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Description from extension meta An extension for developers to test web pages in different screen resolutions, with an option to define your own resolutions
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Description from store **Now with options** For Changelog visit website - http://www.benbeckford.com/blog/2009/11/29/chrome-extension-resolution-test.html Resolution Test changes the size of the browser window for developers to preview their websites in different screen resolutions. It includes a list of commonly used resolutions and the ability to customise that list. This extension was written in my spare time, if you would like to support its development you can buy me a coffee or donate any amount using this link - http://bit.ly/ResBeer - thanks in advance :) ========================================== How to use: 1. Restore your window (un-maximize it) 2. Click the resolution test icon in the top right of your browser window 3. Choose a single resolution, or select multiple resolutions and press "View all selected". 4. Your window will be resized
Latest reviews (2019-10-07) Martin Petráček: Funguje OK, jen teda nevím proč potřebuje přístup k Čtení vaší historie procházení (2018-01-11) Jake Hart: Doesn't actually resize anymore. (Yes, I restored the window first.) (2017-06-23) Cees Rijken: Ok, but not perfect. A manual added resolution does not get triggered by the "View all selected"-button (2017-04-25) Öner Çağrı Çelen: not working (2017-04-19) עומרי לוזון: 2 seconds or more to open the extension window (2017-01-23) Misha M.-Kupriyanov: got 1280x710 instead of 1280x800 :( (2016-11-10) 李星阳: 很实用,很方便。只是反映速度有点慢 (2016-07-21) Андрей Гайко: Не хватает возможности регулировать высоту выпадающего списка с разрешениями, у меня их много, приходится прокручивать. Can't change the height of the resolutions list, vertical scroll-bar appears. (2016-06-24) 应王: 经常点不出来,why? (2016-06-04) Apichart Piriyakulchai: Good plugin.. can help me a lot . (2016-05-12) Ryan McLaughlin: Added advertising, and waiting for the ads to load has slowed it down. There are better extentions that don't have ads. (2016-05-03) John Parker: Too slow! (2016-03-26) Daniel Vazquez: Have been using it for years now... One of the bests. (2016-03-14) Антон Кондратьев: Не работает. Не появляется панель выбора разрешения - жму на кнопку расширения в панели браузера и ничего не происходит. (2016-03-04) Carlos Borges: Imprescindible para el desarrollo responsivo. Muy buena (2016-02-07) Rocco Furtado: Moze być :) (2016-01-22) Alexey Malkin: Очень быстро и просто. Пока все работает хорошо, спасибо! (2015-11-18) Aapo Saaristo: Doesn't really work. It does resize the window, but not to the size specified. Choosing "1280 x 720" for instance results in a window with outer dimensions of 1272x716 and a viewport of 1268x609. Makes no sense whatsoever. Completely useless as-is. (2015-04-10) Róbson Machado Rosa: Why my navigation history is needed to install it? I can't figure out how this information would be useful to resize my window. (2015-03-28) 安睿: very good..哈哈啊哈 (2015-02-25) Adriano G. V. Esposito: Perfetta. (2014-10-27) Антон Ершов: тем у кого разрешение экрана 1024*768 - так зачем вы ставити этот плагин? Купите нормальный монитор Ubuntu - не работает когда окно развернуто на экран. Во всех остальных случаях работает отлично (2014-08-28) Thomas Chen: Works perfect on win7. Can u add tag support? something like: 13" 1280x800. (2014-08-14) Олег Плотников: don`t work on ubuntu (2014-06-23) 1 минус. Страница открывается в новом окне. у аналога resize window получше сделано.

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