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Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot.

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Social Media Bot auto clicker growbot for Twitter,TikTok & 9 more sites. Automatic likes,comment likes,follows,retweets & reposts.

Image from store Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot.
Description from store Social Media Bot is an automatic growbot for social media sites such as Twitter, TikTok, Medium & many other social sites. Boost your social media presence & save your time with automated likes, comment likes, follows / unfollows, retweets & reposts. A full list of supported social media sites is listed on our page https://www.pelock.com/products/social-media-bot Social Media Bot comes with a built-in TikTok & Gab video downloader. Video tutorials at: https://www.pelock.com/products/social-media-bot/tutorials People are often asking how to gain more followers, and some want it for personal reasons, some need it for work, surely you wondered how to do it yourself. Social Media Bot is the answer! By automatically and mass liking other users' posts, selected #hashtags, and by automatically following other users' fans, you will quickly attract a group of your new followers. It's in human nature; you are clicking likes for others; they will do it for you too. Social Media Bot is a browser extension (otherwise known as a plug-in) that automates your typical social media activities. All of the operations are performed directly from your computer and from your IP address as if you were doing it yourself. This way, you can rest assured that your account will not be blocked. How does it work? Social Media Bot will do what you do only faster. Instead of sitting for hours and clicking likes, the bot will click it for you, on your dashboard or for posts from selected hashtags. It will also allow you to automate following fans of selected users. Automatic Mouse clicks By mimicking human activity such as clicking likes, scrolling the page, and making short delays, it will allow you to grow your followers base quickly. TikTok & Gab video downloader Social Media Bot has additional functionality that allows you to download any video from TikTok & Gab. After installing our browser extension, you will see a small download icon next to each video on the supported sites. How to download videos from TikTok or Gab? Just click on the download icon. Click on it to save previously unavailable photos and videos to your computer. This solution is simple and handy. Changes: v1.8.1 - 02.12.2023 - Added following/unfollowing users from the TikTok's profile followers/followings lists v1.8.0 - 08.11.2023 - As per popular request, support for Cookie Clicker game was added - Changed the way elements on webpages are clicked, simulating cursor over item, mouse button down, mouse button up & click events to avoid anti-spam systems - Improved the widget colors when the bot is used in dark mode themes - Fixed following people from the Verified Followers tab on Twitter - Fixed the delay times for Upvotes & Downvotes for Minds platform (now it's taken from the Like time delay settings) - Fixed liking & re-truthing on Truth Social - Fixed all functions of the bot when used in Group tab on Truth Social - Fixed liking & reposting on Gettr v1.7.9 - 09.09.2023 - Fixed following on TikTok - Fixed clapping on Medium v1.7.8 - 09.08.2023 - Fixed following on TikTok v1.7.7 - 23.06.2023 - Fixed liking & following on TikTok - Resubmitted Firefox add-on with new security bugfixes v1.7.6 - 30.04.2023 - Added support for Minds platform (mass upvotes & downvotes, reminds, comments likes, follows & unfollows) - Fixed the following of users in the SoundCloud search list - Fixed a bug stopping the bot in the Firefox browser on Gab v1.7.5 - 02.02.2023 - Added support for Tribel platform (mass likes, comments likes, follows & unfollows) - Added an option to enable only those users with a profile description to be followed on Medium - Added support for 5 new Medium platform based sites - towardsdatascience.com, uxplanet.org, writingcooperative.com, entrepreneurshandbook.co, betterprogramming.pub - Fixed following & unfollowing users on TikTok in dark mode v1.7.4 - 16.12.2022 - Fixed following & unfollowing users on TikTok - Fixed following on Medium from user.medium.com/followers & user.medium.com/following links - Fixed following on Medium from medium.com/@user/followers & medium.com/@user/following links - Added following