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Real-time scanning and blocking of harmful websites (e.g., porno) with AI

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Description from store New Update. 1. New blocking function added. If it is enlisted on the block-list, It will also be hidden from search results. (Please visit dokebicloud.com for more information) 2. Bug fixes and optimization. 3. It will scan animated gif files in real time. "Ah, I am really busy making a living. Do I even have to worry about this?" From now on, AI DOKEBI Agent will minimize complicated settings and operations for busy parents. We'll do it for you and your kids. 1. Our kids have become smarter! Our kids have become smarter! Even when using a VPN that neutralizes existing blocking programs, 'Dokebi' scans and blocks in real time. 2. Powerful three-factor inspection and blocking: Most of existing blocking programs only check and block DNS. Dokebi scans DNS, URLs and entire web pages. (meta, text, image, streaming video)" 3. The only one in the world, AI based 'Dokebi' inspects streaming video in real time. (including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. ) 4. List of harmful sites? No need. There's no way they don't know they're blocked... They change the web address every week, every month. 9 million, 10 million... How long are they going to catalog them? DOKEBI Agent no need the long-long lists. 5. Smart lists! (It is not any conventional simple DNS lists) Unlike existing apps, this can allow or block websites that provide multiple services in one DNS, such as Google, Naver, etc., by directory and file. @ About Smartlists There are numerous sites that provide blogging (SNS) services. (Naver, Google, Reddit, TikTok, etc.) What about filtering? It exists in places run by large corporations. From age verification to various other things. However, even with that authentication, if you search through a search site and go to the link, there are many cases where you can view it without authentication. Naver blog shows various photos along with "ranking of AV models". Image search services require age verification to display results, but that verification is also problematic. “Are you an adult?” yes ? no ?. If you press “No”, it will just pass. So what about blocked places? They say big companies are working hard... but there are many more that aren't. TikTok, Reddit, etc. are available for adults or have been completely modified. And in some cases, they are created and operated as professional adult SNS, just like adult games. So, how do existing apps that block harmful sites respond? 100% are DNS or IP blocking methods. Block harmful site addresses specified in the list. In other words, if you block naver.com, then the entire Naver will be blocked. However, like google.com, Naver (naver.com) is a super ultra domain (DNS). It provides many services such as email, news, SNS, cafes, stocks, shopping, webtoons (comics), etc. So I can't block it. And the popular webtoon service divides the age criteria into only two (over 18 and under 18). There are so many things I would not recommend to elementary school students. However, even if we try to cover this up, it cannot be prevented using existing methods. So, after much thought, what we developed is a “smart list” that can inspect the entire URL. The block/allow list included in "Dokebi Agent" is based on DNS (e.g. google.com), but entire URLs can also be registered. In other words, you can select and allow or block only specific services from superhost services such as Naver, Google, and etc. Other things cannot currently be done like this.(So, it was patented as well.) The method is very simple. (The internal logic is very complex, but the user input method is very simple and clear.) @ About Smartlists The block/allow list included in Dokebi Agent is based on DNS (e.g. google.com), but entire URLs can also be registered. (So, patent registered) 1) If you want to block Naver completely, -> Register naver.com in the block list. 2) Then, if you want to block naver.com’s stocks (finance.naver.com) and webtoons (comic.naver.com), -> Just enter two addresses (finance.naver.com, comic.naver.com) in the block list. 3) For email-only computers, Prevents web use, but allows email use. If you need to open only Naver and Google email services, -> Enter ** in the block list. (If this happens, your entire web usage will stop.) For the whitelist, 1. For Naver, nid.naver.com, cc.naver.com, mail.naver.com 2. For Google, mail.google.com, accounts.google.com, contacts.google.com, ogs.google.com, google.com/intl/, gmail.com (you have to enter all 6 to work properly.) 4) In the case of blogs, e.g. reddit, the overall service is allowed, but it is necessary to block specific people/communities. Of course, Dokebi Agent inspects images and streaming videos in real time, so it is not a big problem, but blocking it in advance is also a good idea, so if you want to block it, enter the information below. If the blocking target is reddit.com/r/sample, -> Enter reddit.com/r/sample in the block list. 5) However, certain blogs are allowed (e.g. reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful) What if you want to block specific posts on that blog? (e.g. reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/) Whitelist : reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful Blocklist : reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/ 6) Then, what about blocking all of reddit.com, but only allowing this community: reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful? Whitelist : reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful Blacklist : reddit.com 7) If it is still difficult and complicated to handle... (Dokebi Agent can also check what is allowed in the list.) In many cases, there are ambiguous places such as blogs and communities that you want to block, but you must first allow them. In other words, it is difficult to create a whitelist, such as YouTube or Google email. In this case, google.com!? Add an exclamation mark and a question mark after the DNS address, as shown. Then, the first page of google.com is allowed, but all subdomains and subdirectories (e.g. play.google.com) are subject to inspection, and real-time scanning of web pages is performed and blocked. And blocked items are registered in the block list, and if three or more are registered with the same DNS address (e.g. aaaa.com, aaaa.com/blog/abc), the entire domain address (aaaa.com) is blocked. . -> So, you should allow it, but what if you’re not sure? Just add !? to the end of the web address you want to enter in the whitelist. (Example: google.com!?) 8) List?... I'm busy, should I make it? Then just leave it alone. It's taken care of. If you just use it thinking that it is being used to preemptively block harmful sites, or if there is a site that you think should be prevented from accessing by children in the first place, then you should use it. You can create a family through Dokebi Agent's "Create Family" and share the list with all family members in real time. Additionally, if a member discovers a harmful site while accessing a website and automatically blocks it, the blocked web address can also be shared in real time. Of course, you can also use your own settings on other browsers and devices. @ New Filters Added 1. Adult cartoons. (e.g.: adult hentai manga), Adult games (18+), etc. 2. Illegal content related with deepfakes 3. Online gambling with real money or bitcoin : It is illegal in most all countries. 4. Prostitution brokerage and induction (it will be applied to other countries gradually.) 5. added a filter to prevent “Browser hijacking”. working on it more. @ New Filters for URL address. There are so many new extensions for web addresses like 'com', 'net', 'me', 'pro', etc. However, some extensions are not suitable at all. So we decided to block extensions like 'porn', 'xxx', 'sex', and 'xyz'. URLs that end with the four types of extensions above block connections. @ Why should I install it? DOKEBI is an innovative software that turns you into an internet environmentalist. You can contribute to creating a safe internet and a healthy world. @ Easy to install, reliable app One-click installation, automatic updates. It has been tested by Google, Microsoft, Naver, and the most demanding Samsung Electronics, and is published on the webstore. You can use it with confidence. @ Anyone can use it It has a very simple user screen (just set a password the first time). @ It is the technology for your smart phone in the future, giving you the opportunity for a better life. Let's create a safe internet world and a healthy life through DOKEBI.

