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Description from extension meta Your total reach & summary of your articles and responses stats with a single click and many improvements of the Medium stats page!
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Description from store πŸ“Š Get overview about your total Medium reach and stats for articles and responses! ✨ FEATURES πŸ“¦ EXTENSION POPUP (in Chrome Toolbar) βœ”οΈ Total reach indicator and milestones βœ”οΈ Milestone reached celebration animation βœ”οΈ Summary article and responses table βœ”οΈ Total article count, views, reads, fans, claps and claps per fan βœ”οΈ User / publication selector (click user avatar in popup) βœ”οΈ Download as an image and share with friends βœ”οΈ Export and download stats as csv file πŸ“¦ MEDIUM STATS PAGE βœ”οΈ Bar chart article and response markers βœ”οΈ Bar chart article contribution to daily total ("Show in chart" button) βœ”οΈ Claps per article and claps per fan for every article βœ”οΈ Summary row with total article count, views, reads, ... πŸ“– ARTICLE 🀝 Introduction: https://medium.com/free-code-camp/medium-hates-him-see-how-he-improved-their-stats-page-with-this-one-simple-trick-1ce0898381a8 🐳 In-depth guide: https://medium.com/1-one-infinity/medium-statistics-medium-enhanced-stats-extension-for-chrome-1357baaf20ac πŸ› οΈ CHANGELOG v5.4.0 - Add support for more than 100 articles ( or responses ) v5.3.0 - Add "Export and download as csv" button to extension popup v5.2.0 - Add "Fans per Reads ratio" to stats page (based on user feedback) v5.1.6 - Add missing notification type v5.1.5 - Fix initial notification popup position on macOS v5.1.4 - Fix unknown notifications by adding another follower notification type v5.1.3 - Refresh notification popup on page navigation v5.1.2 - Fix notification popup location on windows resize and navigation v5.1.1 - Refresh notifications when navigating to various Medium pages v5.1.0 - Refresh notifications after opening of the notifications list v5.0.0 - Add notifications count popup v4.10.4 - Fix "Download as an image" scaling on various monitors / resolutions v4.10.3 - Fix "Download as an image" for some users (tainted canvas) v4.10.2 - Fix critical bug with overwriting functions in global scope v4.10.1 - Fix "Download as an image" for macOS Chrome v4.10.0 - Add popup "Download as an image" and share functionality v4.9.0 - New Claps per Views ratio in stats table (claps column) v4.8.0 - Increase popup number precision v4.7.0 - Membership indicator and requests performance logging v4.6.0 - Add milestone description tooltip in the total reach indicator v4.5.0 - Show date of publishing when hovering over article title v4.4.0 - Add feedback form v4.3.1 - Add anonymous remote error logging v4.2.0 - Add followers count to total reach popup v4.1.1 - Fix various stats calculations for missing or zero values v4.1.0 - Add claps per fan in the stats table and total reach popup v4.0.0 - Add toggle for article contribution to total daily views in bar chart v3.3.0 - Add milestone reached animation v3.2.0 - Add additional milestones v3.1.0 - Update marketing assets v3.0.1 - Support for publications v2.4.5 - Show article markes in the bar chart v2.3 - Show claps in stats table, show user info in popup, fix popup animation v2.2 - Add reach indicator and milestones v2.1 - Various small UI improvements and fixes v2.0 - Show total articles and responses stats in popup and bottom of the stats page v1.4 - Total articles count stats tracking v1.3 - Extension popup with open stats button and total stats when applicable v1.2 - Total stats for additional (syndicate) views of the Responses v1.1 - Total stats for Responses and Series v1.0 - Initial Release 🀲🏻 OPEN SOURCE πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»οΈ Did you know that the Medium Enhanced Stats is open source project? ⌨️ Check out source code - https://github.com/tomastrajan/medium-enhanced-stats πŸ”€ Check out latest changes - https://github.com/tomastrajan/medium-enhanced-stats/commits/master 🐣 EASTER EGGS (1) πŸŽ‰ On-demand confetti β­• Works in Opera too! πŸ“¦ With the help of this amazing addon https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/install-chrome-extensions/
Latest reviews (2019-09-01) Celine Lai: I really get a lot of great use from this Extension, thank you. I wrote about how it works and how to work with it on Medium @ https://medium.com/1-one-infinity/medium-statistics-medium-enhanced-stats-extension-for-chrome-1357baaf20ac (2019-06-30) Shelly McIntosh: This has really enhanced my understanding of my stats. Great little extension that does a big job. (2019-06-15) Callum Hull: Absolutely awesome extension! Really easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the actual Medium stats page. Suggestion though, can we have the ability to click a bar on the bar graph and it shows us which stories were read on that day? Saves me clicking through each story then. Overall, a really reccomended extension! (2019-05-20) Saeed Zarinfam: I don't need to go Medium stat page every time. thanks. (2019-03-11) Vamshi Vangapally: Definitely loved it and it made the stats look much better than the normal one. Nice little snap icon at the bottom makes it even more cooler to share with your friends n clients. (2019-01-28) Pieter De Bisschop: This is such an useful tool. These features should be in Medium by default. I recommend this extension. (2019-01-14) Really amazing for getting way more context for Medium stories. For me, the most useful feature was being able to see how many views came from a particular story per day, but all the features were great. Have recommended to all Medium writers I know! (2019-01-13) Michael KarΓ©n: Great improvements to the statistics and super easy to use! (2018-12-02) Nikki Parsons: Love this extension! Really easy to use, useful to see the number of claps and stat summaries, and fun to aim for the milestones. Highly recommend! (2018-11-09) Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen: Amazing! (2018-07-12) Ryan: For writer's on medium this is really helpful to track reads on specific stories. (2018-07-05) Adrian Faciu: I love this extension, don't want to use the stats page without it. Awesome work πŸ‘ πŸŽ‰ (2018-06-01) Forrest Hangen: This is everything I thought was missing from the Medium stats page. And more! Love it! (2018-05-06) Tomas Trajan: I was always calculating my total Medium stats by hand using windows calculator and it is an annoying error prone process. Now I can see total stats without any effort !

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