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Description from extension meta Check how many watchers are active in an angular app
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Description from store Angular watchers is the ultimate AngularJS tool which tells you how many active watchers you currently have. It automatically updates so you can see live how many watcher a page have. This is perfect to increase performance and debugging as well. Features: * Total number of watcher on the current page * Difference from the last total number of watchers * Visual graph that plots the number of watchers in time (max 25 plots) * Choose Iframe where you want to count the watchers * Expose Angular Modules in a global variable **window.$$am** * Graph/Counter view toggle * Dark/Light theme toggle * Bootstrapped element input - in case your app is manually bootstrapped Made by: Giulio Dellorbo ([email protected]), Tiago Almeida ([email protected]) and Firmino Alves ([email protected])
Latest reviews (2019-10-16) Sriharsha Akkineni: always grayed out (2019-09-19) Vipan kumar: always greay (2018-10-31) Eric To: Doesn't work, is grayed out and doesn't do anything. (2018-02-20) Ammulu Putta: nice tool (2017-11-29) 陳奕豪: 非常有幫助! (2017-06-14) liang jie Ng: It's great tool when doing tuning on application (2017-03-24) not working (2016-11-14) Vladimir B: Great tool. Thanks (2016-10-13) Kevin Hackett: Excellent tool! (2016-07-25) Thada Palata: awesome (2016-05-10) Pavel K: Great extension. helps me a LOT (2016-05-05) Daniel Beaulieu: Cant believe I had 9000 watchers, got it down to 1600 thanks to this extension. Thanks! (2016-02-11) Sean Oh: Very useful, thank you! (2016-01-19) Yury Goltsman: Excellent! (2015-12-05) Best! iI want to have possibility to disable the animation (2015-11-12) 冯松: 不错 (2015-11-05) Flavio Spagnuolo: Sólo da la cantidad (2015-11-04) Nick Steele: Pure awesome. This saved my marriage. (2015-10-27) Дед Пихто: How it work? (2015-07-21) Benjamin Barbier: Great plugin !!! (2015-06-19) Dongwoo Ha: 개요에 나와있듯이 단순히 watchers들의 수만 체크 가능하다. 그냥 각 페이지별로 돌아다니면서, 증감되는 수치를 확인하고, refactoring이 필요하다면 그것은 개발자의 몫. :) (2015-06-18) Works great! Make sure you have this line in your config: $compileProvider.debugInfoEnabled(true); (2015-05-27) Eduard Jacko: very useful! (2015-03-24) wtf? doesn't work.

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