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Helps your teacher maintain a great learning environment.

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Description from store This is the Web Helper extension for LanSchool. It extends the capabilities of the LanSchool Student software. This extension only works in a LanSchool classroom environment with LanSchool student software installed. If the LanSchool Student software is not connected, this extension becomes dormant.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-05-24) Lucas Butler: this app is ruining my computer
  • (2022-05-20) chris chaplin: its stupid
  • (2022-05-19) BluffinMcmuffin: lmao
  • (2022-05-19) Angus Birdsong: would not let me download clash of clans free gem hack apk 2019
  • (2022-05-10) Logan Goddard: This program is terrible, I was sold this computer for a high price which i shall not state. But the main idea is that this program is constantly spamming me with notifications and i looked into the website and supposedly people/teachers can see my screen at all times without my permission. overall very bad app, please take this down.
  • (2022-05-09) cs8gcygsdyu suiocgy8dg: hate it
  • (2022-03-30) Bob Maya: BAD "User activity For example: network monitoring, clicks, mouse position, scroll, or keystroke logging" Keystoke logging?
  • (2022-03-30) lolololol77: super not epic..
  • (2022-03-28) Pwuppy Dwoggie: I kind of get why teachers must monitor students computers at school, but at home? thats just so creeepyy \(๑ -`. ‘- ๑)/
  • (2022-03-18) Matias Miranda: Mincraft is better than this
  • (2022-03-18) queenie liang: I HATE THIS APP!!! Does anyone know how to get rid of it?
  • (2022-03-11) yytr bell: This is a horrid extension that is used as spyware just to spy on kids.
  • (2022-03-10) Bart Turner: waajjooo zijn deze mensen op hun hoofd gevallen ofz wtff
  • (2022-03-09) Oli: i find it strange that teachers can look at your screen anytime they please. as well as at home...
  • (2022-03-04) Liamdot: schools are installing spyware
  • (2022-02-25) aaden russell: horrible
  • (2022-02-22) Mr. monke: I'm pretty sure that the teachers at your school are not the only people that can see your personal info the makers of Lanschool can see your info the teachers and staff at school just linked our personal info to some randos on the innerwebs and in a comment way down it said "For some reason, it got in my precious computer and now i cant get into YouTube, even worse, I'm a youtuber" its a direct quote
  • (2022-02-17) Eric Yang: Shiet
  • (2022-02-13) nnn othing: Have you ever wanted to get rid of this ridicuel of a program? Well then if you want to you can look at this google doc. Ithink at least one of them should work... so uhhhhh here https://bit.ly/3rNsdOw so yaeh. this IS malwear. by...
  • (2022-02-11) Luke Santiago: sucks
  • (2022-02-11) Turtle Man: I know how to disable the extension, but do this at your own risk, it could get you into trouble: 1. click the extensions button in the top right corner and press "Manage extensions" 2. then click on developer mode in the top right corner 3. click details under lanschool and press pack extension Then lanschool will be disabled, again do this at your own risk it could get you into trouble
  • (2022-02-09) My-han H: this is very bad for my privacy, when your at home you still dont get any privacy, they are basically stalking your every move and I dont feel safe about it.
  • (2022-02-09) Secretary: This software is great! It makes people do their work! Thanks LanSchool!
  • (2022-02-09) cool guy: Ok so yeah don't buy this it is literally illegal spyware
  • (2022-02-08) DJ JJ: My new tabchrome is overwritten and is a school page, it has a search bar BUT whenever I try to search something in the font, IT SAYS, WARNING! THE INFORMATION IN THIS SITE CAN BE SEEN BY WHATEVER or something. I do not like how the schools try to do this, also it cant be undone and it removes all bookmarks and the bar. It is really sketchy and I feel my teachers can see my private history on my personal account without my permission. They shouldnt acces my whole personal home account. get this to 1 star so its banned and we are all free.
