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Quick access to our online tools ping, tracert, domain search, dns blackhole list, dns lookup, reverse ip and whois lookup.

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Description from store This extension allows quick access to our online tools like ping, tracert, domain search, dns blackhole list, dns lookup, reverse ip and whois lookup. *** DNS Lookup *** Query the DNS server on all possible records. Results are directly from the root servers so no cached records are retrieved. *** DNS Blackhole List *** Check to see if an IP address is listed with nearly 100 DNS based anti-spam databases. Your public IP address is listed as default. *** Domain Search *** Find registered domain names based on one or more keywords. *** IP Geo Location *** Show the geographical location for domain names or IP addressess on a map. *** Ping *** Find out how long it takes for packets to reach its destination. Ping is from Germany. The network is from Hetzner. *** Reverse Adsense/Analytics *** Find other websites witht the same Adsense or Analytics ID. *** Reverse IP/MX/NS *** Find other domains sharing the same IP, MX or NS records. *** Traceroute *** Traceroute is a tool to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network. This tool combines both ICMP based (like windows) and UDP based (like Unix) traceroute. Traceroute is from Germany. The network is from Hetzner. *** Whois *** Whois lookup is a powerful way to see all the registration information related to a particular domain, IP address or AS number. This lookup tool will query the right database and present the whois information in realtime.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-06-15) Abdulghani Abdo: After installing it, nothing happen, it does not leave an icon and therefore no where to start using these tools.
  • (2018-08-12) Pauline Douglas: Really handy
  • (2018-02-24) mito . . .: ***** [ Chromium (and derivatives) ] **** PUP.Optional.Legacy, Plugin found: Network and Internet tools - /!\ Please Reset the Chrome Synchronization before cleaning the Chrome Preferences: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3097271
  • (2017-10-30) Emil Prager: Just a forwarder to their website.
  • (2017-09-29) Herman OiOi: ok
  • (2017-08-09) This does NOT provide actual network tools. It's just a quick interface for pages on the tcpiputils.com web site. All of the tests run in the context of their server, not your computer, which means they're worthless if you need to diagnose a local network issue.
  • (2017-06-07) Jeremiah Johnson: Does not work inside a firewall.
  • (2017-05-01) Tet Ming Chai: good
  • (2017-04-01) Joerg Sobottka: gut
  • (2016-11-28) chinh mr: chinh hinh
  • (2016-11-27) Mara Somaini.F: hola , la he podido usar poco puesto que la aplicacion tiene un uso limitado, y no lo sabia gracias
  • (2016-10-07) steve c: Mostly useless, it tests from their site in Germany! What good is that?
  • (2016-08-26) Jeffrey Robillard: It doesnt actually test anything from your chromebook. It is nothing more than a front end to their web based testing site. There is no way to test anything inside your own network.
  • (2016-07-12) Trinidad morales moreno: Espero buenos resultados
  • (2016-06-08) Tom Reichert: The two items i wanted and are the basic.. didnt work..
  • (2016-05-10) Amber Yeain: great
  • (2016-01-26) I can't ping/traceroute from my local host :(
  • (2015-09-07) Santiago Acurio Del Pino: Muy buena herramienta
  • (2015-01-12) Igor Mordiuk: good to have when need rapidly check/resolve someone
  • (2014-09-29) Hearty: I really need this type ofapplication . Thank You !!!
  • (2014-09-05) lawrence martin: its good
  • (2014-09-02) Vastrix: It'd be a great extension if only it did everything INSIDE the extension and not in a new tab on a site.. So yea trash.. All it does is link you to a site whenever you click on something..
  • (2014-07-22) Paul McNair: not local. a waste of time
  • (2014-06-14) Qi Zheng: This is spam!
  • (2014-04-29) Fernando Andrade: Funcional
  • (2013-12-18) Mojtaba Rafei: اگر برای نمایش اطلاعات پنجره جدید باز نمی کرد بهتر بود

Latest issues

  • (2017-02-16, v:1.73) Alex ExtGuru: Monetization browser extension
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  • (2017-02-08, v:1.73) Bean Roddengerry: Bit Rate Monitor
    I'd like a "moving graph" that displays the bit rate upstream and downstream. An animated icon in the toolbar would be nice, too, maybe with a numerical readout. Of course, being new on Chrome, I don't really know if there's such a thing as an "animated icon in the toolbar." But I really miss having no Bit Rate Monitor at all.
  • (2015-12-03, v:1.72) where is it????
    added to chrome. cannot find it in my app list. why do all chrome apps do this? they are dumped into the pile of all my apps and I cannot find them? nothing close to the name is listed. I know you all hate M$ but some of it is okay, like putting new apps on the desktop, or asking me where it goes. need the app, can't use it if I can't find it..,,,
  • (2015-07-22, v:1.71) Tommy Davis: Android phone vs chromebook for rerooting
    How can I root my android phone using a chromebook computer
  • (2014-07-03, v:1.71) dem martinez: denuncia
    integrar lista negra como abusador


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