publications on Medium from medium.com/publication link format - Fixed following & unfollowing users on Gettr v1.7.3 - 06.10.2022 - A major bug in scheduler/infnite cycle mode fixed in Firefox extension version - Added auto clap function for the Medium articles, you can add up to 50 claps for each article with a single click in the bot panel v1.7.2 - 29.09.2022 - Added support for Medium platform (mass follows & unfollows) - tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCGTcbLG2NA v1.7.1 - 23.09.2022 - Added support for Truth Social platform (likes, reposts & following users, comments likes & reposts) - Added following & unfollowing users on Twitter from Liked and Retweeted lists (thanks Benjamin S. for suggestion) - New videos in our Tutorials section - Support for dark themed TikTok (while using Dark theme for TikTok extension) - Video downloader for Gab - Video downloading is now disabled by default in the free version - Fixed liking & following users on TikTok in standalone viewer mode - Fixed following & unfollowing users on Gettr - Fixed liking & reposting on Soundcloud - Improved video downloading for TikTok v1.7.0 - 03.07.2022 - Added support for Gab platform (likes, reposts & following users) - Added a new feature to generate virtual mouse movements while the bot is pausing (between the clicking) to mimic the behavior of a real person activity on the site. This will make it even more difficult for anti-spam mechanisms to detect the bot. - Added a new option to generate random range of additional clicks for each session to make the actions even more human-like - Added repost & unrepost actions for Soundcloud platform - Added a new feature to leave and remove likes for comments on TikTok - Fixed the following of users who follow us back on Twitter - Fixed the unfollowing of users who does not follow us back on Twitter - Fixed leaving likes for TikTok - Fixed infinite/scheduler click mode for TikTok v1.6.9 - 06.03.2022 - Added a counter for the total number of performed actions to the main widget in infinite click mode - Added a configurable limit on the maximum number of actions performed in infinite click mode, after which the work will be stopped - Fixed a runtime bug when the experimental timer is set without animation v1.6.8 - 27.02.2022 - Fixed a race condition bug with the bot running in the background (or minimized) tab in infinite click mode v1.6.7 - 26.02.2022 - Fixed a bug with the bot running in the background (or minimized) tab in infinite click mode v1.6.6 - 21.02.2022 - Skip following of people who have blocked us (all supported platforms) - Fixed a bug in experimental timers that could lead to page crashing v1.6.5 - 14.02.2022 - Add support to follow only those who follows you on Twitter and Gettr - Fixed unliking on TikTok - Fixed another condition race bug in infinite/scheduler mode action v1.6.4 - 10.02.2022 - Fixed condition race bug in infinite/scheduler mode action v1.6.3 - 06.02.2022 - Added feature to remove followed people who are not following you back on Twitter - Added feature to remove followed people who are not following you back on Gettr v1.6.2 - 02.02.2022 - Added initial support for Sina Weibo 新浪微博 platform. For now, only likes, unlikes and reposts, due to limited access to the platform. If you are able to provide access to the platform to add all the features for someone outside of China, I am offering a free software license. - Fixed leaving likes and reposts on the updated Gettr site - Added support for the URL https:/www.gettr.com in addition to the already supported scheme without the WWW prefix https://gettr.com - After installation of the bot, a page with examples of use and good practices for protection against anti-spam mechanisms opens automatically - When the bot is updated, the version history page opens automatically - Most frequently asked questions FAQ page updated with the description of Error code: STATUS_BREAKPOINT error (low RAM memory) - Lowered the default click count to 25 because some people thought it's a good thing to leave 100000000 likes/follows per day. Use the bot wisely, use the infinite cycle mode with custom breaks to avoid anti-spam mechanisms. v1.6.1 - 13.01.2022 - Added support for Gettr platform (likes, reposts & following users) - Added support to leave likes & follow users from TikTok's search results - Fixed leaving likes on upgraded TikTok site - Fixed following & unfollowing users on TikTok - Downloading videos from TikTok has been fixed - Fixed ignoring