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Description from extension meta You can finally launch VS easily within Chrome™
Image from store VS Launcher
Description from store Click the extension icon and VS will open. This is a shortcut for VS :)
Latest reviews (2019-11-15) Booster85dk: not working again!!! don't buy it (2019-11-04) Miranda van den Hurk: Na een windows update, helaas niet meer werkend te krijgen. (2019-10-18) Mark Wiggers: Sadly, videostream does not work anymore.it gives an error. a lot of people are reporting this issue. (2019-10-05) Adam Borg: Worked perfectly in the beginning but now it´s nothing but errors all the time, haven't been able to stream anything in the last couple of months (2019-10-05) David Hill: 5 stars to 1 star. Completely broken, don't bother. (2019-09-18) Jerrod Kaplan: Literally all this does is open getvideostream.com. Which accomplishes nothing. (2019-08-18) James Busch: Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Times out connecting to chromecast and gives in incorrect error code regarding the windows 10 firewall. Too bad, it's quite pretty. (2019-08-11) Hora Taka: Única problema que vc precisa instalar toda vez que for usar, não existe um atalho ou algo do tipo para abrir o programa, no mais ele funciona bem. (2019-07-23) BENJAMIN NEU: This app used to be so awesome. Now's a giant turd. I paid for pro...now I regret it. What a waste. (2019-07-05) Rej Leatherman: See above -- but in a nutshell -- after installation, it doesn't actually launch VS. It takes you to the installation web page. Huh? (2019-06-16) Josh Norris: Used to love this app, now the extension just takes me to the Videostream website, I am unable to get it to run after buying premium and using it for 3-4 years. VS offer no official support but are happy to take your money. Going to see if I can find another service now had an absolute gutful with the build quality of this app plummeting after taking my money. (2019-06-07) Leon Van kessel: Doesn't work anymore (2019-05-22) Marc Langlais: useless (2019-05-20) Jesper Nørgaard: Used to work fine. Now: Just a blurry screen when trying to either cast or load video. (2019-05-14) Johnny Ramrod: To be clear, Videostream is still an EXCELLENT program. I am a premium user and LOVE it. This addin, however, no longer works. People on here complaining about the program are confusing the two. I believe this is to do with the security/add in changes made in Chrome. Now, I'd LOVE the devs to fix this - the quick launch is nice. But don't confuse that with the app itself, which is still the best streaming app I've ever used. Oh, and sure the button no longer works, but given the app is still there I just created a task bar shortcut, which works just fine. Not perfect, and I'd like this to work, but lets not confuse a plugin that no longer works with the security rearchitecture of plugins with the actual app... This plugin was only ever a LAUNCHER. (2019-04-30) Pamela V.: me gusta esta app pero ya no funciona, (2019-04-28) Barking News: Thats it, downloaded desktop version and all broke ! This extension used to be enough to start playing videos, and drop in files to playlist was possible and didn't need to have desktop file installed it used to start player form extension. Now all f up badly, wish I wasn't updating as it was ideal for years ! many years no isue and reliable, now updated to hell. Nothing works as it shoud. (2019-04-27) Amanpreet Saini: VS Launcher does not work. Clicking on it ask to install video stream again but works one time only. If you open browser again , extension will again ask you to install. (2019-04-22) Benjamin Lewis: **COPIED FROM AN EARLIER REVIEW** "I just read a post from another user. He recommended going to chrome://flags/ Once there search VIEW CAST DIALOGUE then disable it. Then search USE ALL UPCOMING UI FEATURES and disable it. Select RELAUNCH NOW in the bottom right corner. It worked for me. Good luck." (2019-04-21) Gerson De Vargas Leite: NÃO FUNCIONA Pessimo perda de tempo , com atualização parou de funcionar não perder tempo com este (2019-04-19) Gustavo de Sancho: De repente no conecta más con mi google Chromecast (2019-04-15) Luis Alvarado: As a Ubuntu user and a Premium user for this app, going to your website does not offer an option for me. It was working fine before which I constantly used for the kids. Now it does not work nor do you have an option for my operating system (which worked correctly before through chrome). (2019-04-10) Janie Lise Espander Jensen: lagger og er nærmest umuligt at bruge. Anbefaler ikke. (2019-04-06) Will Manders: Same issue as everyone else. Has recently stopped working completely after being a great app for years (2019-04-04) Den is: 2019.04.05. If you have any issues when choosing the video file, please try this: Google Chrome recently released an update that changes the UI of the casting function, this causes the "blurry" screen issue when trying to choose a casting device or a video. This issue occurs on the Google Apps version of Videostream. We have logged the bug with Google and are waiting to hear back. For now, the issue can be fixed by following these steps: 1. Go to chrome://flags/ 2. Search "Views Cast dialog" 3. On the "Views Cast dialog" feature, change it from "Default" to "Disabled" 4. Search "Upcoming UI features" 5. On the "Upcoming UI features" feature, change it from "Default" to "Disabled" 6. You should see a prompt on the bottom left to restart chrome

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