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Description from extension meta A chrome extension for testing responsive web page,inspired by @MalteWassermann's work.
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Description from store A new version is coming recently in 2017,and @MalteWassermann will take over this project,just look forward to it Viewport Resizer is a tool to test any website's responsiveness.It's a package based on @MalteWassermann's work,check his work on http://lab.maltewassermann.com/viewport-resizer/,icons from https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/110258/resolution_viewport_icon 2014-04-27 faster and offline support
Latest reviews (2019-10-20) Dezso Markon: It's better then the rest of the similar extensions, however on reload resets the size of the viewport, so it's kind of useless for development. Would be nice to implement this just like like Firefox does. (2019-09-03) Tim Graham: Great extension. The 5th star wasn't given due to having to store custom sizes in a bookmark which isn't user friendly. Apart from that, it's the best as it only the resizes the viewport instead of the entire window like other extensions. (2019-07-22) Pete Leigh: Was really excited when I seen this, makes my developing go a lot faster 5/5 (2019-02-27) Kaisma Penn-Titley: Inconsistently works for me, that is, I click on the icon and it does not respond or prompt me with options. When it does work, it resizes to the selected specification but is very frustrating when I am constantly clicking and it's not doing anything. (2019-02-16) Phoenix Kiula: Should work with localhost or file system as well, where most of the testing is done. It seems to require a functioning website, which is silly. (2018-10-15) Samir Bipecka: I also love that it does not resize the browser window but only the viewport. (2018-09-15) Shantalle Goh: thank u so much for this great tool. it is not just valuable, it is fun too! The Animate button LOL. Thank u for the great creation. (2018-06-01) Pratik Thakkar: One of the best Developer extensions for testing on multiple devices. Best part is that it does not resize the browser window. I strongly recommend this tool (2018-05-11) Sergio Acosta: I love that it does not resize the browser window but only the viewport, unlike most other resizing extensions. (2018-05-10) ศุภวัฒน์ ตันมณี: ชอบที่สุดตั้งแต่ใช้มา ถ้าสามารถ edit custom size และ range ในการทำ animation ด้วยจะเยี่ยมมาก --------- Best re-sizer tool for me, please make custom size easier (via live textbox) and configurable animation range for better (2018-05-04) Andi Wahyu Saputra: love it a lot (2018-04-19) Marco Chieffi: Vi prego di aggiornare la lista dei dispositivi (2018-04-19) Rogério Dec: Excellent!The Best! (2018-03-27) Tomaž Krt: Clicking the icon does nothing. (2018-03-09) Helen Lazareva: love this tool, extremely helpfull (2018-03-09) Damir Males: Very Good app If it allows a screen size pictogram between 320 and 600px it would be great :) (2018-02-23) Manali Prasad: Easy and useful (2018-02-15) R. Muhamad Dwi Rizki Lazuardi: Very good, the only extension that work well to test even large display resolution. More precise than chrome device toolbar to develop pixel perfect website. The only missing feature is to save multiple custom resolution. (2018-01-27) Andrew Gibbs: Does nothing! (2017-12-19) Sattar Shamad: this is just what i need.. big applause for the developer (2017-11-27) hehexd (2017-11-27) Marc Rosillo: Gracias (2017-11-22) Duncan McCarthy: spot on, exactly what I needed. nice to see an app like this with a usable UI too - great work. (2017-11-14) Teja: Thanks a lot! but can you please let me know hot to take a screenshot in that resolution. (2017-11-09) lapsus de memoria: Muy bueno

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