of promoted tweets for Twitter likes action (thnx Tomasz!) v1.6.0 - 27.12.2020 - Added a simple task scheduler to run the bot session in an infinite cycle with defined pauses (hours, minutes, days) and an optional page reload on the next session to upload new entries - Downloading videos from TikTok has been fixed - Redesigned options panel - Button to stop the current session moved from the main control panel to the window with the current counter v1.5.1 - 09.04.2021 - Added support for an updated websites (likes in hashtags) v1.5.0 - 07.03.2021 - Added auto retweet & undo retweets feature for Twitter - Add option to ignore promoted tweets for auto likes & retweets v1.4.2 - 11.02.2021 - Added option to disable the progress bar animation, to improve bot performance while the computer is locked or the screensaver is activated. - Fixed following & unfollowing users on Twitter in search results v1.4.1 - 29.01.2021 - Fixed following & unfollowing users on webites v1.4.0 - 29.01.2021 - Added support for TikTok (following & liking) - Added support for downloading TikTok's videos - Added following users function via #hashtag pages for TikTok - Added an option to mute the TikTok tab while the bot is running and restore the tab sound when the job is finished - Added a progress bar that shows how much time is left before the next bot action - Added support for following Twitter lists' members & subscribers - Improved performance in background tabs and windows by using experimental countdown methods (can be disabled) - Improved detection whether the selected action can be executed on an open page v1.3.1 - 13.01.2021 - Fixed the use of user-defined timeouts to like posts using #hashtags on websites v1.3.0 - 27.12.2020 - Fixed downloading videos & photos from websites v1.2.9 - 29.07.2020 - Added support for an updated websites v1.2.8 - 14.07.2020 - Added support for an updated websites - Numerical options fields now accept only numerical values v1.2.7 - 08.07.2020 - Added support for an updated websites v1.2.5 - 06.05.2020 - Updated all internal libraries to the latest versions - Additional Opera browser add-on has been released v1.2.4 - 31.03.2020 - Compatibility release for Firefox only v1.2.3 - 17.01.2020 - Added support for an updated websites v1.2.2 - 13.01.2020 - Fixed following users on websites when skipping following a random number of people option was enabled v1.2.1 - 08.01.2020 - Fixed opening of the first hashtag entry on websites - Fixed clicking on entries on the hashtags v1.2.0 - 01.01.2020 - Add support for the SoundCloud site - Fixed configuration saving for Firefox browser v1.1.2 - 21.12.2019 - Fixed UI bugs v1.1.1 - 21.12.2019 - Added option to skip a few random number of posts each time you leave a like (more human-like behaviour) - Added option to skip a few random number of people each time you follow someone (more human-like behaviour) v1.1.0 - 07.08.2019 - More fixes to the unfollowing actions on Twitter v1.0.9 - 07.08.2019 - Fixed unfollowing users on Twitter (support for the confirmation dialog) v1.0.8 - 30.04.2019 - Add support for the new Twitter interface based on React - Added additional settings to set delay time for following users v1.0.7 - 10.04.2019 - Fixed unfollowing users on Twitter v1.0.6 - 23.03.2019 - Fixed likes on websites v1.0.5 - 06.03.2019 - Fixed following users on websites v1.0.4 - 03.03.2019 - Fixed 'undefined' bugs when clicking on the buttons - First Firefox compatible version v1.0.3 - 01.03.2019 - Fixed Social Media Bot scripts loading in some rare cases v1.0.2 - 18.02.2019 - Fixed following users on websites v1.0.1 - 11.02.2019 - Connectivity fixes v1.0.0 - 10.02.2019 - First public release - Support for Twitter Free version limitations With the free version you can test our extension, but you need to keep in mind it has following limitations: - Max. likes / follows in session: 10 - Max. clicks per interval: 1 - Video downloading is disabled - No developer support Buy full version (Credit Card, PayPal or BitCoin) and remove the limitations. https://www.pelock.com/products/social-media-bot/buy Pricing starts from 19 USD per year - that is 1.6 USD per month! All trademarks, logos and brand names are the property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this extension are for identification purposes only.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-10-20) 黄宗昊: 非常完美的一款插件
  • (2023-10-05) ali raza: hi, if you want any type of autmation you can use UI. Vision i can create macro for you.
