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Hangouts brings conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free.

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Description from store Use Hangouts to keep in touch. Message friends, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group. * Include all your friends with group chats for up to 150 people. * Say more with photos, videos, maps, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs.Turn any conversation into a free group video call with up to 10 friends. * Keep in touch with friends across Android, iOS, and the web, and sync chats across all your devices. * Message friends anytime, even if they’re offline. * Snooze your notifications so you can respond later. * See what you chatted about in the past, including shared photos and your video call history. * Keep a record of any conversation for just a short period of time by turning history off. * Connect your Google Voice account to make calls, send and receive SMS, and access your voicemail. Hangouts Chrome extension: * Use Hangouts and get notifications as you move from tab to tab in Chrome, or even without a Chrome window open. * Position Hangouts anywhere on your screen, even if you have more than one monitor. Keep conversations in a single window or pop out the important ones. * View and continue your conversations across devices. * Get notifications just once. After you see an alert, it’ll be removed on other devices. Notes: * Unlike the Chat for Google app, Hangouts doesn’t support “invisible status”. * Mobile carrier and ISP charges may apply.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-09-21) Colin Ryan: I added it on my school account to chat with friends but when i tried to sign up the page came up blank I even restarted my laptop and it is very frustraiting
  • (2020-09-18) 我的名字十二个字不信你数: how to change account?
  • (2020-09-17) rain bow: dear, HATERS you are EXTREMELY exaggerating google hangouts might have SMALL problems BUT you don't have to give it 1 or 2 stars and people are saying i CaN't gEt iT oN ThE wEB sTOrE ...WELL YOU CAN so stop complaining and yea you might not be able to complete a call maybe that is because YOU ARE USING A SCHOOL COMPUTER as long as i'm using a computer that IS NOT FROM SCHOOL i can complete phone calls, and please STOP exaggerating "i tRiED 100 tIMeS anD iT stIlL dOeSn'T wOrK " or something like that okay? no one believes that 😒
  • (2020-09-16) Hanleigh Jones: BEST EVER
  • (2020-09-16) Nathan Gouw: It was great! I loved the app and btw can you guys subscribe to my yt? Here they are: 1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcw-KknUIoI0JKLuGhjFMkA?view_as=subscriber 2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOHuMUQsWI4zVnS6LqSgy2A Thanks ^_^
  • (2020-09-16) Tung Nguyen: Can not add multi account
  • (2020-09-15) jaime dlr: it ok but its says sign in to chrom
  • (2020-09-15) Khanak Singh: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2020-09-14) Caitlin Ive: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
  • (2020-09-12) Monkey_ kaylee123: its AMAZING
  • (2020-09-11) Dana Aryan: hangouts extension is the best i use it to talk to my friends and family and you can do work while you video call its the best. P.S. i'm not a robot or payed to do this
  • (2020-09-11) Naynishaaa 21: Bermanfaat,biar temen2 saya gak baper lama di balas chatnya,bisa dapat nofitikasi auto buka hangouts 😁 tenks google
  • (2020-09-10) francisco jose garcia merlo: Ya no ,me acuerdo como funciona pero sé que he pasado buenos ratos chateando aquí, en hangouts
  • (2020-09-09) Ian Norton: On OSX It is minimally functional for what it does. It alerts to chats and can type to people. Unfortunately it has a bunch of annoying bugs. The sometimes the cursor disappears when switching between chats. Minimizing the chat window often also minimizes the app underneath it even if that app is not chrome. The worst is that if you are typing in chat then click the chrome window hangouts will keep cursor focus and you will not be able to type in the address bar or anywhere else in chrome until you go back to the hangouts window and minimize it (which will in turn probably minimize something else you didn't want to minimize because of the bug I just mentioned).
  • (2020-09-07) Iker Badillo Rangel: Me ha gustado mucho la aplicación es whats app pero en lugar de tener numero telefonico puedes usar tu gmail y esta genial
  • (2020-09-07) Ricardo Dalinger: Aplicacion rudimentaria pero sin dudas mejor que la inmundicia de [email protected] que lindo cuando xmpp funcionaba sin todo este bloatware de google
  • (2020-09-07) Mihir Jog: The old hangouts app had a "transparent UI" option. Please add that back.
  • (2020-09-03) Leonardo Gomes: como q faço para trocar de conta no google??
  • (2020-09-02) Christopher Brannan: Where's the handy icon that opens your phone and text conversations? Not as good as it used to be. Could be better.
  • (2020-09-02) مغرور وبكيفي: راءع
  • (2020-09-02) Hyperboid: Why does a messaging app need to read my browsing history? Reported for abute. Google is abuting there own system in the dumbest way possible.
  • (2020-09-01) Julia Montez Rath: I like this app. It's pretty convenient, but I would give it a fifth star if it had a way of sending messages when there is no internet connection. Overall though, I think it's pretty useful because you know if someone is typing and if they're reading you're messages. I also like how it sends notifications.
  • (2020-09-01) William Robison: This is a billion times better than the new Google Chat apps they are offering. The new chat, both application, and web version are hard to navigate, waste screen space on unnecessary junk. Google, bring back this app for the new 'Google Chat'. its chat, it needs to have a list of people/groups on the left, and their messages on the right. nothing else.
  • (2020-09-01) Tirth Z: If you don't have phone then this is best
  • (2020-08-28) Bobby Cater: I💔THIS

