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Unblock any website and stay secure with Free VPN. One-click connect to our fast VPN. Unlimited bandwidth and completely FREE!

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Description from store Fast, Free, Easy-to-Use, and Secure VPN! Stream movies or TV shows in other countries/regions! Don't forget to leave us a 5-star review! It would be extremely helpful to us! iGoo VPN allows you to stream movies and TV shows from other countries/regions on your favorite streaming services. It also protects/encrypts your WiFi network to prevent anyone from attempting to steal your information. Easy-to-Use: 1. Click on our extension in the toolbar. 2. Click the button to enable the VPN. When using the iGoo VPN extension, all your internet traffic will be encrypted, protecting you from fraud and hackers. It also safeguards your personal data and hides your location. You have the freedom to search for anything you want on the internet without anyone knowing. Features: - Access different streaming services in different countries. - Unlock blocked websites in different countries. - High-speed server network. - Block trackers and malicious software. - Strict no-logs policy. Why Choose iGoo VPN as Your Best VPN: Stream movies and TV shows from different countries - Unlock and watch any of your favorite movies or shows that are not available in your current location. Full access to blocked websites and applications - Many countries restrict access to certain restricted foreign websites, but we allow people to easily access those sites. - Alternatively, if you are at school and certain websites are blocked, you can use the extension to unblock them. - Use our VPN to watch your favorite videos, listen to high-quality music, or play online games. Anonymity and privacy protection - Your connection will be hidden for all your internet activities. - Protect your browser and yourself from being tracked by hackers or unknown individuals. - Install and apply our VPN instead of using incognito mode, as incognito mode doesn't hide your searches from internet and ISP owners. Secure web access on public Wi-Fi - Safeguard your browser on public WiFi hotspots from any dangers. Protect all your sensitive data with bank-grade encryption.

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