  • (2023-08-19) Juan Montoya: Navigating the world of social media can be a time-consuming challenge, but the Social Media Bot has entirely transformed my experience! Whether you're a novice hoping to boost your personal social media presence or a professional aiming to scale your outreach, this bot is a game-changer. Here's why: Universal Compatibility: The extension flawlessly integrates with an array of social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Medium, and many others. No more hopping between tools – it's all here. Authentic Interactions: I was skeptical initially, but the bot mimics human behavior so well that my interactions genuinely feel organic. No more worries about being perceived as a bot or getting flagged. Time Saver: Manual likes, follows, and retweets consume hours. This bot automates these tasks efficiently, granting me more time for content creation. Video Downloader: A surprising feature was the TikTok & Gab video downloader – an invaluable tool for content creators and social media managers alike. Intuitive Tutorials: For those less tech-savvy, the video tutorials are comprehensive and make the onboarding process a breeze. Safety First: Operating directly from my computer using my IP ensures my accounts remain uncompromised. It's refreshing to see a tool prioritize user safety. Regular Updates: Glancing at their version history, the team is committed to refinement and innovation. Regular updates indicate not just maintenance, but evolution, catering to the changing digital landscape. Support for Emerging Platforms: As the digital space evolves, new platforms emerge. It's evident that the bot is not static – they've incorporated platforms like Gettr and Truth Social, showing adaptability. User-Focused Features: The in-built video downloader and the function to prioritize users with profile descriptions on Medium show they're attuned to user preferences. Human-Like Behaviour: The feature to generate virtual mouse movements and the random range of clicks ensures activities seem human-like, evading anti-spam mechanisms. In an era where our digital footprint defines us, tools like the Social Media Bot are indispensable. If you've ever wondered how to elevate your online presence, wondered how to save hours on menial tasks, or just need a reliable tool for your business, the Social Media Bot is the answer. Since integrating it into my daily routine, I've seen not only an increase in my followers but also the quality of interactions. This bot is not just another tool; it's the future of smart, efficient, and ethical social media management. Highly recommended! 🚀👌👍🔥
  • (2023-08-07) Maritza Garces: La recomiendo 100/100. No es complejo su panel de control. Le daría 10 estrellas por su alta calidad
  • (2023-08-07) Claritza Mogollon: Es sencilla pero eso no le quita merito. Cumple con su trabajo.. No he tenido problemas con ella hasta el momento, habia olvidado dejar una reseña. Me gustó!
  • (2023-08-07) Pedro Naranjos: INCREIBLE... No sé quien hizo esto pero lo felicito, no sabe lo mucho que he estado buscando una app así.
  • (2023-08-07) Bruno Domínguez: La versión gratis me es útil, me ayuda bastante con mis redes. Me es cómoda y fácil de usar, tengo todo a la mano en la interfaz, creo que pagaré para obtener más beneficios. Me gusta y los apoyo, espero está extensión siga así
  • (2023-08-07) Gregori Solo: No tenía nada que hacer y la probe, y descubro que va de maravilla jaja. Pueden implementar otras opciones a la interfaz?
  • (2023-08-07) Vanessa Barrios: Va muy bien. Es una buena opción para mantener presencia
  • (2023-08-07) Lola Lopez: La herramienta hace su trabajo y es muy útil. La usaré más seguido para ver que tanto provecho le puedo sacar
  • (2023-08-07) yubraska fudon: 10/10 Sin quejas hasta el momento
  • (2023-08-07) Joseph lopez: La extensión la probé todo el día, sin para y me dio muy buenos resultados
  • (2023-08-07) Wilmer Querales: Se adapta muy bien a mis preferencias y me brinda lo que necesito
  • (2023-08-07) María Moncada: La recomiendo, a mi me gusto mucho y me sirve para mis redes sociales favoritas
  • (2023-08-07) Daniel Vergara: Pero que buena extensión, su interfaz se me hace muy fácil de usar por eso dejo 5 estrellas
  • (2023-08-07) Alana Rojas: 10/10 Esta muy buena la extensión, pueden implementar opciones para instagram? Eso estaría genial!!
  • (2023-08-07) Daniel Mendoza: I loved it, creo que se volverá mi favorita. Tiene lo que quiero, muchas gracias
  • (2023-08-07) Carlos Valdés: Tiene todas las funciones que necesito, espero traigan más próximamente
  • (2023-08-07) Samuel Marquez: Llevo ya 3 días con esta extensión y va muy bien, me agrada
  • (2023-08-07) Manuel Perez: Que buena aplicación, me va súper bien en twitter. No he probado en otras app pero lo haré.
  • (2023-08-07) Danna Restrepo: Me encanta la cantidad de funciones que ofrece
  • (2023-08-06) Maria Jiménez: Al fin encontré una de estás extensiones que funciona, repito funcionaa muy bien
  • (2023-08-06) Ximena Yepez: La mejor que he probado hasta el momento, le van a agregar más opciones? Espero que si, esta muy buena.
  • (2023-08-06) Carla Patricia: Nada mal, la seguiré usando para ver que resultado obtengo
  • (2023-08-06) Sandro Lopez: EXCELENTE! Me gusta, la recomiendo
  • (2023-08-06) Osmel Rodriguez: Muy buena, apenas la descubrí hoy y va espectacular. 10/10
  • (2023-08-06) Yasmín Arroyo: Muy buena extensión, hace su trabajo sin problemas hasta ahora. Llevo una semana usandola
  • (2023-08-06) Maria Torres: Que buena está, la verdad me gusto. La mejor que use hasta ahora. No la quiten por favor
  • (2023-08-04) Alejandro Astudillo: It's just incredible. With just a few clicks, I was able to significantly increase my presence on both platforms. I was able to use the repost feature to share other users' posts, allowing me to engage in relevant conversations and connect with a broader audience. Also, the liking comment feature allowed me to interact with other users in a quick and easy way. I also appreciated that I was able to follow and unfollow people without having to go through all those steps manually. Overall this tool has proven to be a great way to boost my visibility and has saved me a lot of time and effort.
