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Description from extension meta Disable images on current site.
Image from store Images ON/OFF
Description from store Use this extension to disable/enable images on the current site. It's a simple switch: click to disable, click to enable. It works on "per host" basis and will disable images for the given host (the currently selected tab), not for all hosts. There are some options available, but basically, the extension does just that and nothing more.
Latest reviews (2019-08-14) Sb Nuna: 入れないでください 拡張機能から削除しても画像が非表示になりつづけます (2019-04-18) wender: Отлично! Как раз для использования с медленными, публичными прокси! (2019-04-03) Dwij Mistry: what I want to use in my office (2019-01-19) Сергей Тимошенков: То, что надо! (2018-11-02) ImprovedTube for YouTube: permission list is extensive, should be opt-in and explained (2018-10-19) Ano nymous: I find it quite useless since I need to enable the setting for every site therefore downloading all the images the first time I load a page and using my data plan (2018-10-08) Peter Liu: Excellent! I choose this after a wide investigation, include Wizmage Image Hider 2.8.7, Block image 1.1, Easy Image Control 2.9 and Hide Images 1.5.1. Only one single click and then it will hide images from current site. It is very useful for those who want to hide images only on a few websites. You absolutely should give it a try! If you are those who want to hide images from all sites with a short whitelist, i suggest you try Wizmage Image Hider here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wizmage-image-hider/ifoggbfaoakkojipahnplnbfnhhhnmlp (2018-09-30) Max P: super (2018-09-24) Viktor Ljungström: This extension does not work. It reloads the page when you click to hide all images but when the page is loaded again lots of images are still there. (2018-07-17) Robin Singh: The Extension is showing Ads from Dogpile, searchfeed, downloadsearh in searches. This Plugin is now breached and please do not use this plugin. (2018-07-07) Alec Douglas: I use this to avoid spoilers on ESPN for video replays. Works perfectly - even blocks the poster images on videos. (2018-05-17) Evan Parker: Does exactly what it says. Easy and efficient. (2018-04-16) Sergio Eures: Would be nice if the images could be disabled only for a site, or just for a browser tab. Edit: but it does actually! (2018-04-14) Jane Doe: Works great, thanks! (2017-12-08) tokia nexus: this is helpful image please add feature when drag a mouse on off picture show like a flash light thanks (2017-12-05) Paul Jarrow: This extension simply doesn't work. The switch itself toggles back and forth after clicking, and the images are loaded, regardless of the switch position. Does 0% of the things it says it does. (2017-11-24) Shoretire Lydia: Perfect. This is what I've been looking for... (2017-09-27) Sky Net Chitral: This is what i have been looking for so long, this extension is so useful. Thank you. (2017-08-14) Татьяна Гладышева: супер (2017-06-18) Moshe Shperling: Just what i needed. It even remembers setting per website! (2017-04-13) Christo Brink: Really useful extension if you want to turn all images on the website off, I used it for quite a while because of my limited internet , and it made my surfing take a lot less data and load faster. (2017-02-19) Perfect solution if Ad Block does not work well on a site. (And such a simple solution!) (2017-01-07) CosmicReef: For whatever reason, it didn't work in the first place. Now it does. It works - except the pictures are from a third-party-host. In this case you still see pictures. That costs one star. The second problem: Most pictures have a description. Now I don't see a picture but a placeholder. Sometimes the text in the description is very, very long. In this case you get a very, very large placeholder that destroys the layout of the page. That costs the second star. This addon really needs an option "Don't show placeholder" (2016-12-29) SathiyaArunPrakash J: Amazing plugin! Woking awesome... (2016-12-09) Josef H.: Really poor. You have to turn images on or off for each individual website... No way to disable images globally and then simply turn them on again.

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