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List all the tabs vertically and search through the list. Know the time since the url is been accessed and close the tab if required

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Description from store List all the tabs vertically and search through the list. Know the time since the url is been accessed and close the tab if required Following are the features... 1. Search through the tabs. When there are lot of tabs and the title is not visible this is handy search to select the tab 2. Close the tab. When there are lot of tabs and the title is not visible the Tab List shows the title or URL of the tab which you can close 3. Show the time since the tabs were open. This help to identify old tabs an one can get rid of them by closing it. 4. Shows the counter for the number of tabs opened in give browser window More extensions at http://tejji.com/browser/chrome/extensions/ Thanks, http://tejji.com v1.3 - 2018-09-14 - Updated to comply to Chrome Web Store policies v1.1 - fixed minor bugs thus preventing error messages

Latest reviews

  • (2021-01-12) Antimondialiste: La barre doit être épinglée, intégrée au navigateur, pas en popup, zéro productivité.
  • (2020-06-24) Ralph Smith: Very useful, when Brave browser starts dropping tabs off the right side. Without this, no way to find those tabs. (I research, have gobs of tabs open at once). "Sort by time/date" would be very nice. Thanks to developer!
  • (2019-11-08) Juraj Lanyi: I am having like 500 tabs in 6 Windows. With this extension allowed Chrome would eat all CPU for minutes after a start without showing any of the pages or allowing using Chrome menu. Or even freeze Chrome just after extension was installed. I had to find the extension manually in Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions folder and delete it to have Chrome working again. Pity, because this extension seems to provide exactly the functionality I need ...
  • (2019-05-04) Ashley Meyer: Does the job (simple drop-down list of all tabs with option to close each tab with just an X) but requires permissions "read and change your browser history" when other tab managers only ask to "read your browser history". Also unfortunately the only view for the tab list is full URLs, no option to see tab titles.
  • (2019-02-08) Mirek Interactive: No option to show all address with tab name. No option to remember last searched query. No option to sort tabs (in the list) by the "last usage" order. Sometimes does not find what i'm looking for! (eg. reddit page)
  • (2019-02-08) After Burner: You would think it woud remobe them from accross the top of the browser if they are in a list so you can see what ones are actually open and keep the others from loading for the time being STUPID APP Do any of these app makers actually use a Computer.
  • (2019-02-04) Oleg O.: Сделайте возможность выводить title, а не url
  • (2016-11-02) Nikolay Epifanov: TabList makes Chrome lag really hard even with one tab open. One tab open: - no extensions enabled: scrolling with up/down keys is fine. - TabList only enabled: scrolling is lagging heavily.
  • (2016-10-09) Igor Rafael de Sousa: only sees current windows. no useful "settings"
  • (2016-05-04) Axel NAGGI: Super appli comme toutes les autres du même auteur! Très bien pensées et très utiles.
  • (2016-04-30) Tommy Rosey: I use Great Suspender. This app does not know how to extract the tabs true title instead you get a 14 line code that is hard to read. I recommend using Keepin' Tabs. Where as it extracts the title and even regroups the list for easy finding. Get this app to locate the true title and it will be a start.
  • (2016-04-26) John Weiss: cluttered mess, many tab names are wrong (just show the actual tab title! not the url), and multiline titles take up too much room. Also would be nice if the whole button could be clicked, instead of just the text. Also would be nice if did not have to click in search box on open.
  • (2016-03-23) Steeve Knight: Where's the tab title?
  • (2015-11-09) Harold Raulston: I really, really this app. I used it in the past but un-installed it (& all other extensions) after gmail had become terribly slow (couldn't even keep up with typing!). Paul Newton - it shows the tab titles fine for me (Windows 10, Chrome 46.0.2490.80 m). - Wish list: - ability to adjust length of drop down window it's enough for 15-20 tabs, then you scroll. - ability to drag & drop to change order of tabs in the list (I *think* it used to have it. BTW, if it starts slowing down google apps I'll edit this review!
  • (2015-07-22) Laptop Spares: As far as now it is okay, will review after using
  • (2015-06-13) Amy Stuifzand: Great app
  • (2015-04-15) Paul Newton: Rarely displays the title of the tab, instead just gives the URL. Constantly tries to get you to share or comment on or rate the app. Slows down chrome significantly.
  • (2015-03-08) Slava Syrota: Все норм. Чуть напрягает что нет разделителей между названиями вкладок. Сливается визуально.
  • (2015-01-17) Профикс СЦ: наконец-то простой список вкладок без всякой мишуры
  • (2014-07-30) Gangus Khan: I used to love this extension. That's back when I could customize it without Popup disabling frames. Now I can't even adjust the Options. So it's now worthless! What's with frames Bull****? I'm done trying. So I'll just uninstall it!
  • (2014-07-29) Jean Amico: you have saved chrome for me. I LOVE this extension. and also love that the icons are next to the tab name.
  • (2014-06-20) Sutthipong Lertmanorat: One comment is about searching. For example if Tab name is "DEP : 124 Err" , When I input only "124" , it return nothing. Input *124* also return nothing too. I think Tab List should have logic to search like *124*
  • (2014-06-16) Установил на YANDEX браузере- работает без сбоев все четко!!! Вещь полезная. Удобная, особенно если открыто куча вкладок и уже непонятно что где и в каком месте. ОткрываешьTAB LIST - все вкладки списком перед глазами- нашел нужную- клик, и ты на ней! Не надо тратить время на перелистывание и ждать подзагрузок вкладок.. ХОРОШО . Спасибо разработчикам!!!
  • (2014-04-25) Alfonso x: esta Chingona!
  • (2014-04-04) M. H.: Good idea, poor execution. Ugly interface & an extreme memory hog.
  • (2014-03-11) Liam Moniz: works great. though i know im not using it to its full potential.
  • (2014-02-14) Greg Pendleton: does not highlight current tab.
  • (2014-02-09) Alex Hinz: I just wanted a simple list of open tabs to replace an older extension no longer available. What I got instead is cluttered mess of colors, typefaces, ads, poorly laid out design, and no options to turn off the more garish things. I don't care how many tabs I have open, I don't want to visit your site when I open the list, I don't need to know down to the minute and/or second how long each tab has been open, etc. Absolutely none of that is useful, and I can't turn it off. I just want the tabs, with icon and title. Something light and direct. It works fine, but it's pretty horrible to use.

Latest issues

  • (2019-09-23, v:1.3) Francesc Valenzuela: Question about tab names
    Hello, I've just installed Tab List Extension for Chrome. Is it possible to show the tab name instead of the URL? Best regards


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