  • (2023-08-04) José Arroyo: It has been a real lifesaver for my social media strategy. It allows me to save time by automating actions like liking and unfollowing inactive users. Also, the auto-retweet feature helps me share valuable content with my audience, without having to do it manually. I would definitely recommend her to other social media professionals!
  • (2023-08-04) Andrea Galviz: I can't believe how easy it is with this app to stay present on social media. I can download my favorite videos from TikTok and also give likes on Twitter to interact with my community. It is a very complete tool and has helped me increase my visibility online
  • (2023-08-04) Juan Perez: Thanks to this bot, I don't have to worry about disappearing from social media. Its smart scheduling allows me to be present consistently, which has improved my visibility and brought more followers to my profiles.
  • (2023-08-04) Adriana Alvarez: I simplify my social media management. With its ability to automate tasks like scheduling posts and engaging with followers, it was able to save time and effort. It is an application for busy people who want to maintain their presence on social networks
  • (2023-08-04) Andrés Suarez: Ha sido una verdadera salvación para mi negocio en redes sociales. Su capacidad para automatizar tareas, aprender y proporcionar estadísticas detalladas ha mejorado enormemente mi estrategia y rendimiento en las redes. ¡Altamente recomendado!
  • (2023-08-04) pedro andueza: One of the most prominent features of this app is its ability to analyze and understand my preferences and likes. As I've used it, it has learned what kind of content I'm interested in and has generated likes consistent with my interests, making my social media experience more personalized and relevant. I loved it
  • (2023-08-04) jose oliveros: Is an amazing tool that has significantly helped me in managing my social media accounts. It automates many of the time-consuming tasks, such as scheduling posts and engaging with followers, allowing me to focus on creating quality content. The bot's intuitive interface and advanced features make it incredibly easy to use and customize the bot's actions. I highly recommend
  • (2023-08-04) Carlos Villareal: Estoy revisando la aplicación y me esta gustando por el momento, asi que dejo 5 estrellas.
  • (2023-08-04) Carla: todo funciona correctamente, pero lo que mas me gusto fue su interfaz, muestra todas las opciones tan sencillamente y aparte tiene un panel extenso para modificar las opciones a placer, fascinante
  • (2023-08-04) Marie Lupp: Llevo días usándola y debo decir que me ha dado muy buenos resultados. Use la opción para seguir automáticamente y en un instante ya estaba haciendo su trabajo. Me encanta 100/100
  • (2023-08-04) Joan: me animare a descargarla, si es recomendable?
  • (2023-08-04) Luis Emilio Perdomo: La aplicación esta muy bien, me gusta las multiples opciones que tiene y la gran variedad de redes sociales en las que puedes usarla. Pero lo que me ha encantado es que puedes descargar videos de tiktok, eso me encanta. Me hubiera gustado haber descubierto esto antes. 10/10 un aplauso al creador
  • (2023-08-04) Hugo: does it work for linkedin?
  • (2023-08-04) Joselin: I was recommended this extension to help me grow, can someone help me how to use it in soundcloud?
  • (2023-08-04) Malia: use la opción de seguir y automáticamente empieza a seguir, solo permite 10 por cierto tiempo, pero estoy satisfecha, creo que es un producto que cumple lo que promete, aun no he probado otras opciones pero por los momentos si cumple lo que promete
  • (2023-08-04) Jenny Rivera: The application is very good, I like it, it is easy to use and it is available for my favorite networks. I like it too much
  • (2023-08-04) Maik: I just tried the option to download videos on Tiktok and it's super cool
  • (2023-08-04) Scott: me gusto porque puedo descargar videos de tiktok en google 10/10
  • (2023-08-04) joseangel: me gusta, hace todo por mi y me facilita el trabajo
  • (2023-08-04) Manuel Fuentes: This application was recommended to me and I am surprised by the results I am getting, I leave you 5 stars, I really like that you can download videos
  • (2023-08-04) Maria Victoria Araujo: The extension is easy to use, it is working very well for me. I totally recommend it

Latest issues

  • (2023-09-08, v:1.7.8) Synadix Office: Doesn't work
    Doesn't work. Website is down, extension is down. Why?
