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Description from extension meta Bible Search makes it easier than ever to search, copy, and share Bible verses.
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Description from store The Bible search tool you can’t go without! Search the Bible by keyword, phrase, or verse without opening a new tab or window. Copy verses and source links straight into your documents, and easily share verses on your social channels. Bible Search is the simple, free tool that lets you search the Bible without disrupting your workflow. Instead of wading through your print Bible or opening a new tab, you can search for any Bible verse or keyword directly from your browser. Choose from some of the most popular Bible translations: ASV, KJV1900, LEB, NABRE, and YLT, with more to come. Then, with a click, share your search results on Faithlife, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can also connect directly with Bible Search developers by leaving suggestions, questions, and comments in the Bible Search Google+ Community. The Bible Search Chrome extension uses the Biblia API and is a service of Logos Bible Software.
Latest reviews (2019-08-01) 777: It has bombed out the last 3 weeks: "Unable to contact Biblia.com". Thankfully, PopVerse is excellent alternative. (2019-02-23) Wizdom Pokea fils The preacher: goog (2018-08-20) short in translations (2018-05-29) VANCOUVER777: good (2018-05-17) Mikos: I agree with the suggestions made by other users in this review section for additions and/or modifications. The lack of these features is my reasoning for the 4 review stars, otherwise it would be a definitive 5 star easily. Bible Search is a must have for anyone that is Reborn by the Gospel of Jesus the only begotten Son of God. As an amatuer scholar and lay-theologian this easy to use extension is amazingly helpful and a must have. And is great for unbelievers as well. Logos is a topnotch company and their Bible software is incredible. May the Father bless all of you... May the Son teach you and the Spirit empower you. (2017-03-08) Bonne idée, marche bien (recherche un peu longue), mais manque de Bible, et que de l'anglais. (2015-10-14) Reuben Durham: I think that a history (like in the omnibox) would be useful, because sometimes I have to leave the extension before I can copy the passage, also, it would be useful to be able to go to a passage in the extension, and that the google plus function worked better. Other than that, it's perfect. (2015-06-15) God's Glory Ministries: only a couple translations that are least used...especially by scholars. how about adding NKJV? (2015-04-30) Nancy Parker: It looks like just the help I need for my Bible studies. (2015-04-13) Bro Rat: . Adds a very useful function. You can locate Bible verses from a pop-up. No intrusive extra tab. Downside being the selection of Bible translations. (Actually, the absence of much selection.) There are only five translations, and one is a Romanist bible. Another is the idiosyncratic Young's Literal Translation. Then there's the elderly King James Version, and it's clone the American Standard Version. Finally, there is the Lexham translation (a new -just what we need !- version). It advertises itself as a "second Bible". So it's usefulness in the context of this app is questionable. . The DataRat Christian in America . (2014-12-23) Elijah Umoh: It is so lovely when it involved the scripture because,it is full of life! (2014-12-09) Ropar Drahcir Sitorus: awali dengan doa (2014-10-26) Bobby Bradley: easy to use helps you make the point love it (2014-08-28) Jake Thiessen: Perfect for quick searches or looking at a verse someone referenced but didn't quote. Looks great too! (2014-05-20) luis coimbra negrete: muito otimo,gostei (2014-03-07) Jeremy Van Dam: Good app. May I suggest a feature? It would be great if you could right-click on a bible verse on a web page and choose "Search with Bible Search" directly in the browser. Keep up the great work. (2014-02-04) Matthew O'Mealey: Super useful, it actually shortcuts a common task of mine. I'd change it to 5 stars if it had a better selection of translations. Particularly ESV would be helpful. (2014-01-29) Brett Golson: I love the Chrome Bible Search Plugin! I can't wait to use this the next time I forget a verse reference and need to quickly remember it! So easy since it's in a popup and doesn't take you off of your current page. Nicely done! (2014-01-25) Julie Fuller: This is great design and useful but desperately needs some modern translation (ESV preferably). (2013-11-21) Patrick Adejayan: Great Job! (2013-09-11) David Davidson: This extension is so darn cool! Handsome, too. (I work at Logos, and I helped build it.) (2013-09-06) Nate Smoyer: This is awesome! I'm going to shave time off each blog post I write. I really like how it not only copies the verse I need, but hyperlinks the reference for my readers. Definitely a tool all bloggers and writers will want to use. I'm not going to brag about the awesome team that I worked with to build this. #justsaying (2013-09-05) Dan Pritchett: Award winning extension! I could go on for hours about how awesome it is, but since I work with the amazing team that built it, I better stop! :-) (2013-09-03) Jacob Koch: Sweet, no more having to go to Google to search for verses! Love the simple design as well. (2013-09-03) Jason Heisey: Great tool. It doesn't even have to be an exact search term. I anticipate more versions to come.

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