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Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back.

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Description from store ## Tab Keeper 1.4 -------------------------------------------------------------- Too many tabs? Do you have a tab addiction? Tab Keeper automatically closes inactive tabs after designated time. But don't worry, auto-closed tabs are stored safe and sound, and makes it easy to get them back. It will save your computer. Similar to AutoClose Tabs, Auto Close Tabs for Firefox. Icons from Fat Cow / famfam fam. If you find the extension useful, then please consider a contribution to help me continue to develop and maintain it, using Paypal button in the options tab. Help: http://jayaramjinaga.blogspot.in/2015/03/chrome-extension-tab-wrangler-bookmarks_8.html Support: http://jayaramjinaga.blogspot.in/2015/03/chrome-extension-tab-wrangler-bookmarks_8.html ## Features: -------------------------------------------------------------- *The Corral*: Stores tabs which have been auto-closed so you can re-open as required. *Bookmarks*: Can save to Other bookmarks folder in chrome. A new folder called Tab Keeper Bookmarks is created under it. Again under tha folder, recent items are stored in Current folder, and older items are archived based on max tabs setting, to History folder within different timestamp folders, each containing previous sets of archived tabs. *Sync*: Chrome sync saves settings and data between computers. *Highly Configurable*: Pick how long a tab should be considered ready to close, how many tabs should be open at a minimum, how many tabs to store, and whether to store in bookmarks. *Exclude list*: Provide the urls or domain names of the sites you never want auto-closed. *Tab Lock*: Pick open tabs to "lock". Locked tabs will not be auto-closed. *Smart*: Doesn't auto close pinned tabs, doesn't close all your tabs, just enough to make your browser usable. Notice: Doesn't save the state of the page. It's just like history, when the page is closed, anything you were doing with it is gone. I recommend the lazarus extension if this is a problem for you. If you re-open it, it will be a fresh page. Please stop giving bad reviews for impossible features or intentional functionality please. File an issue on github if you want it changed or fork and upload a patch. Thanks! ## Usage / Installation -------------------------------------------------------------- * Install the extension * Click on the icon next to the URL bar. * Tab Corral * Stores tabs which have been auto-closed. * Tab Lock * Selectively lock tabs which you want to stay open * Options * White-list certain URLs to never be closed. * Set the # of minutes to wait before closing an inactive tab. * Set the ideal # of tabs to have in your browser. ## Todo: -------------------------------------------------------------- * Pause the auto-close behavior if the browser has been idle ## Release Notes: -------------------------------------------------------------- 1.4 Release Date: Sunday, March 15, 2015 Bug: Duplicate Tab Coral issue fixed. 1.0 Release Date: Sunday, March 08, 2015 Enhancement: Option to save closed tabs in bookmarks. Bug: White-list regular expression is working now. Terms and Conditions -------------------------------------------------------------- By using this software you agree to the following Terms and Conditions: The MIT License (MIT) -------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (c) 2015 Jayaram Jinaga Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. ## Creds: -------------------------------------------------------------- Original extension and idea by [jacktasia](https://github.com/jacktasia/tabwrangler) in 2010. Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jacktasia Site: http://jackangers.com/ Rewritten by [JacobSingh](https://github.com/jacobSingh) in 2012. Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jacobsingh Site: http://jacobsingh.name Rewritten by Jayaram Jinaga in 2015.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-01-25) Rocky: Don't waste your time on this as it is utterly useless. Like most Tab extensions, Tab Keeper fails to deliver on what it claims. For example, it does not save windows, each one containing multiple tabs. As a result of using, I had to pianstakingly go through my Chrome history to restore many tabs that Tab Keeper failed to store. Tab Keeper is severely crippled by its failure to record tab history, since it `only' stores 1 or 2 days worth. UPDATE: I removed it since it fails to record all tabs. Useless.
  • (2022-05-01) Noah Kahn: Game-changer, love it so far. Very helpful in avoiding getting swept away by distractions and starting computer work off with intention rather then whatever shiny webpage I happen to have open.
  • (2022-04-02) Denis Cowley: Does not work on Chrome OS build 99.0.4844.94
  • (2021-09-15) sethu sriram: it was really gooood my bro deleted mi tabs but,i could get them back by restoring them thank :)
  • (2020-09-29) Philippe Buch: I love it! Very useful extension. Allows me to surf and explore the internet without ever worrying about tabs overcharging my CPU or RAM. I just browse and set my personal variables (after how much minutes the tab should auto-close or how many closed tabs should be kept, etc.) and surf away into the wild world wide web! Thanks to the developer!
  • (2020-07-25) Sgt. Nukem: *WARNING* THIS EXTENSION WILL DELETE DATA!!! I would rate it 'zero stars' if I could. Most of my precious tabs have been deleted now - not possible to get them back anymore! It only remembered around 100 from my 4 open browser windows, but removed more and more and counting. An extension I installed to support me betrayed me purposely. It is like ransomware that makes your data unusable. Just for tabs. I feel wasted and abused.
  • (2020-04-15) Guðjón Ó. Eiríksson: Has everything I need but auto-closing pinned tabs! All my tabs are pinned (aesthetic reasons) so I need an extension that also automatically closes pinned tabs.
  • (2019-11-26) Pjotr: Love it i always have 2500000 pages on and now i always have 1 or 2
  • (2019-08-19) Swetabja Hazra: This extension is dope. Improves productivity to a great extent. Can you please add an additional feature. I want a tab to be force closed even when I'm working on it, at a given timer. This is so that I can read that article as fast as possible without procrastinating.
  • (2019-06-11) - Shalev611: amazing
  • (2019-02-20) Chris Paetz: Best extension ever, way better than snoozing or dozing tabs, just close them! Awesome! Changed my life! Thank you!
  • (2019-01-09) Peer Linder: Tabs are restored all into the main window, what is really annoying when working with multiple screens. Otherwise does what it's supposed to do.
  • (2018-10-12) Cassandra Maclachlan: This is exactly what I have been looking for. Whether I am researching for an essay or shopping for clothes, I have a habit of opening too many tabs and abandoning them – only to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of tabs later! I have a very limited working memory so this does the work of automatically discarding tabs that I don't need. Clean and painless! Many thanks.
  • (2018-05-02) Павел Лёлин: а слабо сделать историю, которая бы не удалялась в результате ошибочных действий, чтобы можно было восстановить информацию?
  • (2017-08-21) T. Fortin: Tab Keeper - Get this extension!! Perfect, often I open tabs with intention of reading later. If I run out of time, this extension takes care of them for me. Closing tabs and adding to list to re-open when I want. Automatically removed from list when re-opened. Use this as a temporary bookmark keeper. Fantastic extension, well done.
  • (2017-05-07) Vesa Tamminen: I really like this extension, but timer start always from start - again - if you check tabs from extension menu, plus sometimes it works (closing tabs), sometimes it doesn't do anything.... but unlike many, i don't give 1 star, because there can be some kind of weird conflict with other extensions, or maybe developer can check, if there is a bug
  • (2017-02-28) Raja K: Awesome useful extension. Hope i should have found it sooner. Never late. Thanks for this.
  • (2017-02-16) ORGaniZM niZMo: Который раз убеждаюсь, что хромой реально хромой и плагины для него такие же. Ну, разве нельзя восстановить вкладки в том же порядке, в каком они и были до этого?
  • (2016-12-07) Sillas Leal: Very good extencion
  • (2016-07-28) Erin Sheridan: I love this thing. It has changed my browsing life.
  • (2015-12-02) Azizul Yusof: Why didn't i found this extension sooner? Tab Keeper is a magical extension for someone that having a hard time closing tabs, like me :) It will auto close your unused tabs and save it for your use later. I wish there's a keyboard shortcut to closed and save the tabs. Right click menu is good but shortcut would help a lot. Or there's one?
  • (2015-04-27) SW Vinyl: Love this very useful! Thank you

