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Description from extension meta A find-in-page extension for Google Chrome with support for regular expressions.
Image from store find+ | Regex Find-in-Page Tool
Description from store {find+} is a powerful Find-in-Page extension for Google Chrome hosting the ability to search a web page or document by regular expression. It has been designed to look and behave much like the native CTRL-F function, but extended to provide a feature-rich and robust user experience with the aim of completely replacing the native Find-in-Page tool. With {find+}, you can match a regular expression against text in the page, use find-and-replace to replace text in the page, copy occurrences of a regex to your clipboard, store frequently used expressions, and configure the extension the way you like. As a software developer, looking through lengthy stack traces, continuous integration build history, or large text files is something we do very regularly. The Chrome Find-in-Page tool works well in most cases, but offers very little when looking for very specific (or very general) keywords. The idea to build this tool spawned as a response to poorly designed or dysfunctional regex-search extensions currently available, and the limited usefulness of the native tool.
Latest reviews (2019-11-06) Ray Foss: works! no content script required! (2019-11-06) Scott White: Exactly what I was looking for! A quick click without having to go to menu to find on the page. Love ability to change colors on search results for page. Thanks! (2019-09-27) Ulyßes: Worked just fine before... but now needs to run perpetually in the background for some reason. Why does this need to be an background app? (2019-07-30) Rachel Dantzler: I love this extension, but I have one issue. Is there a way for it to work in Google Sheets? Nothing in the cells gets detected by the extension. (2019-07-01) MingHong Yao: Can't use on view-source: (2019-06-12) Saroj Khatiwada: Hey Brandon, What is the shortcut to trigger the extension's search in macOS? (2019-05-23) Dennis Hughes: This is quite a helpful, but when I'm trying to search a site for a letter followed by a number, followed by a non-number, using the regular expression M1[^\d] or M1[^0-9] it is detecting no matches, but it is finding matches if I just search for M1 or M\d - the problem is that it is matching items that also have multiple items after the M1 (e.g. M11), and in a large list, there might be over a hundred matches for that. ...aha! I found another way to do it! M1$ works, as does ^M1$! Thank you for the great product! Edit: Is there any way you can also make this work with Adobe documents loaded in Chrome? I'd LOVE to be able to search Acrobat documents with a regex! (2019-05-15) 刘言明: it works (2019-03-21) My favourite lovely app, hard used everyday app became a garbage... Earlier builds gives me possibility of text search on any tab, where this app remember searched text and dont needed each time retype it in new tab browser. Now this app dont remember searched text and so no serious difference now with easy CTRL+F. Also no history pop up in field, no generally history at all. Ok, i see dont needed history button (usability needs pop up in field, ok ?) , but it dont remember text. Now this app in garbage category, im sad (2019-02-26) Vander Karl: Seems to function perfectly well for searching text with regex, and is quite elegant. However, I got the extension because it claimed to be able to replace using regex as well. If it can, I cannot for the life of me figure out how. There appears to be no option for it. (2019-01-07) Magnus Ekvall: Nice extension which does what it should do. Most simple, but very useful is searching for a few alternatives separated by a '|'-char. (2018-12-13) Juan Alonso Hernandez: Doesn't work at all on Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (OSX).I open the search box, type "y" or "y.*u" on a page with "you", and nothing gets highlighted. (2018-12-07) Alexander List: Can't get it to work with Jupyter Notebook? (2018-12-03) Steven D: This extension works great - there's just one thing that needs to be improved. PLEASE leave the search box open and remember the spot you were at on the page! Every time you click somewhere on the page, the search box closes and when you re-open it, you have to start the search all over from the beginning! (2018-11-07) Duane Irvin: I love the extension. Works really well! But please add an option to disable the trigger when you type "find" in the URL bar. I have this extension bound to Ctrl+Shift+F, so having it in the URL bar is just annoying to me since I often use find as a search word. (2018-10-29) Gabe: I really wanted to like this extension, but unfortunately when trying to search through a specific web page, it would just keep crashing the tab. I'm trying to search through this web page: https://pci-ids.ucw.cz/v2.2/pci.ids. I don't know if the extension just can't handle it, but it just doesn't work. It works on other web pages, just not this specific one I know of. It's weird because "Chrome Regex Search" works just fine on it. I would love to hear what you have to say and if you would be able to fix this bug. Thanks. (2018-10-03) Ian Stanley: I've wanted to search sites using regex for so long, and this comes so close to being ideal. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to search source code, only the rendered page, 99% of the time I find myself wanting this feature, it's to search the source. Another tweak that would be nice is if the find input auto-focused from the keyboard shortcut instead of having to manually click it, like when you click the extension icon. (2018-09-05) Nengyun Zhang: eazy to use (2018-08-20) Sabaaidii Baw: Really nice extension, kudos! Improvement suggestions: - behave like Chrome "Find in Page": when starting a search highlight the first occurrence below the current position in page (instead of scrolling to top and highlighting the very first occurrence) - when a word is selected upon pressing the shortcut, initialize find pattern with it Anyway thanks for this extension! (2018-08-19) Wynand Huizinga: I still can't manage to find strings which go through multiple cells in a table. Is that supposed to be possible, and if so... how? For example on the table on the w3schools table site, I can't find a string which comes from the first column to the last column: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_tables.asp So from: Alfreds Futterkiste to: Germany I should be able to do that through the following right? Alfreds[\s\S]+Germany (2018-06-12) Nick J: This is a terrific extension. It's very useful that it can search across HTML elements. Other extensions that I found couldn't do that. Thanks for making this! (2018-06-04) Brian Bolek: Exactly what I needed! Simple, fast, with an option to search file:// URLs. No problems with a 5922 character pipe delimited search string, it got the right results in about a second. Worked better for me than a higher rated extension so I wanted to give this one a boost! (2018-05-01) Erimus Koo: The shortcut [ctrl+shift+f] is same to the shortcut [Search All files] in console, need customize it. (2018-04-23) BIOS-Pherecydes: It is an excellent supplementary tool for the standard Ctrl+F. It can not replace it however, as it does have a few exceptions to acceptable search terms. *,+, and \ are not supported at all. (,),and [ are not supported individually, though using both open and close parentheses/brackets together is. Strangely the close bracket by itself is completely fine. This makes it nearly useless for any kind of scripting work/search. The specific error given is: malformed regex: the regular expression entered is not acceptable, as it is either: -an invalid regular expression, or -not supported according to the javascript regexp epression. Additionally (this was an accidental find) placing only a period in the search box results in a highlighting of everything. Finally, the highlight contrast makes any search term hard to read through it. Highlighted text turns white, which makes it difficult to distinguish from the bright yellow of the highlight color. (2018-03-25) Florian Hüttner: Support F3 for next result and Shift+F3 for previous result would me get to rate this extension with five stars.

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