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PowerSchool Grade Calculator

Description from extension meta An extension that will automatically calculate your grades for powerschool and print them on the page next to your letter grade.
Image from store PowerSchool Grade Calculator
Description from store This extension will average out your grades on PowerSchool to give you an average if the school has turned it off. It also gets your GPA on the main page, past grades, and can get weighted grades. It should work for every school's site, if it doesn't, click "support", and contact me, and I'll try to figure it out. Please note: This app is made by me independent of Powerschool, and is in no way affiliated with Powerschool. View source code and changelog here: https://github.com/kyleai/getGrade
Latest reviews (2018-10-30) John Hart: An amazing addition to PowerSchool for any student. "GPA Disabled By School"? Use this!!!!!!!!!! (2017-10-15) Fausto Palma: Great extension, I would love if you could please respond to my question in the Support tab when you have the time. Thanks! (2017-09-20) amir yegani: How do I use this for my powerschool because it only calculates the GPA for my first period? (2017-04-20) Roee K Maor: It is great and accurate but it does not show GPA for marking periods 3 and 4. Why is that? (2016-12-13) Joshua Brooks: Didn't work and won't let me save the address in settings. (2016-12-03) Parker Rose: It dosen't work for calculating the grades to the decimal. It just shows 0.00. (2016-06-09) Isaac Abouaf: A stunning program that adds a lot to one's PowerSchool experience. I can honestly say this Chrome add-on is life changing.
Latest issues (2019-10-21, v:1.7) Francesco Ceresani: Not Showing Grades
When I open powerschool it doesn't show the grades, for any of my classes. And for the GPA it just says "Unweighted GPA (Average: 0.00) NaN". I do know not what is causing this problem, could you please help me out?
(2019-09-18, v:1.7) Iris Jiang: Grade calculation not working
Hi, I tried the extension but it doesn't seem to be calculating the percentages or displaying the weighted options for the courses in my school. It would be great if you could help with that, thanks.
(2019-06-13, v:1.7) Jonathan Diaz: your extension
not working
(2019-03-28, v:1.7) MP3
Everything after MP3 won't show!
(2019-02-26, v:1.7) GPA
It doesn't show the GPA for 2nd or 3rd trimester, only the 1st trimester.
(2019-02-24, v:1.7) GPA does not show for the 3rd marking period
My school displays grades for Q1, Q2, X1, S1, Q3, Q4, X2, S2 so everything from 3rd quarter and higher will not show up. Please fix this my life revolves around checking my GPA
(2019-02-02, v:1.7) elise farrar: It Doesn't Work
It doesn't do anything when I pull up powerschool?
(2018-11-30, v:1.7) Doesn't work
This extension doesn't work, when I pull up the extension *IN powerschool* it doesn't do anything. Pls tell me how to use this
(2018-06-22, v:1.7) whaaaa
the grade weighting slot doesn't even appear. help me out lol.
(2018-06-05, v:1.7) says NaN
saids NaN

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3.4 (15 votes)
Last update / version
2017-02-01 / 1.7



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