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Description from extension meta ChromeVox - Giving Voice to Chrome
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Description from store Please note that this extension is now in maintenance mode; no new additions will be made moving forward. The ChromeVox Classic Extension screen reader is an extension to Chrome that brings the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome to visually impaired users. Unlike most accessibility software, it is built using only web technologies like HTML5, CSS and Javascript. ChromeVox Classic Extension was designed to enable access to modern web apps, including those that utilize W3C ARIA (Access to Rich Internet Applications) to provide a rich, desktop-like experience. This extension specifically works within the Chrome browser to read content aloud. For more comprehensive solutions, we recommend the use of full system screen readers like ChromeVox on Chrome OS, VoiceOver on Mac, JAWS, NVDA or Narrator on Windows, etc. Check out the documentation at chromevox.com for the user guide, tutorial, keyboard shortcut and developer reference guides. Note: ChromeVox Classic Extension doesn’t work in conjunction with desktop screen readers. In order to best use ChromeVox on your computer, you will need to disable your desktop screen reader when using ChromeVox Classic Extension.
Latest reviews (2019-11-12) apostolis anastasiou: 1. The app doesn't have an on/off switch Now @Daniela Giorgio will come down the comments saying "Alt+Shift+A+A" to disable it. Does this solve the issue? Not really. Firstly, disabling and then enabling it again is very laggy, like "I can't change tabs" laggy. Mind you, my PC is used for programming work and is *required* to work on heavy tasks, so this isn't my desktop's issue. Secondly, there's no direct indication that leads to that shortcut, you have to search it on your own through the big list of shortcuts. And thirdly, it's 100% more natural and easy for people with no accessibility issues to just right click on the extension and disable the extension rather than remembering a shortcut, which is laggy anyway. 2. It makes annoying sounds all the time without a clear way to disable them. 3. It doesn't really have any voices, even though it clearly has a voices list, it doesn't let you know how to actually ... add voices. Maybe it's an OS thing, but it certainly should let you know why you dont have voices and how you can add any if you really can anyway. 4. Frontend is featureless. It doesn't have any good development options like I or most people expected. This extension should be mainly used only for developers only, because people with Accessibility issues use specialized software anyway! (like JAWS or Mac's VoiceOver) So, what's the point of this extension if it doesn't make a developer's life easier? Developers, thank you for this extension and I'm glad for your work. But that doesn't make this extension less annoying or more useful :) (2019-10-31) Javier Pårraga: Debe mejorarse bastante, para leer fanfics, no está mal, y para moverse por la veb, tampoco está mal. sin en vargo, no le la configuración del navegador. tienen que seguir trabajando en la extensión. Google, no debe dormirse en los laureles, ya que esto nos ayuda a muchas personas invidentes. (2019-10-15) Erik: Neumí česky 👎 (2019-10-14) Alejandro Perez Martin: Muy útil pero necesita un botón para deshabilitarlo o pausarlo. (2019-10-09) Craig Cottingham: You'd think that they would have the option to turn the extension on / off - but I have to uninstall it - I've seen people are saying use "alt+shift+A+A" to disable it, but it doesn't seem to be working for me! (2019-10-03) Dustin Sharpless: Unusable as a selective screen reader (2019-09-07) Matthias: In der Tastaturbelegung steht überall die Taste "Chromvox". Ist das ein Platzhalter oder wie hat man das zu verstehen? Leider sehr unübersichtlich! (2019-09-03) Mickael Foucaux: It does not contains any voice... How to add some? (2019-08-28) Janice Pendleton: shivam kumar singh. Thank you. I'm using the software to read web-pages as I work on other things and love the software, so I just keep uninstalling extension. Until I saw your Post...Thank You!!!!! (2019-08-24) Nicholas Ash: I regularly test with JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver (Mac). ChromeVox remains my number one choice, especially for web forms. JAWS is also very good, but costly. NVDA is quite good but drops the ball on several very important aria accessibility attributes. ChromeVox has a few quirks as well, of course, but overall it's my single favorite screen reader and the one I recommend to screen reader users navigating my sites. (2019-08-08) Slade Colling: Wow, came back a few years later to see if Chrome had fixed issues with TTS and it seems even more broken then before, wanted to use it for webapp development and now I need to install annoying extention, am I missing something? chrome.tts.getVoices() Cannot read property 'getVoices' of undefined (2019-08-05) Dale Sande: When used with building Custom Elements (web components) the screen reader does not pick up shadowDOM elements correctly. Example, a WC with an Anchor element inside the shadow DOM is not read back as a LINK. Whereas with Apple VoiceOver in Safari, this reads back as a LINK without issue. (2019-07-26) NET/forceTECH. KEY: powinno włączanie i wyłączanie być w prawym przycisku myszki i w tym otwartym panelu menu który się otwoży przycisk włącz wyłącz. I dla czego nie czyta napisów z odtważaczy wideo powinno mieć opcję ocr jak copyfish gdy zaznaczy odtważacz by na bieżą co co 1 sekunde czytało napisy. I powinno mieć w sobię jusz opcję tłumaczenia czyli zaznaczam fragmęt który chce przeczytać najpierw powinno go przetłumaczyć na język który wybrałem w opcjach rozszeżenia a po przetłumaczeniu przeczytać text ale i tak jest miszczostwo !!!! (2019-07-15) Shimmy Weitzhandler: I wanted to use it as an opt-in extension and enable it whenever needed. Instead you just can't shut it the f up. So annoying! (2019-07-09) Chris Purser: Considering that is IS a plugin for accessibility - something worked on at a cost, made available for free, means that the intention was to help those with challenges. In that light, making it difficult for others to use who are also trying to help those who have those challenges, doesn't seem to make much sense. A simple menu item toggle (enable:disable) both does the trick, helps us help others too, AND cuts down on the majority of complaints of the plugin... (2019-07-04) Tom Oborne: Atrocious piece of grobble. (2019-06-25) CINTRON: Doesn't work with ARIA live regions like it should: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Accessibility/ARIA/ARIA_Live_Regions Also it should really just have a toggle on/off option in it's r+click context menu. (2019-06-24) NING SQ: It is a great tool to test the accessibility for application. if would be better if can easily disable it due to it is only for test for engineer not necessary to open it always. currently, i have to find the extension from extension list. (2019-06-22) Willow: as being a person with very low vision and has use many screen readers, this is definitely one of the better ones out there. it actually reads the selected text and doesn't get stuck rereading the taps or the websites address. but it has some bugs that need to be fixed. for example, if it reads a selected section and you wish to move on, it sometimes get stuck on that selected piece. if you try scroll up or down while it is stuck, the screen will flash then move back to the selected section. this is big problem for me since I'm an epileptic. the flashing that occurred in my first few minutes of using was luckily not enough to cause me a seizure, but did cause me to be quite disoriented. so I decided to turn it off for the time being, which leads to the next problem. you can't turn it off unless you remove the program from Chrome. an on and off button would be very helpful. all around a good effort, just need to fix some of the bugs, and this program can be great. (2019-06-19) Dado Kljuco: Works better than JAWS (2019-06-12) David Pugh: Seems to work great. As far as turning it off, just go to More Tools, Extensions and disable it. (2019-06-09) enivaldo bonelli: Mas não serviu para mim. Queria vozes para usar em programação text-to-speech.. (2019-06-07) Alexey Andreyev: Once installed on a Ubuntu 18.04 system, there are only 19 languages available instead of 52 (2019-05-27) Jeff Bommarito: Terrible! Need Docs to read content back to me. This is terrible. (2019-05-21) Stephen Hall: Have to uninstall to disable it.

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