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Pretty Beautiful Javascript

Description from extension meta Automatically makes Javascript files pretty and beautiful!
Image from store Pretty Beautiful Javascript
Description from store Automatically makes Javascript files you come across on the net look great! Combines both Beautifier (http://jsbeautifier.org/) and Prettify (http://code.google.com/p/google-code-prettify/) to unpack/unobfuscate, format, and add syntax highlighting. No need for copy/pasting or anything else it all happens on the fly for your convenience. Changelog: v4.1.1 - Improve matching. v4.0.1 - Include blank content type w/ js ext. v4.0.0 - Runs based on content type. v3.0.1 - Fixed github bug. v3.0.0 - Massive performance improvement. v2.1.0 - Bugfix. v2.0.0 - New release, significantly faster. Permissions: All websites - Runs on *.js pages
Latest reviews (2019-10-20) Refyandra: This extension does not yet have the number line feature like those in the JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier extension maybe for the next version update can be added. (2019-05-07) Andrew Mueller: Pretty much useless these days. Runs on content type in doc (shortsighted=1). You can't even force a parser over a page you KNOW is js regardless of what the app things (goodbye react/angular/webpack formatting). Pretty much any free online formatter will work better than this. Not to mention the open URLs / Docs directly and can be tuned very easily. "User error" to the multitudes reporting it doesn't work? -- what a schmuck I gave it the second star because a couple of years ago it just worked and worked well. (2018-08-10) Michael Humphries: Idk why this only has 4 stars. Works great. (2018-01-17) Duc Nguyen: Please add an option to turn on or off the extension. thanks (2017-12-03) Vinícius Muniz: Útil! (2017-11-29) christian hernon: Never works anymore (2017-06-28) DATTATREYA MAHENDRAKAR: Not getting how to use this.... !!!!! (2017-06-06) Костян Кондратов: Свою задачу выполняет. Но только что оно занимало у меня 200 мегабайт оперативы в фоне. Это какая-то хрень. (2017-04-21) ozan twitch: çokiyi (2017-04-10) Александр Степанов: Not working (2017-01-18) Black Widow: radost (2016-12-24) Vitalii Kravchenko: Please, add dark theme. =) (2016-11-02) G Ray Loveless: has to be a js file in order to format. (2016-11-01) When it's working, it's ok. However, there are times when you reload the file and the formatting is gone, so you need to reload again. Not a big deal, though doesn't look very professional. I need a reliable tool. (2016-10-13) works as described, thanks (2016-08-29) Kenzie Togami: 4.0.1 is still trying to format GitHub `.js` pages, which makes this unusable for me. (2016-08-22) Piotr Żuralski: doesn't work for me (2016-07-01) Beaver .Hacker: This Extension did not work, nor fulfil its claims to "beautify" webpage sources (2016-06-23) Mark Sandler: it is useful, but please-please fix it so it doesn't try to prettify non-js files which have .js extensions (please check mime-types!). (2016-04-24) Joe N5000: It really manages a mixed-up JS into nice readable design. Recommended! (2016-03-07) Ivan Brezhniev: Awesome! (2016-02-19) Edward.D Lin: very useful,if it can copy and paste that would be more wonderful (2016-02-06) James Webley: Over-includes pages based on pattern matching for ".js", breaking various sites for me.. (2016-01-20) Chris Nasr: Useless extension, only works on *.js instead of looking for proper mime types like text/javascript, application/javascript, text/json, etc. (2015-11-27) Vladislav Gerasimøv: It makes right what i want!

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2017-05-11 / 4.1.1




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