Latest issues

  • (2019-08-19, v:1.4) Swetabja Hazra: Force close tabs even when it is active.
    Could you please add an additional feature. I want a tab to be force closed even when I'm working on it, at a given timer. This is so that I can read that article as fast as possible without procrastinating.
  • (2019-07-16, v:1.4) José Cordeiro: Is the corral limited to 100 tabs?
    I think this is saving the tabs until it reaches 100 in the corral and then starts to overwrite the oldest ones, is that right? It would be great if you could select tabs in the corral and archive them to folders. Great idea nonetheless, highly needed after all these years collecting tabs. Thank you very much to the dev.
  • (2018-07-10, v:1.4) Add to Lazarus
    Dear Sir Please help my add to google chrome add to Lazarus
  • (2017-07-11, v:1.4) Daniel Harris: Doesn't Work in Chromium Raspbian
    The tab timers keep resetting after 5 seconds, not allowing them to auto-close. Chromium 56 in Raspbian Jessie Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • (2016-10-20, v:1.4) Kalle Grabowski: pasue mode - stupid me!
    can't seem to edit my suggestion, so i have to make another post: sry for being stupid and blind, i just found that convenient pause button. ^^ greetz, sUsH667
  • (2016-10-20, v:1.4) Kalle Grabowski: pause mode
    first, thx for making tab keeper, it saves not only resources but my sanity too. i suggest implementing an easy "pause mode" that would pause tab keeper, for times when huge tab clutter is not only wished but needed. it's a bit complicated to deactivate the extension via browser settings. thx and keep up the good work! greetz sUsH667
  • (2015-03-24, v:1.4) Justin Cram: Please add ability to have more than 200 previous tabs open,
    Please add ability to have more than 200 previous tabs open, I can have to 200 hundred in session, it seems locked to 200 being the limit. In the mean time ill still have to have a program syncing my tabs in the background with cloud like going to use Session Box most likely. Thanks bud Hi5! Maybe make the previous 200 at a glance, but when scrolling through the history of previous tabs add an unarchive to current view to extend the history capability or maybe even linking into peoples Google history that is already there and display in sections like scrolling someones instagram or Facebook etc. only show when requested. Hi5 good luck My kitty kat passed away so I have more to say but will save for another time. No back to personal time.. Justin Cram DyingJedi


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