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Amazon Cloud Drive Link Extractor

Description from extension meta This extension will extract the links of an ACD shared folder, so you can use a download manager do get all files quickly and easy.
Image from store Amazon Cloud Drive Link Extractor
Description from store This extension will show all real links of an ACD (Amazon Cloud Drive) SHARED folder. Since the desktop app dont allow the download of a specific folder, and the web app limit your download to 1000 files or 5GB zip max, you can use a download manager to queue the files for you. It works ONLY on shared folders, and you have to scroll the page until de end! You can share your folder, download, and then unshare. You don’t need to have an ACD account, just the link of the shared folder. Beware ! the links will expire in 48 hours if no one else use it. Email-me if you find any bugs. I will answer promptly! dont leave a bad feedback without contact me.
Latest reviews (2019-09-26) Himal B: Needs some work. If its photos, it will only extract the link for the thumbnails. Also only extracts the links of the files that show up on the screen, if you scrolled all the way to get 3000 links it will still only bring back 60. (2019-07-15) Zoltán Homoki: It doesn't work with many files. It only extracts the ones from the display even I scroll down. (2018-11-05) Sayeesh Kapu: It create links only for 60 files, I scrolled all the way to the end. but still extracts only for first 60 photos. Is there a setting, that I can change to extract more links ? (2018-07-30) Qlint Chesney: straight up doesnt work. (2018-01-23) Fabrizio Lazzeretti: If others couldn't get it to work, i guess because of amazon restrictions or monitoring such software. I had no issues and since first time, and using Free Download Manager as suggested in the video, all downloads went smooth without any limitation. Best buy so far in 2018! (2017-12-19) Rob Lyons: Clicking the link just results in blank page. Reinstalled, and nothing. Judging from the other reviews, looks like it breaks easily. Would be fine for a free tool, but not a paid one. Even if it is a very reasonable price. (2016-09-07) larry lau: It is work, just click the button on folder with photo. i can get the download link . (2016-08-20) Panin S.: doesn't work for me. only shows a bunch of "?download=true". I should have believed the rating stars which's really low. (2016-05-14) Alessandro Rodrigues e Silva: Great extension. just what i need !! simple no more slowness on ACD (2016-04-26) mario zdk: i Buy this but not working, generating empty page
Latest issues (2019-03-12, v:2.2) Diana Mora: The download links don't appear
After I click the button, the amazon drive share page goes to blank and I can't see the links.
(2019-03-12, v:2.2) Diana Mora: URLs
Hola, no me deja bajar lo que necesito. No me muestra las urls cuando le doy click en la extension.
(2018-01-25, v:2.2) Jack Jorgensen: Completely useless
Followed video instructions and goes to blank page.
(2017-11-11, v:2.1) Matt Lapitsky: no link list
shared folder, went to end of file list, clicked ACD extractor icon, clicked extract now - went to white page, no links to extract. Same problem others have described. How do I get this fixed????
(2017-09-04, v:2.1) Julie Anna Hammett: Not Working
I click on extract links now and nothing happens. Just a blank white page.
(2017-09-03, v:2.0) Eugen Predescu: Can`t install
When i try to install: "Package is invalid. Details: Could not load icon icon.png for browser action" Please resolve this, i bought this extension.
(2017-09-02, v:2.0) Eugen Predescu: Can`t install extension
Package is invalid. Details: "Could not load icon "icon.png" for browser action."
(2017-08-19, v:2.0) Page Russell: Package is invalid
your extension won't install, and you are not responding to anyone, so I guess I will be calling google and marking this as spam.
(2017-08-13, v:2.0) Page Russell: package is invalid
I just bought your extension but it wont install because it says 'Package is invalid. details: Could not load extension Icon 'icon16.png'.' please help
(2017-08-08, v:2.0) Kyle Lackey: Should have read the comments first
I'm having the same issues. Package is invalid. Thanks for taking my $1 and giving me an unworking product in return

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2.0 (12 votes)
Last update / version
2019-09-09 / 2.3




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