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The Easiest Way to find all broken links (404 errors) on the web page. Find more! Save more!

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Description from store When you are editing a content that has lots of links, wouldn't it be handy to quickly check that all the links on the page are working? 'Broken Link Checker' scans your page or the whole site and provides a broken links report within a few minutes. The report is generated directly without installing and running any additional program files. Then 'Broken Link Checker' highlights which links are functioning and which ones are broken. In addition to the website internal links check, we analyze the external links availability. If the site contains at least one external link (nofollow or dofollow) with 404 error, it is shown in the report. The report contains link to page where 404 error was found, so you can fix it immediately. 'Broken Link Checker' is an extension developed primarily for web designers, developers and content editors. # ADDITIONAL FEATURES PROVIDED BY ATOMSEO SERVICE * Backlink watch. * Automatically monitor your links on a daily basis. # WHY TO CHECK YOUR BROKEN AND DEAD PAGES There are several factors that can improve the "visibility" of your page and influence its ranking in Google and other search engines. An important aspect of search engine optimization is work with content; the promotion success depends on content quality and quantity. Many blogs, articles and services offer guides and recommendations on content organization, keyword selection and compilation of semantic core. However, the topics of monitoring and tracking the content availability are mostly overlooked. # WHY BROKEN LINKS CAN DAMAGE YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS ## CUSTOMER ASPECT A potential client visits the site to get some information and cannot find it because the page is not available. At best, customer goes to other pages on the site, and at worst just leaves the site. Your bounce rate increases and the client is lost. ## SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY If a site contains too many pages with a response code "404", it can have a negative impact on your website's ranking in major search engines. The entire site or individual pages may receive a Google penalty, site rankings can fall, and the number of visits will be reduced. ## LOSING BACKLINKS The number of incoming links to your website impacts search engine ranking. Any website owner knows how difficult it is to get quality links and references. At the same time, not enough attention is given to monitoring the availability of external linked pages. ## BROKEN LINKS = LOST OPPORTUNITIES Creating and managing website content is a complex process, which is always associated with many manual adjustments. Multiple site editors, frequent updates, the need for regular content updating - all these processes increase probability of various errors. The most important errors associate with the creation and addition of non-existing pages or broken links. Despite the fact that the link verification is an obvious need, most webmasters and site owners do not give enough attention to this issue or just ignore it. They lose opportunities to promote their own site because of this very trivial problem. ## WHY BROKEN LINKS ARE BAD? First of all, they leave a bad feeling about your company or product and you can lose a potential customer. You should respect customers and display only working content! Also, broken links make your site indexing by search engines more complicated, and, therefore, reduce the possibility of the correct ranking of your website. # YOUR BROKEN LINKS ARE YOUR COMPETITORS’ BENEFITS Your broken links are opportunities for other webmasters to raise their website rating at your expense. The link building due to non-existent pages (404 error) and dead links is very popular among webmasters. Many manuals and tools were created for broken links search and further replacement with their own links. This is a simple and free link building in a legal way (white hat seo). If you do not care about your broken links, others do. Perhaps, while you read this text, other webmasters are already hunting for your dead links. Do not give them a chance! COMMENTS AND FEEDBACK ARE WELCOME. https://error404.atomseo.com [email protected]