  • (2022-02-08) Talan Strano: this sucks but with incognito it cant see what ur looking at #gaymidgetfurrypornisthebest
  • (2022-02-08) Joseph Mother: i cannot play games in class anymore. not poggers
  • (2022-02-02) Arlo Hatfield: This is the WORST spyware attempt ive EVER seen. I had to use THIS account because i couldnt comment on my school account!
  • (2022-02-01) John Doe: would rate 0 stars if possible.
  • (2022-01-29) Jasmine Galloway: i BOUGHT this laptop after 5 years of use. this was not on it before i handed it in for them to clear everything. how can i remove the extension please.
  • (2022-01-26) Daniel Woo: This is a spyware you can't even delete it on your home computer and I did not download it ON MY HOME COMPUTER IT DOWNLOADED IT SELF and i can't delete it
  • (2022-01-24) Esteban Alvarez: on peut même pas jouer sur Andkon
  • (2022-01-19) Lu Heighes: My little pony, my little pony What is friendship all about My little pony, my little pony Friendship is magic I used to wonder what friendship could be (My little pony) Until you all shared its magic with me When I was young I was too busy to make any friends Such silliness did not seem worth the effort it expends But my little ponies, you opened up my eyes And now the truth is crystal clear, as splendid summer skies And it's such a wonderful surprise I used to wonder what friendship could be (My little pony) Until you all shared its magic with me When danger makes me want to hide, you'll Rainbow Dash to my side Kindness is never in short supply, once smitten twice Fluttershy For honesty no pony can deny, you are the Applejack of my eye A heart that shines so beautiful, a Rarity to come by And you all make fun and laughter as easy as Pinkie Pie I used to wonder what friendship could be (My little pony) Until you all shared its magic with me Our friendship's magic and it's growing all the time A new adventure waits for us each day is yours and mine We'll make it special every time We'll make it special every time What a wonderful wonder friendship brings (My little pony) Do you know you're all my very best Friends, you're my very best (Friends!) Friends, you're my very best (Friends!) Friends, you're my very best (Friends!) Friends
  • (2022-01-19) Cameron Long: I was able to do what i want you just have to factory rest your computer
  • (2022-01-19) Drossdude: golly gee I love spyware
  • (2022-01-19) Charlotte Irizarry: Boooooo!!! tomato tomato tomato
  • (2022-01-06) Mason Workman: I NEED PRIVACY
  • (2021-12-17) Sal Perkins: Violates most privacy laws
  • (2021-12-16) Nate Dyer: Its LanSchool. This has school in its name. Do I need to say more?
  • (2021-12-14) Envixis Sir: This app is dog wata ok all it does it track you from your naughty sites and i think tahat can be used for indian scammers who just cal and cal and r so annoying. Bing Chungy does not approve of such thing and neither does jesus. Jesus died on the cross for what? teachers to stalk and stalk and stalk? Dis not oki. Even epic games this isnt epik.i just wanna ply my games on incoginito in peace plz. Svam. I dont want any more indian scammers to come after me ok so i have to stop writing this b4 i get arrested for thingz like arson because i wanna burn this down YEEETTTUSSSS big CHUNGIS
  • (2021-12-14) Soap_ Master: One of my teachers say that they can access the camera from this app and see what we're doing at home. It's scary because my teacher actually did it. Of course I reported it to the school but they didn't get fired or even punished which I find stupid. The scariest part is that if someone hacks into the system then they can open your camera and see your face.
  • (2021-12-13) the dark kinght: bad
  • (2021-12-13) Brian Marise: someone hacked my school computer and gave all my info away cuz they had the admin panel x
  • (2021-12-09) Just a Refrigerator: This is sooo bad, I cant even access a website I need to do school work, my teacher even hates it, not to mention that its spyware
  • (2021-12-08) Eileen Kim: spyware, most likely illegal
  • (2021-12-06) CHUNKY XUN: They finna be spyin on me.
  • (2021-12-03) AuthenticUrMomJoke: Dude this is literal spyware. don't you find it creepy that teachers can just tune in whenever they want?!
  • (2021-12-02) Kaiden Plummer: The thing is spyware! look it up on google! "is lanschool spyware" it is! figured out how to hack it thoe :p


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