Latest issues

  • (2020-09-21, v:2020.803.419.1) Amish Wahal: Keyboard focus bug in Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.6
    Hangouts window will randomly take the focus of the keyboard even if it is not in front or selected, and while I think the keyboard is not working in Chrome at all, actually all the text is being typed into the last conversation and could accidentally be sent. Sending random websites or searches to the last person you were talking to!
  • (2020-09-21, v:2020.803.419.1) Ruth Ann Bartholow: New Conversationa ???
    How and where do I get to new conversations so someone can get in touch with me on Hangouts ???
  • (2020-09-21, v:2020.803.419.1) Ruth Ann Bartholow: New conversations ????
    How do I get to New Conversations so someone can start to get in touch with me on Hangouts???
  • (2020-09-19, v:2020.803.419.1) HARUYA: 勝手に起動
  • (2020-09-18, v:2020.803.419.1) Kesavamuthu M: Message Edit
    Hey guys, hope all are fine. Edit option should be there if some msg sent already incorrect need to correct it. Also something drag and drop to realign the message which sent not in correct order.
  • (2020-09-16, v:2020.803.419.1) Sebastian Duran: no puedo iniciar sesión con la aplicación
    no puedo iniciar sesión con la aplicación
  • (2020-09-16, v:2020.803.419.1) Fran Shall: Font size
    Please could you tell me how to increase the font size? It's too small for me to read.
  • (2020-09-15, v:2020.803.419.1) Diana Conner: Add Multiple accounts
    Trying to add my work email to hangouts and when I click on my name for options it doesn't show up to add another account. Please help. This is for the desktop chrome extension on a mac.
  • (2020-09-15, v:2020.803.419.1) Ester Nascimento: Não consigo abrir as conversas
    Aparece as notificações para mim, mas quando clico a conversa e nenhuma outra não abre.
  • (2020-09-10, v:2020.803.419.1) Leigh Arrathoon: I was trying out GoogleHangouts for giving classes on line. I decided to use Skype.
    I was trying out Google Hangouts for classes, but I decided on Skype. How do I close my Google Hangouts account? I have very little money, and I need to know right now!' Leigh Arrathoon Gsuite French 1. I was billed $12.00 on 9/02/2020, and I have never used it.
  • (2020-09-09, v:2020.803.419.1) Kevin M. Anderson: Cannot permit access to microphone
    Chrome Hangouts extension will not allow me to permit access to mic in order to make calls, just hangs up on screen saying to click "access at top of browser" but there is nothing to click.
  • (2020-09-09, v:2020.803.419.1) Amanda da Pontomais: Personalização Hangouts
    Bom Dia, existe uma forma de personalização da cor do hangouts? Se não, existe um plano de desenvolvimento para isso já?
  • (2020-09-08, v:2020.803.419.1) 馮英宗: YouTube Premium訂閱問題
    你好,我想請問我未打任何密碼確認訂閱YouTube Premium的會員,我看到我的帳單才知道我有付費成為YouTube Premium會員,我想請問我該如何處理?
  • (2020-09-07, v:2020.803.419.1) Pequlqataq Qanenguq: Remove my name from Hangouts.
    I googled how to remove my name from hangout and I get, this change isn't allowed by your admin.
  • (2020-09-06, v:2020.803.419.1) Eilona Givon: HELP
    I have two Google accounts - 1 for my private mail and 1 for my work. this is not good because your interface do not allow to Switch between accounts ! I want the Google hangouts excitation - to be only connected to my work email - [email protected] But every time it opens up it is connected to my private mail :( help Thanks
  • (2020-09-05, v:2020.803.419.1) Evans L.G: cambio de cuenta
    cuando inicia me abre con una cuenta de correo y no se como cambiarla ya que se abre desde mi navegador Edge
  • (2020-09-04, v:2020.803.419.1) Christine McKee: hangouts sudden issue
    yesterday, I used google hangouts just fine. Today it won't pop up as a separate window, and when I click on a message notification, it won't pull it up, the chrome extension will not work when clicked on either. This is a vital form of communication for me and this is frustrating! Works just fine on my phone, but my browser suddenly has issues. My browser is what I need to use at work.
  • (2020-09-04, v:2020.803.419.1) Jillian DeCoursey: Words in Hangouts Window unreadable
    On occasion, and randomly, the text of my conversations gets all jumbled up and becomes unreadable. Mousing over the text will often return it to normal. I wanted to include a screenshot here, but don't see that option. Note I am using the latest Chrome extension with Hangouts in its own pop-out window. Version 2020.803.419.1
  • (2020-09-04, v:2020.803.419.1) Peter Van Keuren: Google Hangouts
    I used to have Google Hangouts installed on my PC. It also showed an GH app on my desktop. Suddenly, the app is gone, and I have to jump through hoops to use GH, and I cannot re-install the icon on my desktop. Please help. Peter Van Keuren [email protected]
  • (2020-09-03, v:2020.803.419.1) Krista Arghami: Google Chat Standalone
    It will not allow me to install the app.
  • (2020-09-02, v:2020.803.419.1) Hyperboid: Strange permissions
    The extension wants my browsing history, like that creepy guy who stares in my window praying for me to press CTRL-H on accident.
  • (2020-09-01, v:2020.803.419.1) alejandro fonseca: MICROFONO
  • (2020-08-27, v:2020.803.419.1) Thúy Trần: khong tải hangout được
    báo lỗi bị doquan trị viên khóa
  • (2020-08-26, v:2020.803.419.1) Brandon Aguilar: Person I called can't hear me.
    Using the Google Hangouts extension, for some reason when I call people, I can't hear them, though they can apparently hear me. However, if they call me, then I can hear them just fine. If I go to voice.google.com and make the call there, no issues.
  • (2020-08-25, v:2020.803.419.1) Jean Louis Hugueville: reparation de mon site hangouts


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