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Description from store A multi purpose Chrome extension that does all this & more: - Set your Custom "Home Page" under Options, in Extensions. - Open that Custom Page in "New Tab" instead of the Home Page. - Open that Custom Page whenever "Home Page" button is clicked. - Automatically force YouTube videos to play in 720p / 1080p. - Right click on an Image to perform a Reverse Image search. - Right click after selecting a plain text URL to open as link. - Double click on a plain text link to open URL in a new tab. - Click icon (next to Menu) for a Cached version or Translation. - Select some Website text, click Ctrl+Alt (Opt) for Translation. - Privacy protection disables referral pings on Google Search. - Ability to change/spoof the browser 'User Agent' when needed. - Right-Click while holding Ctrl+Alt to remove a page element. - History Navigation: Hold Right Mouse button, swipe left/right. Optional security settings can be enabled in Browser Extension: "Allow access to file URLs" is required if opening local files as new tabs. "Allow in private mode" has to be checked in order to work in incognito. "Allow access to search pages" needed for search engine result pages. NOTE: You can install this extension in Opera,- first search for "Install Chrome Extensions" in Opera Add-on store, then come back. Later you can remove "Install Chrome Extensions" as this extension will allow you to install Chrome Extensions via right click menu. Version 24.4: chrome:// now allowed as New Tab. Version 24.3: Dark mode and general bug fixes. Version 24.1: Visual fix, popup menu workaround. Version 24.0: Dark mode popup, hide clock option. Version 23.9: Minor visual tweaks. Version bump. Version 23.8: Re-wrote mouse navigation routines. Version 23.7: Small bug fixes to mouse navigation. Version 23.6: Fixes for YouTube playlist issues. Version 23.5: Updated fonts with nicer font sizes. Version 23.4: Improve YouTube to HD switch code. Version 23.3: Ctrl+Alt and Right-Click enhanced. Version 23.2: Add 'Search Page' access detection. Version 23.1: Fixed a URL Focus bug for new tabs. Version 23.0: Fixed small bug under Options Page. Please leave a review if you enjoy it!
Latest reviews (2019-12-03) Daniil Rozyev: It doesn't work in Opera( (2019-11-20) Conrad Ahlers: Got again control over the new tab in Opera! No more Speed Dial! Thanks for this extension. (2019-11-19) Sugarbun: Finally something that works on Opera! (2019-07-10) Second Life Around: Opera user here - My friend YOUR AWESOME!! Thank you for making this incredible app!! All of us Opera users THANK YOU!! (2019-06-26) Giuliano Ribeiro: Absolute amazing! I've installed on Opera to fix the BUG about "Speed Dial" impossibility to disable, and this extension fix all the thing. Thank you to author! (2019-05-25) Make Mine Texas: Does exactly what I wanted! Allows me to set a local file on my computer as my new tab page. Thank you! (2019-05-24) Avi Marks: the shortcuts on this extension have literally saved my life. never written a review before. If you're mildly tech savvy and you didn't read above YOU CAN CTRL+ALT+RIGHTCLICK TO DELETE ELEMENTS not to mention CONTROL+ALT TO TRANSLATE. insanely convenient. (2019-05-10) V. Kaya: I use it with Opera, nice works, thank you. But youtube age restricted mode does not work (2019-05-03) Alex Schlexxi: For me a MUST HAVE extension, especially for o p e r a, if you want to redirect the start page and the "new tab" page. Saves a lot of time. :-) Many thanks! (2019-02-18) Shawn A: Great for getting rid of that stupid default suggested sites start page! (2018-07-11) Jimmy D.: Good work (2018-04-23) Very nice, the only annoying thing is the shift+ctrl pop-up with translation that cannot be disabled... I frequently use the shift+ctrl combination for selecting text but rarely I need it to be translated, so I always have to close the pop-up window... Please assign this function to a different combination of keys! (2018-04-16) Pavel Vold: Can you make page URL empty in a new tab? When the new tab with a page opens, the page URL is set in the address bar. This address sometimes interfere when, for example, you need to specify a new address. I encounter this in many other similar extensions. Can this be fixed? =( (2017-11-30) Ivan Llanas: Didn't work for me. I set it up to show a file:/// url but a blank tab is all I got. (2017-11-09) Brad Murray: Used to work great. Now it just opens a blank page (2017-11-09) Gustavo Moraes: The best extension to use with custom New Tab pages! (2017-04-10) Tom Journey: Awesome! just