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Description from extension meta Eases the management of large installations of targets and projects in Octopus Deploy
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Description from store A small Chrome extension for Octopus Deploy to provide some additional functions to the user interface. Features * Dashboard project collapser * Environment collapser * Filter machines by role or name * Integrated library template into step template library view - natively supported in Octopus since 3.7.0 * Update step template usage across all projects - natively supported in Octopus since 3.7.0 * Clone step - natively supported in Octopus since 3.7.16 * Edit step as json (advanced) * View release deployment process * View resultant variable list - natively supported in Octopus since 3.4.0 * Dashboard project filter - Allows searching even when all projects are shown in newer Octopus versions. Updates 1.53.3 * Fix viewing release deployment process * Fix edit step as json in newer Octopus 1.53.2 * Dashboard project filter feature * Fix for environment filter and collapser showing on wrong pages due to change in header loading * Turn off update step template for Octopus 3.12.0 and up given it's native at that point 1.52.20 * Fixes to stay compatible with upcoming release of Octopus 3.8.5 1.52.19 * Fix disabling of some features incorrectly in prior versions of Octopus Deploy 1.52.18 * Auto disable integrated community template library for Octopus 3.7.0 as it is provided out of the box * Auto disable clone step for Octopus 3.7.16 as it is provided out of the box * Auto disable resultant variable list for Octopus 3.4.0 as it is provided out of the box 1.52.17 * Fixes for environment filter in 3.3+ 1.52.15 * Supports Octopus Deploy installations in virtual directories. 1.52.10 * Fix breaks integrating with Octopus Deploy 3.4 * Fix edit step as json showing up twice in menu * Show channel for release deployment process 1.51.15 * Fix problem with steps marked as 'Run on Octopus Server' not being updated properly. 1.51.12 * Improve overflow display of resultant variables view 1.51.1 * New feature: View resultant variable list * Add analytics for viewing release deployment process 1.5.4 * Fix Update All template usage with child steps 1.5.2 * Fix defect in machine status search * Fix options page reappearing when no options are changed * Add Octopus Deploy version to analytics 1.5.0 * Deployment process for older releases can now be viewed. High level steps only 1.4.0 * Steps can be edited as raw json (advanced) 1.3.5 * Fix for project groups that start with a digit on dashboard * Clone step now works with child steps
Latest reviews (2018-03-06) Asim Suvedi: Thanks a lot, I've been waiting for this for years ! Very happy ! (2017-05-11) Amjad Khoja: Chrome extension is failing to show the deployment process with new version of Octopus server 3.13.2 (2017-04-24) Ming Teoh: happy with it. helped so much with bulk update to step! Thank you! (2017-04-14) Mats Iremark: Most things in it work. (2016-09-20) Marcus Felling: Loved it until it broke in Octopus 3.4 :-( (2016-07-16) Shyam Hathaliya: Very nice and time saving tool (2016-01-25) Michael Denny: Great tools for the vnext features :) (2015-03-27) Will Ryan: Well made. Does what it says (2015-03-26) Tom Anderson: This really helped us navigate through our 1k+ machines, thanks a TON for this!!!!

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