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Tag all instances of web apps you're developing so you never end up messing with the wrong one.

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Description from store Are you a web developer? Familiar with working on a large number of projects simultaneously? Surely, you are using versioning to make your life easy in terms of collaboration and deployment, but what about viewing different instances of the same app in your browser… have you ever changed something in the production instead in your local app instance? Ever messed up badly? This convenient extension enables you to register an unlimited number of web applications you’re developing and define different instances with URLs for each one. You can register three different types of web app instances: * Local - most developers use something like "localhost/path-to-app" or define their own paths and create virtual hosts, e.g. “the-app.development.com" * Staging - although most web app development processes support deploying directly to a production server, a lot of them define a staging server that is used for testing and showcasing development changes * Production - this is the live application Once you registered your apps you will see a recognizable letter icon in the URL bar matching the instance type of the page you are currently browsing (L icon for local, S for staging and P for production). You will be able to click on it to see details about the specific app. You are developing on different machines? No problem, your data is synced between browsers when you sign to Chrome with your Google account! What about permissions? 1. Tabs The extension requires access to your tabs to check if you are viewing one of your registered web applications and to provide the icon with information in the URL bar for that particular tab. 2. Storage Local storage is used to store information about web apps and instances you’re using. The data is synced across browsers if you are signed in with your Google account.

Latest reviews

  • (2015-10-15) Süleyman Karagöz: Just what i need but i missed some things for me. 1. An instance for development server is missing. 2. A notification is nice but an colorized indicator would be better for each of the instances. Thans for this usefull tool.
  • (2015-07-28) This is a very good and useful app. Simply put at your fingertips. Thank You!
  • (2014-10-09) Miloš Milivojević: Extremely useful and intuitive, especially for projects with a lot of different version instances, made my life a lot easier, thanks.
  • (2014-07-08) Marina R.: Great solution, easy to use. Thanks
  • (2013-12-24) Stefan Jugovic: Very easy to use, kudos for the developer. Always had this problem, never thought of the solution. Ty

Latest issues

  • (2014-05-28, v:1.0) Vladimir Tisma: Placeholders for inputs in instance config
    First of all, I appreciate the effort. I wanted to do something similar myself many times. I'm very much aware that this is just a first version, but I'm really missing a couple of things. 1. Placeholder hints for instance and host names instead of text "An Instance" that is not very suggestive and also takes time to select and delete. 2. Ability to jump to the same page in another instance. I'd be happy to help should you ever decide to make it open source.
  • (2013-12-24, v:1.0) Aleksandar Zajic: Hover over letter in URL bar
    When I hover over letter icon in URL bar it says: ProjectName: undefined (and I have specified name and link for project)


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