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Brave Girl Ravens Memory Extender

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Extends Unity Player(WebGL) memory and features only for DMM and Niji game's Brave Girl Ravens

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Description from store Sorry for my English! [NOTICE] Out of Memory issue was officially fixed at Aug 1 2019, however unfortunately we are facing the same issue again. Please consider to use this extension when you see the issue. [DESCRIPTION] This is an "unofficial" Chrome extension for DMM and Niji game's browser game Brave Girl Ravens. This extension extends game memory size and some features to enjoy Brave Girl Ravens better. Firefox version is available https://addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/ブレガメモリかくちょン/ [FEATURE LIST] You can find detailed explanation for each feature in mouse-over tooltip in the extension option screen. Please refer it when you enable/use a feature. 0. Memory extender - change the memory usage of the game larger and smaller and you can watch it in real-time 1. Fullscreen - Change the game screen to fullscreen. Please refer the screen shots. 2. Cache - Disk and memory cache feature for better battle loading speed 3. Performance - some features to remove unnecessary behavior which make the game slow 4. Disable chat - suppress network traffic by disabled chat sending and receiving 5. Shortcut - shortcut keys for various game features on the home screen 6. Anti-alias - game screen rendering smoother for fullscreen 7. Voice cut disablement - all playing voices are not stopped if you click 8. Dialog background color - change dialog window color and transparency for various scenes 9. Automatic mode - Do something automatically in background instead of you. To use this, you need to enable "No buffer clear" from option and to click right mouse button on the fullscreen button, and then the button color should be toggled for following functionalities. (1) Soutou Sakusen(red) : automatically start battle for Soutou Sakuen (2) Login Bonus(yellow) : automatically click and get login bonuses 10. Game resolution scaling - scale up and down the game resolution by Alt key + mouse wheel up/down [FOR 32-BIT ENV USERS] As default setting this extension allocates 1792MB for Brave Girl Ravens, but it is impossible for Chrome 32-bit. Please reduce memory allocation size value to 1000MB via the extension option. [BUG REPORT AND YOUR OPINION] Please send e-mail or direct message to hifmac#4095 on Discord. [NOTICE] * This extension would be removed from Chrome Web Store if I receive any clams from the developer and/or the publisher of Brave Girl Ravens. Please backup this extension files by yourself if you want to continue to use this. * Please use this extension at your own risk. Because unexpected and/or undesirable behavior might be caused by the overwritten memory allocation and Unity settings. [TESTING ENVIRONMENT] * OS : Windows10 64bit * Memory : 32GB * GPU : nVidia GeForce RTX-2070 Super * Browser : Chrome 85.0.4183.83(Official Build)(64-bit)       Vivaldi 2.9.1705.41 (Stable channel) (32-bit) [UPDATE for v1.13.0] (1) support Brave Girl ravens provided by nijiyome.com (2) show game resolution scaling percentage when it changes (3) fixed the bug keep unused assets feature is malfunctional (4) improve image comparing method

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  • (2019-08-08) 키르슈브류테: PC판에서 언제부터인가 메모리 부족으로 부팅을 못시켜서 스마트폰으로 동작하고 있었는데 이걸 설치후 그부분이 보완되어 PC에서도 가동할수있게 되었습니다. 녹화같은 문제로 PC판 가동이 절실했는데 덕분에 한시름 놓았습니다. 제공해주신분께 정말 감사드립니다.^^


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