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Description from extension meta Shows whether the article is clickbait or not on Facebook & YouTube
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Description from store *NEW* Not a clickbait to "Not Clickbait" chrome extension helps to detect whether the title of the post on Facebook is clickbait or not using deep learning. People continually fall for clickbait and as Wired in it's article mentioned Whether you think clickbait is on the rise, obscurant and self-negating, not such a big deal, or the root of all evil, one thing is clear about it: It’s increasingly hard to pin down. A lot of editors use clickbait in an effort to manipulate you or grab your attention. The difference with clickbait is you’re often aware of this manipulation, and yet helpless to resist it. It’s at once obvious in its bait-iness, and somehow still effective bait. But with this small chrome extension using deep learning one can easily identify whether an article is clickbait or not on Facebook. Special Thanks to : Saurabh Mathur. (https://github.com/saurabhmathur96/clickbait-detector)
Latest reviews (2018-03-19) Beyar: It works most of the time but I wish I could manually report stuff too! (2017-02-17) Dave Land: Very poor quality algorithm: nearly all false positives. Whatever algorithm it uses appears to be quite poor at differentiating "clickbait" from real news, which undermines its usefulness. It marked a wildly one-sided survey from Trump as "Not Clickbait" but a factual article from my Senator as Clickbait. (2017-01-31) JJ ceo: Wow! Get it! (2017-01-31) Nikhil Paranjape: It works great, however, sometimes it detects clickbait when there sometimes isn't. Pair this with an adblocker, and you are good to go (2017-01-30) TechnoBilgiNet: Gerçek Yazılan Habere %70.44 veriyor siteden kaldırdığı fonksiyonu haber yapıyoruz nasıl olur yalana yakın verir, Çalışma Mantığınının teknoloji haber siteleri üzerine tekrar gözden geçirilmesi gerek, zira haberlerin çoğu sızıntı görseller üzerine yapılıyor,

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