Latest reviews

  • (2021-05-08) Luca Gentile: Better than google insights! It gives you the two vital information: 1) What is broken 2) On which page It also interacts with the pages, highlighting you all the links. THANKS!
  • (2020-08-23) Corinne Segura: Bizarrely every time I use it to check links on one of my webpages my site breaks and goes down for 10 min. Used to work well before. Not even sure how this is breaking my site.
  • (2020-08-16) Theoquda TQ: under average! doesn't go in depth on my website
  • (2020-06-28) srinivas kadiyala: This extension does not have option to ignore "somedomain.com"
  • (2020-02-11) Or Drori: תוסף מעולה !
  • (2019-11-29) Tim Uitendaal: It works great
  • (2019-10-24) Tony Petruzzi: OMG 🤯 Where has this extension been my whole life? 😍😍😍
  • (2019-08-20) Rob T: Finally one that works! I've uninstalled three other link checkers for missing obvious links. so far this combined with https://www.brokenlinkcheck.com is working great.
  • (2019-06-27) CALLISTA HOXIE: Highlighting feature is especially useful to present to people with little web dev. knowledge who need to review changes.
  • (2019-04-05) anthony rsc: A very useful tool, thanks!
  • (2019-03-29) Alex Haynes: This saved me a ton of time checking one of my pages for broken links. I do wish there were a 'scroll to link' option. The list of broken links the extension displays are clickable, but they actually open the dead link which is hardly a useful feature. I'd rather have it scroll there.
  • (2018-11-01) Chris Smith: I'm sure this extension is great for web development so it definitely doesn't deserve a bad review, but I work in email marketing so it logs me out of my email every time I use it. Does anyone know of any that may be useful for checking email links specifically?
  • (2018-09-17) Arnold Wender: It´s Ok, use it wisely...
  • (2018-08-01) Anil Achan Kunju: it found about 130 broken links and I had to click on each link and waste my time just to find out that all those link were working.
  • (2018-07-14) Shikha Baskandi: Using it since from one year and it always gives me the right results
  • (2018-06-20) Intervet Sitemaster: Only reports broken a href links. Did not report broken URLs in image tags or <link> tags. Cannot crawl an entire site from within the browser, instead redirects to their website tool, so cannot crawl intranet pages. Positive: can crawl https
  • (2018-05-24) New York Engineers: Awesome tool
  • (2018-05-17) Grace Tian: Requires you to click the extension for it to work on the web page. The links highlighted on the web page fill up the page and distract the user from their web experience. It also sometimes reports dead links that work.
  • (2018-05-04) Steve Stout: It checked two pages on the site and then said I couldn't use it again without paying. I didn't show results in detail. Worthless to me.
  • (2018-04-03) Fabian Alvarado: I really like it!
  • (2018-04-03) Pink Cupcakes: Unfortunately doesn't work at all. Tried using their service via their website and got great results. It's a shame that the extension doesn't work =/
  • (2018-04-01) matin eltaf: it is useful.
  • (2018-03-20) Doesn't work on local pages.
  • (2018-02-07) Tommy Carstensen: Doesn't work at all.
  • (2017-11-09) Marcus Zwandula: Keine Reaktion auf Click auf das Symbol in der Toolbar.
  • (2017-07-12) Edward Robirds: Since most website navigation elements are on the top right-hand of the page, it would be helpful if the reporting box could be moved since it's in the way.
  • (2017-07-05) Jess Carruthers: Did what it says on the package, but doesn't seem to have a blacklist which meant I was logged out of the site I was checking on each run.
  • (2017-06-20) Kamel Takla: The best program, used it for SharePoint.
  • (2017-05-20) sandraeinself: the icon appears in the toolbar, but it only worked 1 or 2 times.
  • (2017-03-22) Cuidados Com a Saúde: Depois de fazer uma analize meu site ficou off com a mensagem Error establishing a database connection, não recomendo usar

