleted immediately!
  • (2014-10-17) Osama Rashid (Ozimandius): I was wondering why one of the chrome's process was taking up 800MB...and then I closed it in Task Manager. Turns out it was this silly extension that I wasn't even using at the time. Do NOT recommend!
  • (2014-10-04) Derron Davis: It does what is says it does. Cant beat it and its simple.
  • (2014-09-17) José: Hace lo que promete ordenar alfabéticamente los marcadores aunque he tenido que pasarlo varias veces puede ser el volumen de marcadores que tengo gracias.
  • (2014-07-15) bad,bad,bad. muyyy malo no vale para nada
  • (2014-05-23) Viktor Trav: Terrible!It's reorganize my bookmarks!
  • (2014-01-02) Omar Al Matar: Does what it says :) If it could merge folders that would be great!
  • (2013-12-06) Michael Piette: It does what it advertises, but that's it. It's very simple.
  • (2013-12-03) Yisen: Bookmarks Resorting is very very quickly. And most importantly, the resort is automatic when the new bookmark is added.

Latest issues

  • (2016-05-19, v:2.0.4) taylor1277: bookmark manager
    I am asking around, do you know of any bookmark managers for Chrome, that will install check marks, so that I can move certain bookmarks around, more than one at time. And since Chrome usually crashes with multiple heavy tabs open, i can select a few bookmarks to open, not just one at a time or all of them in a folder. I want to be able to select 1-10 bookmarks at a time to open. First set of 10, then after closing them the 2nd set of 10. Do you know where I can find something like this.
  • (2016-04-24, v:2.0.4) jjsaspo1: frequent daily crashes
    I employ hundreds of URLs in Chrome tabs & the site crashes frequently so I have to uncheck and recheck it in my Extensions Mgr (aka switcher) many times each day. Is there a workaround or do I just have too many URLs in a given tab?
  • (2016-02-23, v:2.0.4) John Thompson: Sorting Icons
    In some cases I use the bookmark icon without a name to save space on the bookmark bar. This plugin continually cycles through bookmarks without a name to try and sort them. Can you update the plugin to ignore bookmarks without a name?
  • (2016-02-15, v:2.0.4) cancel
    Hello, is there a way to cancel this plugin action? Thank you
  • (2015-06-04, v:2.0.4) Jakub Korselt: mac osx
    Bad... it's still looping my bookmarks icons... No way how to select the organize criteria...
  • (2015-05-29, v:2.0.4) John M Fuller: ordering question
    Is there a way to be able to put actual websites in the bookmarks menu bar? John [email protected]
  • (2015-04-13, v:2.0.4) Shaun Drage: High CPU usage
    This otherwise excellent app causes my Windows 7 laptop to exhibit very high cpu usage. Disabling the app in Chrome returns my laptop to normal.
  • (2015-03-25, v:2.0.4) Paleo Martin: bookmarks organizer
    does not load paleo
  • (2014-07-03, v:2.0.3) Rafael González A.: Doesn't run
    Chrome browser API call limit exceeded by the extension.
  • (2013-09-27, v:2.0.3) Lawrence Sank: API Call Limit Exceeded
    I keep getting the following error "Chrome browser API call limit exceeded by the extension. Try later." When are you releasing v.2.0.0?


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