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Hola VPN gets you Access to the global content you want!

Image from store Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker - Best VPN
Description from store Say hello to truly Global content with Hola VPN, the easy-to-use VPN that gets you the Access you want, anytime, anywhere. The internet just got a lot more Borderless! Features: - Free and Premium Versions: Enjoy both a free (with some limitations) and Premium version of Hola VPN. - High Speed: Experience blazing-fast browsing speeds with Hola VPN. - Split tunneling tech: one of the things that makes us unique! We split your traffic through multiple tunnels, preserving bandwidth, improving speed and overall performance - Get a different country for each tab or website - Instant Access, No Sign-ups Required: Simply add Hola to Edge and start browsing without any tedious sign-ups or account creations. - Access Websites: Whether it's due to your country's location, school's firewall, or ISP's limitations, Hola VPN zips you past those roadblocks with its unique tunneling tech. - “Favorites” feature: Add or Delete your favorite sites whenever you want to Premium Features: - Unlimited VPN Time: Enjoy unlimited access to Hola VPN's services. - Multi-Device Usage: Use Hola VPN on up to 10 devices simultaneously. - 24/7 Friendly Support: Get round-the-clock assistance with any issues you encounter. - Unlimited Bandwidth: When we say unlimited, we mean it! Support: Encountering tech issues? Drop us a line at [email protected]. We've got your back! Ready to break free from digital boundaries? Subscribe to Hola Premium and unlock the web's full potential!

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  • (2024-07-23) lmvj:亲测好用,注册就送永久流量的!节点多,又快又稳!流畅看4K视频和直播!专线GPT网飞油管!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-07-21) gpgu:注册送永久流量的,专线支持GPT,可以试试,节点多,又快又稳,流畅看4K视频和直播!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-07-19) qhvt:飞速跑道,注册就送永久流量的!节点多,又快又稳!流畅看4K视频和直播!专线GPT网飞油管!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-07-19) nzc:注册送永久流量的,专线支持GPT,可以试试,节点多,又快又稳,流畅看4K视频和直播!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-07-17) ajn:亲测好用,注册就送永久流量的!节点多,又快又稳!流畅看4K视频和直播!专线GPT网飞油管!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-07-15) gkth:亲测好用,注册就送永久流量的!节点多,又快又稳!流畅看4K视频和直播!专线GPT网飞油管!(手机电脑全平台互通)
  • (2024-07-13) geaep:真的好用,注册就送永久流量的!节点多,又快又稳!流畅看4K视频和直播!专线GPT网飞油管!(手机电脑全平台互通)
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  • (2024-06-10) Виталик: +- good vpn
  • (2024-06-08) Чо: ратка
  • (2024-06-03) Hoanlen: 非广告。这家VPN非常会做生意,而且是edge里我目前找到的唯一一款稳定梯子,就是最近版本更新后不太好用了。
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  • (2024-04-29) Сергей: It was the best VPN extension before the redesign. When I enable it for a website, it spreads its effect to other sites. When I turn off the VPN completely, I log out of all sites. It works, but it's disgusting.
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