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Description from extension meta GraphQL debugging tools for Apollo Client in the Chrome developer console.
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Description from store Apollo Client Developer Tools is a Chrome DevTools extension for the open-source JavaScript GraphQL client, Apollo Client. The extension has 3 main features: 1. A built-in GraphiQL console that allows you to make queries against your GraphQL server using your app's network interface directly (no configuration necessary). 2. A query watcher that shows you which queries are being watched by the current page, when those queries are loading, and what variables those queries are using. 3. A mutation inspector that displays the mutations made to you apollo-client app data. 4. A cache inspector that displays your client-side Redux store in an Apollo-Client-friendly way. You can explore the state of the store through a tree-like interface, and search through the store for specific field keys and values. The extension will work with Apollo Client versions 0.5.18 and above! You can learn more about Apollo Client for GraphQL from these resources: http://dev.apollodata.com/ https://github.com/apollostack/apollo-client Code for this extension is open-sourced at: https://github.com/apollostack/apollo-client-devtools
Latest reviews (2019-10-27) Tom Yahav: Not working at all, see the extension icon but nothing is working! do not download it! (2019-10-14) Matt Harris: Has great features but is extremely unreliable. Doesn't discover apollo half the time so it won't activate. UI is a little cluttered, but its a great start. (2019-09-10) Ankush Komarwar: it does not work, no option showing developer tool tab (2019-08-22) Nathan Smith: Works great. Tons better than anything relay has to offer. (2019-08-19) Michael Cohen: Overall great for reviewing calls made and testing in context. A few bugs when viewing cache. (2019-08-15) Marko Vujanic: Its a hit or mis, but usually miss. I hate this extension. (2019-07-30) Abdelhak Ajbouni: I like the idea ... but it doesn't work (2019-07-10) Ben Sparks: working great for me, super handy tool for debugging graphql on the client (2019-07-03) Mårten Haug: Extremely buggy. Works about 20% of the time. Most of the time it doesn't even show up in devtools at all. When it works, it's nice. (2019-07-02) Pablo Rodríguez: Si que funciona. En el repo de github esta la manera de activarlo. Básicamente hay que añadir un parámetro al crear la instancia de ApolloClient (connectToDevTools: true) De momento estoy jugando con el pluggin y me parece muy interesante. (2019-06-26) andrea merten: Craps out everytime chrome updates. Awesome when working. Mostly doesn't (2019-06-24) Rev. Gensan Thomson: very handy for dev, in prod though with introspection disabled the extension crashes entirely rendering it unusable in prod - which makes me sad. (2019-06-24) Sander Meijerman: It just does not work at all, period. (2019-06-18) Ajinkya Borade: Stopped working now. Shows blank everytime. (2019-06-15) Noah Kaplan: Really wish this worked but it's full of bugs. Connecting to apollo client is very finicky. (2019-06-12) Maxime soufflet: Vraiment pas encore au point Il est très difficile/impossible de voir les update du caches Il faut souvent rafraîchir + relancer la console chrome pour que l'addon marche Pour avoir un recap des queries / mutations je préfère un autre addon N'est utile que pour Graphiql (2019-06-11) Will Klein: It works, how do you rate this less than 5 stars?! (2019-05-23) MTZ: Is not really one star, but when you refresh the page the cache remains there but in reality is not. You can check it manually using `window.apollo = apollo`; where `apollo` is the injected dependency (2019-05-21) Mike Mateo: This doesnt work with two apollo clients running at the same time. There should be a way to switch/select the client you want to use in the dev panel. (2019-05-16) Andrej Lacko: compared to redux dev tools, this has no system, I would be much more happier if I would see: - timeline (left side) - diff, or result from query (right side toggle) - cache (right side), when selected query, showing query after the mutation basically, redux dev tools are briliant tool, missing something like it for graphql (2019-05-15) Victor Redondo Quiros: Just doesn't work, it doesn't report any error and the panel is just empty (2019-05-14) Tjardo Krijt: This is a great tool. However, although it used to work well, it now crashes when pasting query code in it. This makes usage that much harder, because typing out a query all over again every time is quite tedious. When this happens I cannot get it to work anymore, until I completely reinstall the extension. Please fix this! (2019-05-14) Jorge Díaz: No funciona (2019-05-13) Markus Strasser: Spent an hour looking for bugs in my code, but turned out the tool didn't display the local cache correctly. After printing the cache in the console we saw it was there (2019-05-10) Joshua Smith: v2.2.2 ... cache still does reload. This is not a tool, it is completely useless makes me want to switch to redux (miles away from Redux tools)

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