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Description from extension meta Art masterpieces from Google Arts & Culture in your browser tabs
Image from store Google Arts & Culture
Description from store Breathe a little culture into your day! Discover a beautiful artwork from Google Arts & Culture each time you open a new tab in Chrome. With this extension, in every new Chrome tab you’ll see masterpieces ranging from Van Gogh and Monet, all the way to contemporary works from street artists around the world. The artwork is refreshed every day, or you can change the settings to see a new image every time you open a new tab. If an artwork happens to spark your curiosity, click the image description to discover more on Google Arts & Culture. This extension was previously called the Google Art Project extension.
Latest reviews (2019-11-06) Steven Dale: Great ext.. love it. One thing - I often get repeat images.. enough where I notice it. Why? seems the image archive is huuuge and I should never see the same 2x (2019-11-05) Deependra Patel: It was really good in the beginning but the paintings started repeating themselves maybe after 5 days. I was also getting them one on new tab. You should just increase the catalog. (2019-10-26) Giorgio: L'estensione non funziona più (2019-10-25) Matteo: Molto bella per scoprire opere in maniera casuale mentre si fa uso del browser di ricerca. Sarebbe molto più bella se presentasse anche altri tipi di contenuti presenti in Google Arts e non solo la pittura. Come ad esempio le fotografie. (2019-10-22) asma Khatoon: i like thank for stars (2019-10-15) Greg ZamS: excelente lugar (2019-10-10) Antonino Tarantino: Davvero una bellissima applicazione, tuttavia nonostante il mio giornaliero utilizzo noto che sono sempre, o quasi, gli stessi dipinti ad apparire, il che ne sta rendendo l'utilizzo un po noioso. E' possibile integrare con piu' contenuti? Google Arts & Culture ne e' pieno e qui solo una minima parte ne viene mostrata.Grazie! (2019-09-28) Lucid: An excellent concept! Subpar execution. Even on a standard 1080p screen quite a few of the images are pixelated yet most of the images are available in very high resolutions on Google Art & Culture. Additionally on the default new tab interface the bookmark bar is displayed, unfortunately this extension removes it and does not present an option to re-enable it. As much as I'd like to use this extension I do not for these two reasons. (2019-09-06) aditya aggarwal: amazing extension but - add option to favorite the art too instead of clicking the image to go to the site again and again - increase the amount of pictures..it just keep on repeating the same ones many times (2019-09-04) 时雨: 超喜欢 (2019-09-04) Yolanda Campos Campos: Poder deleitarme con una obra de arte cada día, es sensacional y una forma de mantenerme asombrada de la belleza creativa expresada en cada obra. (2019-08-29) Kaan Mutlu: I really like this extension but I've noticed that the art work image does not fit in the google chrome tab. I mean, you can not see the entire image. Unfortunately, the edges of the image are clipped. So there should be a "fit" selection. "Fill": As it is now "Fit": Do not trim edges of the image show entire image in the tab. (2019-08-27) Christopher Shady: Love seeing new paintings everyday, has really made me consider picking it up as a hobby (2019-08-27) Ufuk Akkaya: This is one of the best extensions I have ever used in Google Chrome. For those who are in love with art, paintings, history and culture should definitely try it. I hope that the developers may enlarge their archieve so that we may have access to different works from various parts of the world. (2019-08-26) El: 喜欢这个插件,无聊的时候就一直刷新 (2019-08-15) JesusM Marquez: Excelente para encontrar exposiciones de arte (2019-08-09) Daniel Li CEO: i like it but, i would like it even more if i could keep top sites already in front and not have to press click on button to bring them up. for now ill delete it but hopefully will come back. (2019-06-28) Cao Gray: you are the best (2019-06-27) 이우일: 매우 만족하며 사용하고 있는데요, 일본 관련 고전 그림이 자주 나타나서 많이 불쾌하게 되네요... 일본 관련 그림은 나타나지 않게 할 수는 없는건가요? (2019-06-18) 恆奔ubnn: 每個新分頁有藝術哈哈(選項 (2019-06-04) Western Spy: It's real nice and everything but is there a way that i can see my toolbar? I used to open my sites from toolbar and it's gone now... Real nice extension otherwise (2019-05-30) david butler: Could be great... artwork repeats way to often and does automatically scale to show the whole artwork usually just the middle half or so. Being able to pick a time period and have only art from that time period would be most interesting. (2019-05-22) Salvador Núñez: Gracias por compartir la extensión, excelente motor de búsqueda. Es bueno ordenar el exceso de información, y esto ayuda en el tema del arte. (2019-05-08) golf mnl: 真的是太棒了,不用刷网页了,直接在 New Tab 粘住了 (2019-05-06) Juliana Pinilla: I love it!!! The best chrome extension so far. I took off one star because a "like" or "heart" button to save my favorite artworks directly on the tab would make this extension 20/10. I know I can save it from the arts & culture page but a simple like button next to the artwork's name could make that easier. Thanks!!!!!

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