there is a small delay between closing the default start page and opening the forced one on Vivaldi. I find it funny how a browser that promises more functionality for power users and flexibility makes you go trough hoops just so you can change your default speed dial. (2016-12-22) Arcaden: Very good, especially for getting it to work on Vivaldi, but on Vivaldi it opens two pages when I press New Tab: one which is the new tab redirect I was hoping for, and one that is the default Vivaldi start page (this page redirects to the new new tab if I click on it). This could be because I'm using an old version of Vivaldi (I'm on Windows Vista) but I thought I'd point it out to you anyway. (2016-10-02) T Pfaff: Really like it, but only problem lies in the fact that if make a new window it falsely activates erasing my current screen and making it the new tab screen. (it makes the new tab screen on my current page rather than the new window I just made especially annoying if watching videos etc. (2016-07-18) Лёва Ковальчук: Единственное расширение Chrome, которое смогло ПОЧТИ заменить новую вкладку в Vivaldi. Почти - так как при этом не закрывается "родная" вкладка. Так две страницы сразу и создаются - "правильная" и "неправильная". Вот как бы исправить этот глюк? Знаю, что в последних версиях Vivaldi глюка уже нет. Но для пользователей Windows XP "корпорация добра", увы, перекрыла кислород. The only Chrome extension, which almost could replace a newtab page in the Vivaldi. "Almost" - because, unfortunatly, the "native" newtab page haven't been closed. So every time two new pages at once created - the "right" and "wrong." Any ideas for fixing this bug? -------------------- >Version 9.5 and up should now work better in Vivaldi. -------------------- As a matter of fact the same result with version 9.6. Vivaldi was uninstalled (with cleaning it traces in the registry) and reinstalled. Only this extension has been installed. All parameters - by the default. As a result two pages open at the same time again: native Vivaldi Speed Dial and Google page from this extension. Vivaldi version 1.0.435.46 - the first and also the last official Vivaldi version working in my Windows XP. ------------------------ >In version 1.0 there's a bug and I cannot close the start page. ------------------------ Thanks for your reply. I was afraid that the problem is just in Vivaldi. But even with this problem, your extension is very helpful. Thanks for your work. (2015-11-26) santosh jennarapu: at last found a way to customize home page and new tabs
Latest issues (2019-12-07, v:24.4) Pangi: Extension has stopped working after last Opera update
I have a problem in the latest version of Opera (65.0.3467.62). When I open a new tab, "Opera start page" is displayed and not the address I set.
(2019-10-17, v:23.9) MrJacquers: Localized Search
It would be nice to have a setting for using a localized search. E.g. I'm in South Africa, so I'd like to search google.co.za
(2019-10-17, v:23.9) MrJacquers: Dark Theme
It would be nice to have a dark mode / theme
(2019-10-17, v:23.9) MrJacquers: Setting to Remove Clock
It would be nice to have a setting to remove the clock
(2019-07-11, v:23.6) kkinney184: new computer
I bought a new computer and want to get all my custom tabs that I created loaded. How do I do that?
(2019-05-02, v:22.9) Alex Schlexxi: newtab.html
Hey! I found a problem with Opera (latest 60.0.3255.70): Every time I want to enter an extension-url ending with "newtab.html" the URL will be reset to default. For example: chrome-extension://gpdpldlbafdmhlmcdllcjgoigmpjonfc/newtab.html -> save -> chrome-extension://mjfahldkpjhcnfbbmdhpjolcjpcfhcpj/google.html Earlier versions worked perfectly. thx
(2018-04-23, v:18.6) Unwanted translation
I frequently use the shift+ctrl combination for selecting text but rarely I need it to be translated, so I always have to close the pop-up window. Please assign this function to a different combination of keys or put an option to disable the translation.
(2018-02-06, v:16.0) Robert Little: Affects format of Gmail and other sites
I'm running Chrome Version 64.0.3282.140 (Official Build) (64-bit). I love the extension but have found it completely hoses proper display of Gmail and other sites.
(2017-11-09, v:15.6) Gustavo Moraes: "file://" protocol support in v15.6
Since last update (15.6), HTML pages in "file://" protocol don't open anymore!
(2017-10-18, v:15.4) Google's Team: Comments Post Reply Form User for supports
(2017-10-18, v:15.4) Marija Jovic: New Tab Remove New Tab Start Page Pro
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