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  • (2022-06-18) Dr.Ne0Gen3tic (Forensic Buro of Quantum): Ist ein Echtzeitfilter, der nicht Jugendfreie Inhalte Zensiert^^ Wer zum Geier braucht so einen Quatsch? Ich wäre eher dafür, diese KI einzusetzen für Werbung, tracking und Malware und andere schädliche Inhalte die meinen Computer Infizieren können. Solche Upload und Downloadfilter sind doch extremst leicht zu umgehen^^ Sobald "nicht jugendfreie Bilder" einfach mit 7-ZIP mit Passwort "gezippt" werden, können solche "KI´s" Garnichts mehr Filtern! Und wenn diese dann 7-ZIP und andere Archive blocken, dann täusche ich diese auch, zur not schreibe ich denn Header der Datei einfach um oder schneid per hex am Anfang etwas weg und der gegenüber fügt es wieder ein^^ Diese KI´s für solche Inhalte sind "Nonsens"! Die sind erstens nicht sicher und zweitens extremst leicht zu Umgehen und ja das können sogar Jugendliche, wenn die dies gezeigt bekommen^^ sogar 8 - 10 Jährige bekommen dies hin zu umgehen!
  • (2021-04-29) Gyoungrye Ham: 애들 PC들마다 설치했어요^^ 이런 게 있는지 이제 알았네요. 진작 알았으면 더 좋았을걸요. 많은 사람들이 알면 좋을 것 같아요. 이제 N**방 같은 사고도 덜 걱정돼요.


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