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Description from store Our Chrome Extension takes Mailfixer wherever you write. Have professional editors copyedit your non-native English on-demand and in real time within your Chrome browser on documents, social media, Gmail and more. Mailfixer is a real time, human, copyediting service created to help non-native English speakers communicate more efficiently and effectively. We edit everything you write, considering the context and background, and with an emphasis on very fast turnaround. Our community of Mailfixers dedicate themselves to providing you with extremely quick, quality editing, which easily integrates into your workflow. Mailfixer was born out of the realization that communicating in written English can be challenging even for proficient ESL/EFL speakers. We saw the need for efficient and accessible help to better communicate and engage, as well as to level the playing field for anyone who uses English. English is a global language and many communications take place between ESL/EFL speakers as well as with native English speakers. Unlike any other editing service, Mailfixer emphasizes communicating with and engaging the reader. Each text undertakes a two-stage process - 'fix' and 'check', which receives review by two editors. The Fixer undertakes a substantive edit of the text using our "human" tools: audience engagement, localization, flow, content enhancement where necessary for context, and precision. The Checker undertakes a final check for minor syntax errors to ensure that the text you receive has native-level grammar, punctuation, word choice, coherent logical structure, and ultimately has improved readability and engagement. Mailfixer is extremely easy to use: - Go to our homepage and enter your text or upload your file. Alternatively, send your text to [email protected] or download our Chrome Extension and simply right-click the text you want fixed, anywhere on the web. - Receive an automatic word count and price quote. - Click on the "Start Fixing" button. Feel free to add the email thread or context to give your Mailfixer some background information for creating a more appropriate tone. - For registered users, wait to receive your "Mailfixed" text in your inbox or on your Mailfixer dashboard. - If it's your first Mailfix, you'll need to sign up just once. - Complete the required fields. - If you're a freelancer or have a registered company or organization, register as a business by completing the required fields so that this information may be printed on your invoices. If you are a company, you can also add users to your company account. - Select your pricing plan – pay as you go or subscription. Complete your credit card details. - You'll receive an email with an estimated time of completion. - After clicking on "Start Fixing", a "fix" notification is immediately sent out to our global community of Mailfixers. - The fix is picked up within 5 minutes. It is copy edited and then sent back into the system releasing a "check" notification to our Mailfixers. - The check is picked up within 5 minutes and proofread. - Your Mailfixed text is returned to your inbox and your dashboard in minutes. During the Mailfixing process, your Mailfixer can contact you via our email instant messaging system. If the Mailfixer has any queries about your text, you'll be notified by email and should answer as soon as possible. In addition, you can leave a note for the Mailfixer before the fix begins in the email thread/context field. If you desire a change to your text or are unhappy with its outcome, you may contact [email protected] to request a change or a 'refix'. Mailfixer offers offer 24x7 services. As we have scores of Mailfixers in every time zone, we Mailfix anytime, any day. Mailfixer's turnaround time is approximately 15 words per minute. This can vary depending on the original text quality; nearly all jobs are returned within the estimated delivery time; many even sooner. Mailfixer focuses on English digital communications such as emails, posts, blogs, online profiles, web copy, online product listings and more. However, we also edit remarks, briefings, one-pagers, business plans, presentations, you name it. We support common document formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Our customers are businesses both large and small, across numerous sectors, but also many individuals and professionals use our services. Mailfixer is for anyone who needs to communicate in English and requires a quality and lightning-fast edit, which can be integrated into one's workflow. Companies/Organizations You can add as many additional users to your company account as you want. New users will have the same access to your company account, though as an administrator you invite the individual users, and keep track of all users' billings: - Go to Update Profile on the menu bar. - Register as a business and complete the required fields: company name, address and number. - Save Profile. - Then automatically enter your dashboard, and click on Users. - Enter the user's email address and press the Invite User button. An invitation will immediately be sent out to invite both registered and non-registered users to the company account. - You can monitor the status of your users on your dashboard. Mailfixer has some clear advantages over working directly with freelancers: - We are an on-demand service. A Mailfixer has 5 minutes to pick up the text once it has been submitted, ensuring rapid service. - Our community of hundreds of tested and trained native-speaking-English editors will provide high-quality editing of any piece of written English text, on demand. - All of our Mailfixers pass a quality certification process, undertake a dedicated training seminar and receive weekly refresher updates. - We provide a two-stage review process to ensure that nothing is missed in the edit. - We check Mailfixer quality after each and every fix, so we only have high-quality Mailfixers. - We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not pleased with the results, our Quality Control Team will check the matter ASAP and, if needed, we will redo the fix at no extra cost, or fully refund your money. - Our prices are very competitive, at a maximum of $0.04 per word, based on the original text submitted. Payment The cost price starts at $0.03 per word for up to 15% of changes to the text and gradually increases to $0.04 per word at 50% of changes to the text. There is an additional Stripe processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30. The price is based on the number of words in the original text/document. We always suggest starting Mailfixer using the pay-as-you-go scheme. After you discover the remarkable performance of Mailfixer, we advise that you consider one of our many monthly subscriptions to save up to 25% off your Mailfix, as well as the processing fee. Monthly Subscriptions offered (prices in USD): $30 for 1,000 words per month $55 for 2,000 words per month $100 for 4,000 words per month $150 for 6,000 words per month $200 for 8,000 words per month If the subscriptions on offer do not meet your needs, contact [email protected] to receive a tailored subscription for your needs. Your words are valid until the end of the subscription date i.e. a month after the date you purchased your monthly subscription. All subscriptions can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. The number of remaining words in your monthly subscription s represented underneath the composer where you submit text inside your dashboard. We will also send you an email when you have only 20% of words remaining in your account. To select the right subscription, you should consider the following: - your daily/weekly/monthly output of content including correspondence - how much of that content needs to be perfect and engaging Once you establish your needs, select the appropriate subscription. You can always upgrade or downgrade your plan if your needs change. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. All payments are processed through Stripe Inc. and Mailfixer does not have access to your credit card information. If your credit card information has been updated since your last order, you will be prompted to update your details when reordering. Otherwise, click on Update Profile on the menu bar; you can update your credit card information in the credit card field. Receipts are delivered with every payment charged; i.e., after every fix in the pay-as-you-go scheme or when the subscription is charged monthly. Once you've registered as a company and added your name and company to your account, this information will be printed on your invoices. All prices listed are exclusive of VAT. We charge VAT for individuals and companies in Israel. For all other countries, VAT is zero-rated. Mailfixers Mailfixing is done by skilled professionals who have been individually tested and trained by Mailfixer. We only select the very best applicants, with a statistic of approximately 10%. Most of our Mailfixers are located in, or citizens of, the US, UK, and Australia, with many expats living in close cultural proximity to our client base. All Mailfixers are native English speakers. Privacy Non-disclosure is part of our privacy policy. If requested, we can have editors sign NDAs individually. All Mailfixers are individually checked and verified by Mailfixer. All data between your computer and Mailfixer is encrypted, and all Mailfixers work from a non-disclosure agreement. Our Mailfixers will treat your information as strictly confidential. All information and content on Mailfixer is kept confidential. Most of our Mailfixers are seasoned writers who have experience working with confidential materials of clients. If you need fast, high-quality editing of any correspondence, copy or content, at an affordable price, anytime, any day, Mailfixer is for you. Try our free 100-word fix on our homepage by simply typing in your message and creating a user name and password. For a longer trial, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll provide you with a relevant promotional code.

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  • (2018-04-25) Rachel Batish: This is awesome! This makes so much sense to have! Now I can simply write what I need and automatically send it to mailfixer!


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