Latest issues

  • (2021-05-08, v:1.0.7) Luca Gentile: Feature request: Jump from one broken link to the other
    Hallo, It would be great to have a feature where you have arrows that guide you to the broken links, so you don´t have to look manually for the pink highlighted text. THANKS
  • (2021-04-02, v:1.0.5) Khu Sip: Did your Extension Collect data?
    i want to know is this extension collects data when we enable it?
  • (2020-12-05, v:1.0.5) Bob Areddy: Ignores rel="nofollow"
    I would expect the extension to follow the html guidelines and ignore any links with rel="nofollow" but it just ignores those properties and checks them anyway. Otherwise it works well.
  • (2020-12-02, v:1.0.5) Sam Dutton: Text fragment links give a 404
    For example, linking to this URL gives a 404: https://web.dev/sign-in-form-best-practices/#label:~:text=put%20your%20labels%20above%20your%20inputs Thanks again for a very useful extension though!
  • (2020-11-23, v:1.0.5) Sam Dutton: Incorrect 404s for caniuse.com and whatwg.org
    Great extension — many thanks for your work on this. Two sites I've noticed have URLs that are marked incorrectly as 404 by your extension: • https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/form-control-infrastructure.html#constraints • https://caniuse.com/constraint-validation Not sure what's going on. Regards Sam Dutton
  • (2020-04-22, v:1.0.5) K E: https://www.publiconews.in/
  • (2020-04-22, v:1.0.5) K E: https://www.publiconews.in/
    publico news: Hindi News, हिंदी समाचार, Samachar, Breaking Hindi News, हिंदी समाचार,. पुब्लिको न्यूज़ News हिंदी - publico news Coronavirus In India Live News In Hindi - publico news Live News Hindi, आज की ताजा खबर, Breaking समाचार हिंदी समाचार - हिन्दी न्यूज़, latest ताज़ा खबर ताज़ा खबर Hindi News, India News Headlines Hindi News, Latest News Breakin, publico news हिंदी समाचार, हिंदी में नवीनतम समाचार, ब्रेकिंग Hindi News India News in delhi Coronavirus in India News Latest publico news
  • (2019-04-05, v:1.0.5) Franziska Buch: 403 errors for Twitter social icon links
    I'm getting 403 errors for any Twitter links on social icons in the footer etc. Clicking the actual links works fine, though, you're being corectly directed to the respective Twitter profile pages. What's up with that?
  • (2019-03-01, v:1.0.5) Crashes WordPress if You're Logged In
    If you are logged into WordPress when you run the check, the tool will overload your WordPress CMS and crash it. This is a huge flaw. We just brought down our website, without first knowing what caused it. We were able to replicate 100% of the time, and logically it makes sense (if you are logged into WordPress when you run the check, the tool not only checks your site, but the WP panel as well.. causing connections/attempts beyond what WP is designed to handle) Please look into this and resolve, as this is a huge problem for anyone logged into WP CMS when running the link checker scan.
  • (2018-09-24, v:1.0.5) J A: Tons of false positives with no indication as to why
    Testing a page (that is currently only on a local network - sorry, no links yet), and Broken Link Checker assers that I have 28 errors (21% error rate), with a bunch of links being listed as 404s. I click on the links manually and the page loads normally. I can see no discernible difference between the links marked as 404s and those that pass as valid. I disabled all other plugins - got the same issue, and in fact it was the pretty much SAME set of links were shown to be broken, with some discrepancies - error is relatively consistent. Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
  • (2018-01-20, v:1.0.5) Broken Links
    I use Site Builder. Have links on my pages to my other sites. And links with in my site from page to page. I piblish and the a few weeks later maybe after crawler comes thru I get some broken links not all links broken just some. I am not a web developer. What can I do? Thank you www.andysasparagusacres.com
  • (2017-02-21, v:1.0.5) Stephanie Rentfrow: Issues with "Check All Pages On This Site"
    Checking a single page has no problems. However, when I click "Check All Pages On This Site" and am taken to your 404 page (https://error404.atomseo.com/?error=Page%20not%20found.%20Try%20again.). A thing to note about this site is that it can not access anything that is outside of our network. I'm wondering if this is what the problem is. Can you tell me if you think this could be the issue or what is and if there are any workarounds?
  • (2016-12-08, v:1.0.5) False positive results
    Why is it that when there's a link to the website Research Gate, it always shows up as a broken link when, in fact, it is not broken?
  • (2016-09-16, v:1.0.5) Demo Next: Test subpages
    Would it be possible to check the links on all subpages in a node of a website. In this way we could check the branch that we are responsible for in our team. Maybe something like search depth. Thanks!
  • (2016-09-01, v:1.0.5) Kai Noack: Hash issue
    Seems that an anchor hash leads to a false 404. Add a href into your html, e.g. https://chrome.google.com/#test and run the extension, it says broken link.
  • (2016-07-05, v:1.0.5) Attila Töreki: config speed
    I can not set the testing speed and the number of threads. This will overload our server.
  • (2016-01-07, v:1.0.5) Martin Lemburg: Export of list of broken links?
    Hi, the visualization of broken links is really good, the list of broken links helpful, but I need an export as text file or to the clipboard, so I can go through the broken links parallel in the HTML editor and the list of broken links. Any chance for this? Cheers, Martin


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