  • (2023-06-29, v:1.7.7) randy nguyen: Following not working
    It shows that its following people but only on the screen. When I click in the profile, doesn't show any people that was followed.
  • (2023-06-09, v:1.7.6) David Morrison: personal license
    what does that entail? does it mean it is tied to one chrome account or tied to one social media account?
  • (2023-04-11, v:1.7.5) SALES 1: Why is your server down?
    Why is your server down? Will you go back online?
  • (2022-09-29, v:1.6.9) bimi projectors: Not working
    Dear, I have installed the bot right now. However, there seems to be a problem with the following section. I can start the following traject, but it seems not to follow anyone. The bot has difficulty fulfilling the job, and he can not Finnish the following loading bar. Do I have to change some settings or pay for the subscription? Since I would only like to do that when I see it works. I hope we can work it out since my friend has the same problem with his laptop.
  • (2022-09-29, v:1.6.9) Owen Jones: instagram support
    this is the best engagement bot I have ever found. I am using it for twitter and it works great :) which is why I am curious why there is no support for Instagram? That seems like a perfect platform for it as it has less restrictions than twitter
  • (2022-09-29, v:1.6.9) Derek Bondo: Twitter account suspended
    My team and I were using this bot on the default settings and we received a notice after the first day of use that the account had been "permanently suspended". We have submitted an appeal but have yet to hear back. From your experience, what can we do here? Thanks in advance. - Derek
  • (2022-09-29, v:1.6.9) cameron katal: Twitter unfollow non followers
    For some reason when I try to unfollow users that follow me it unfollows everyone. Not too sure if anyone else had this problem, if your recommend anyway to fix it please let me know.
  • (2022-09-29, v:1.6.9) iku iku: why the bot is broken
    Pelock.com Status Is pelock.com down right now? It's not just you! pelock.com is down.
  • (2022-09-29, v:1.7.0) sdfew yu: The site at gettr.com is not working now for a long time, when will it be fixed?
    The site at gettr.com is not working now for a long time, when will it be fixed?
  • (2022-03-10, v:1.6.9) bimi projectors: Not working
    Dear, I have installed the bot right now. However, there seems to be a problem with the following section. I can start the following traject, but it seems not to follow anyone. The bot has difficulty fulfilling the job, and he can not Finnish the following loading bar. Do I have to change some settings or pay for the subscription? Since I would only like to do that when I see it works. I hope we can work it out since my friend has the same problem with his laptop.
  • (2022-03-10, v:1.6.9) bimi projectors: Bot does not work
    Dear, I have installed the bot right now. However, there seems to be a problem with the following section. I can start the following traject, but it seems not to follow anyone. The bot has difficulty fulfilling the job, and he can not Finnish the following loading bar. Do I have to change some settings or pay for the subscription? Since I would only like to do that when I see it works. I hope we can work it out since my friend has the same problem with his laptop.
  • (2021-10-09, v:1.6.0) slayer Dan: fix issues
    seems people arent happy , if they were happy would of installed
  • (2021-08-19, v:1.6.0) Giwrgos Zaxarias: instagram
    dont work instagram
  • (2021-08-19, v:1.6.0) Giwrgos Zaxarias: instagram
    hi dont work instagram
  • (2021-03-23, v:1.5.0) THs Capudo: Como q instala esse programa
    Não consigo usa nn da para baxa
  • (2021-01-25, v:1.3.1) musty frank: app
    it says i need a key to activate it, how do i get a key
  • (2020-12-08, v:1.2.9) Adrian Conner: How do you use Auto Follow?
    Need help with auto follow.. Thanks
  • (2020-10-21, v:1.2.9) NWP S: follow wont work
    Hello i did buy the full version but the follow/unfollow options dont seem to work .... How can u fix that ?
  • (2020-06-28, v:1.2.6) Southern AF Clothing: Dont unfollow feature
    Cant seem to get the Instagram Dont Unfollow function to work properly. Im putting names down like this @username. What am i doing wrong? What is nickname only mean?
  • (2019-06-06, v:1.0.8) Jacky Hoo: Different task
    Hi, can I set different task for IG and Twitter? Such as, set follow for IG, and set Like for Twitter, also can it work for both at the same time?


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