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Description from extension meta This extension shows a current FPS(frames per second) on a web page.
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Description from store This is extension for debugging website perfomance. It's just easier to turn on than the developer tools one. inspired by similar extension which is no longer available in Chrome Store.
Latest reviews (2019-08-29) Roberto Graeff: Excelente, ótima ferramenta! (2019-08-04) Maria Sodo: Doesnt work (2019-07-18) Александр Кравченко: Еще одно полезное расширение для фронтовиков (2019-04-10) Josh: Caps out at 60 fps, even on web pages designed to go far past that such as the ufo frame rate test. Completely useless for me. (2019-04-05) Dmitriy Stepanenko: Changing the size of developer console does not affect the position of the extension on the screen. If you expand the dev console, the extension will be hidden under it (2019-03-19) Ismael Vazquez Lopez: lol (2019-02-13) is doesn'tvwork at all (2019-02-05) inlectrip yt: Literally i can do nothing (2019-02-03) TheStonePotato: It doesn't work at all! (2018-12-09) Vadim Ilchenko: Спасибо Юра. Полезная и простая в использовании штука получилась (2018-11-24) Prajesh Raam: Not workin' (2018-10-24) ItzCheese: Come on that thing doen'st work MAN! (2018-09-15) ADM: это не работает в хром 69.x.xxxx.xx. Чёрт!!! (Раньше не пользовался)(Оценка ничего не значит) (2018-04-26) Денис Липовецкий: Перешёл на 2K монитор и заметил, как напрягается браузер, когда открываешь инспектор (2018-04-15) MrMcFly: i just got this extension and i clicked on the little button multiple times but it dosn't worked. Does anyone know how to set it up besides hitting that button. (2018-04-12) Александр Тур: Спасибо за полезное расширение! Юра - ты лучший!;) (2018-04-06) Philipp Schümann: Not working (2018-03-13) Nikolay Garnashevich: Спасибо Юра!Респект! (2018-02-19) ALPHA_sh: it worked well, but it doesnt support more than 60hz, and my monitor is 75hz (2018-01-29) Vincan Ripcan: то что доктор прописал (2018-01-27) vinyard rip: Респект Юрию! Полезное расширение, очень не хватало для полного счастья (2018-01-19) Mathias Wøbbe: It's a nice thing to have, however, it does not work. It's worked before but now it doesn't open when i click. Tried a reinstall and reboot but still nothing happen. (2018-01-19) Logan Knab: Doesn't work, nothing pops up after pressing the button (2017-12-08) Max Papirovnyk: Юра красава (2017-11-08) Ярик Тыченко: Наконец-то хром его добавил)

About Extpose

Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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3.6167 (60 votes)
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2017-09-07 / 0.0.2



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