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fixed header and menu for GOOD!!!

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Description from store shit... i lost my 200 meals in BitMex ( ノД`)シクシク… update for menu scroll func ( there are more items in margin trade now <3) ------------------------ some dude report that he got side menu mess with main block so this is the update for small screens~ if there is any other suggestion just leave it on comments! thank you! and HODL!!! ------------------------ no~~~~~~ trollbox is disabled i just think about how to add some function on it twt so sad.... so anyone has another trollbox url please tell me im so boring... ---------------------------- wow got some DOGE and BTC !! Thank You anonymous kindly users💛 If you have any suggestion just leave some comment! i'll check'em while ican >ω< ----------------------------------------------- fixed header and menu for MANLY TRAAAADING!!! on POLONIEX ----------------------------------------------- support me: BTC 1Z59snCxcxgW8SEbzxCGggwkHaAE8thZv DASH Xou9fLLTHjvRUNFqVq7kERBWrREdEGkwhv DOGE oh i love doge DA7ajneg1TkUYozSrJq1msfYWxRNb3uPwX ETC 0x5f0147c6452d36889985381b194792da3aac9282 ETH best have both 0xf1ee272a17c289cc03922ed0f30a51e02e7052ef GAME good name! GJ34N6oxbbqtXPGXUtE4FzRxFM4HnEdBWp MAID maid!! every one should have maids my favorite is Yakui san 196ZNERRvxqYQSJTXCV34unjynuh7fc9ZC POT hohoho POT~~ what a crazy coin PGTYhyVr2EFwCQwncJdsTjqYdBsqF48Jup SC sync so slow..... open miner and get http error 404.... oh no Temporarily Disabled USDT the connection to the old world 1HnAAXvXujndChNZv1KMbKjEXb9v1SsiKE XBC why not BitcoinPlusPlus? BPs9hh1CU42ppjiptSooF99fvEe6WdspZC XMR because u r ELITE FOUR!! there must be 5th guy!! 72ae57977bcaae93a5ec6af537c0be06aac6d6a10188906559040e840280bfdc ZEC Z~~~~ why not use ZXC? it's much easy for type, and has X~~~~ t1VimjzFKKYrpvmiEsa62SKYT7udbvqeKYF ------------------------------------------ I spent half of my monthly pay(20000TWD) to buy BITCOIN from bitoEX when BTC at 2650USD. and, it only gives me 0.22705856BTC(18096TWD) OVER 10%!!! how greedy of you twt!!! and That's the worst part, until BTC bumped twt.... BUT be part of future is still FUN!! and We Are The Future. (WATF?)

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