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Automatically check the sustainability of a website with The Green Web add-on.

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Description from store With the Green Web add-on, you can see the (or not so green) status of a website at glance. Is the site running on green power? Hurray! Smiley face! Is the site is still running on grey power, from fossil fuels? Boo! You'll see a sad face. Why not ask them to switch? But wait! There's more! If you search with Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ecosia, your search results will be automatically checked. Green links get smiley faces in the results. If you're on a page with links to external sites, you can see if it the external site is hosted green too. Links to green sites have a checked green underline on them. If you find a bug or have information on sites that should be green or grey and are not, please contact us by e-mail ay . For some country domains we don't have enough data yet to say anything usefull at the moment. If you can help us with any information regarding green hosting companies, please contact us. You can find more information on http://www.thegreenwebfoundation.org If you want to help, check out the github page here: https://github.com/thegreenwebfoundation/web-extension Release notes: 2.1.3 | 28 Nov 2019 - Fix search mod for google - Load yahoo search mod on localized yahoo sites 2.1.2 | 8th Mar 2019 2.1.1 | 17 Nov 2017 - Fix search engine mods - Upgrade internals to support Firefox Quantum 2.0.2 | 29 Apr 2017 - Fix ecosia search engine page mod 1.7.5 | 2 Oct 2014 - Fix titles - Code cleanup 1.7.4 | 7 Aug 2014 - Don't underlign links to the same domain when all links is on - Fix bing search page - Update jquery to 2.1.1 1.7.3 | 22 October 2013 - Don't do lookups on 'localhost' pages - Update jquery to 2.0.3 1.7.1 | 28 June 2013 - Only do a external links lookup on pages with < 100 links, otherwise the browser get's too slow - Split api requests into 50 lookups per request - Optimized api requests to half the size - Don't include querystrings in urls 1.6.0 | 06 May 2013 - Fixed google search due to a change in the google page layout - Don't do a lookup for local files opened with file:// in the addressbar - Use event pages for faster usage and less memory - Changed listeners to use webNavigation API so results in earlier greencheck icon in browserbar while page is still loading 1.5.0 | 21 April 2013 - Add all links feature to https pages - Faster and more reliable by using new chrome api's and jquery 2.0 - Some small bugfixes and tweaks 1.4.1 | 10 December 2012 - Added a tooltip to the "all links" feature, so you can see the details of the check. It's also possible to click through for more information on the Green Web Foundation website. - Added tooltips to greencheck results on the Ecosia, Bing and Yahoo Search engines 1.3.0 | 14 November 2012 - Added "all links" check for greenness, all external links on a page will be underlined with a green border if they link to a green hosted website - Added option to options page to disable the "all links" check 1.2.0 | 24 September 2012 - Added an options page: It's now possible to disable the search feature on the option page 1.1.3 | 20 September 2012 - Fix permission errors while installing - Updated to faster api for site lookups - Chrome manifest update 1.1.0 | 07 March 2012 - Now works on google search pages on a secure connection (https) - Simplified needed permissions 1.0.4 | 02 March 2012 - Supports Ecosia.org search engine 1.0.2 | 16 January 2012 - Fix to correctly check urls with port numbers - Works correctly with AVG Safe Search 1.0.1 | 10-10-2011 - Fix for new google search page layout 1.0.0 | 15-09-2011 First stable version

Latest reviews

  • (2019-08-23) AngieMel Ruiz: There's no information on the criteria on which it draws its conclusion. Read Nichol Brummer's review, I completely agree with it. We don't know if it's even neutral or something, google and facebook green but not ecosia search? Right... Also, you only have "green" sites, but no way of knowing if a certain site is gray because they have no data on it or because it's actually "not green". Meh. No way of knowing if this thing is accurate.
  • (2019-07-27) CEZE- walayou: l'ecologie est très importante
  • (2019-06-30) Alexandr Holický: If you want to have a green smiley, your host must be registered in their own database: https://www.thegreenwebfoundation.org/directory/
  • (2019-03-22) Einsteinium: Try to only use the websites that are hosted green. I had the idea to make such an extension myself but discovered it already existed! I've also done a bit research on what websites are hosted green but I don't understand why for example Facebook is hosted green. Yes, they're building all their new servers with renewable energy but seeing online they will be fully renewable around 2021 which is awesome. Does this extension look to what servers it's connected to see if that specific server is hosted green, when is a website hosted green to you?
  • (2016-11-11) Internet Explorer: Этот ужасный ,глупый значок.. ну да ладно уже.. не в этом суть.. а суть в том ,что очень часто этот плагин "улыбается" на сайтах ,часто распространяющих вредоносное ПО,а в остальном ,значок везде"недоволен",пользы от этого плагина практически никакой и единицу я не поставил только потому ,что замысел не плохой и нужный,но в остальном ещё очень и очень далеко.. удаляю конечно же..
  • (2016-02-27) Nichol Brummer: I love the idea of showing which links point to a 'green' site. But I'm not at all satisfied that thegreenwebfoundation.org does not really define what is meant by 'green'. What are the criteria? Is it enough to simply 'compensate' CO2 emissions by buying e.g. completely underpriced EU ETS allowances? Furthermore, I'm not even convinced that is fair, or that it even makes much sense to only classify sites as 'green' or 'grey', without any possibilities inbetween. Any proper classification should incorporate enough detail to classify sites on a scale from 0 to 10, or 0 to 100. But this quickly gets complicated. For example: a site with simple html pages without much graphics and video could simply run with fewer servers and need less energy. So I'm installing this to enjoy the cool effects in my browser. But for now I'm assigning it just 1 star, because I really don't know how much I can trust this information.
  • (2012-03-21) Sicco van Sas: Great add-on! It is now easy to see if certain green-related sites walk the talk and gives a little bit more credit to the sites that took the effort to be green.

Latest issues

  • (2019-06-15, v:2.1.2) anon anon: External links not being tested/marked as green
    When I search something or am on a site that links to a green hosted site it doesn't show these links underlined green. (The button in the chrome bar is working as advertised.) Add-on version: 2.1.2 Chrome version: google-chrome-stable 74.0.3729.169-1 amd64 (Linux)


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