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Genius Connector automates and accelerates the process of getting and connecting with targeted, key-word based FB Friends.

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Description from store Improve and automate your friends list with a single click. If there's not enough time to send friend requests manually, this is the right tool to use. You can target the people you are attracting by choosing the groups you select from. You can also also this based on posts and either reactions and/or comments to those posts. You can get even better qualified people by using keywords and negative keywords to filter in the people you want to connect with and filter out the ones who are not as good of a targeted fit. There is also the ability to automatically reply to people who send you friend requests, and the message can vary based on whether you accept or decline their request. You can also send out an automated message when someone sends you a friend request. Please note this is an authorized white label of the Chrome Extension "Friend Connector" by Tier5.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-05-28) Vic Wheeler: Want lifelong friends & business partners? You will be surprised how easy it is to find them with this tool!!! This automates the process of connecting with the people you have the MOST in common with on facebook - either simply from friends lists, special interest groups you want to target, or even posts/ads from your competitors&collaborators! I simply can't explain in a few words how good this is at connecting you with the "right people" - you can forget "cold messaging" forever!!!! Only talk to people you have tons in common with - automate your reach outs so you can get the ball rolling & find out how you can serve them!
  • (2023-03-09) Leslie Capps: Amazing tool! If you have been doing this manually, you will be in awe and wondering what to do with all the extra time. You can also rest easy knowing if you do run into a hiccup (unusual) that Ed is right there to support you! Go get you some Genius extensions!!
  • (2023-01-24) Coach Steve: had a small issue with genius Connector and Ed was all over it! Was back up and running from an error I created in no time. Ed is THE man!
  • (2022-10-17) Chad Aaron: This software does what I do. So why did I purchase it? It does what I do...without needing a break, without getting distracted by the "shiny objects" of FB, it doesn't get confused, and it doesn't DREAD having to do it. It just does it. It has also changed my "or" to "and." It's not attending my children's activities or spend time marketing on FB. It's not spending time with my wife or building my business. It works when I don't so it's now attending my children's events AND marketing on FB...and my children get my complete attention. As does my wife. Easily the most efficient way of building my business AND getting my time back!
  • (2022-09-14) Derek Johnson: Love this extension and team. I've been using Genius Connector for over a year--and I can say that even when Facebook changes their back-end which breaks most FB related extensions--the Genius team gets things updated and back to working quickly. Being able to add new friends and create new business opporunities daily without spending all day manually sending requests is a game changer! All business starts from lead generation and this tool puts you in the driver seat on autopilot.
  • (2022-05-18) Scotty Ze: A great tool for organic lead generation on Facebook.
  • (2021-09-16) Mark Niessner: Works great to find and connect with you target market on facebook. Genius Connector is a real time saver, it allows you to find and connect with new friends based on keyword searches allowing you to spend your time with the right kind of people.
  • (2021-06-03) Rafał Graczyk: Great tool to automate your outreach. It save your time. I am using Genius Connector, and I am very happy with the results.
  • (2021-05-07) David Anderson: The new features that just came out surprised me! Genius Connector is easy to use to grow my targeted audience on Facebook
  • (2021-05-05) Roman Groysman: Automation is never something that applies to all use cases and I personally prefer to be able to have a more personal touch as much as possible, but there is no denying that this software is a huge time saver and presents massive value if your use case is a good fit. This is an effective tool to get you more exposure online & grow your warm market without spending hardly any of your time and without breaking the bank or risking your account by using some black-hat alternative.
  • (2020-12-25) Justin Muir: I have used Genius Connector to add, and monetize my following on FB and cannot imagine my businesses without it! Truly one of the best tools to have as an entrepreneur, small/large business owner or agency looking to add targeted clients.
  • (2020-12-23) Robert Charles: Works amazingly to add new friends to my profile so I can connect with them, show them my products and services and makes sales. What a genius tool!

Latest issues

  • (2023-11-11, v:4.4.64) Delphine Spicylady: supprimer invitation envoyées
    Bonjour ,J'ai l'impression que je n'arrive plus à supprimer les invitations envoyées pour libérer de l'espace . Du coup , l'application fonctionne mal Pouvez vous faire quelque chose ?? Merci d'avance Delphine R
  • (2023-08-27, v:4.4.57) Junior DeJesus: Genius Connector Problem
    Whenever I try to send an automated message with the friend requests, they won't send, but the friend requests end up getting sent, and not the message.
  • (2023-08-25, v:4.4.57) Ember Rohlman: refund
    Hi, I am still within my 7 day trial and I would like to cancel my membership. my email is [email protected], thank you.
  • (2023-05-16, v:4.4.51) Grupo Gáspari: No work
    I click on the extension icon and it doesn't work.
  • (2023-03-12, v:4.4.40) Evan Mauricio: Genius Connector Issue
    1. It doesnt send the messages to every person i friend request 2. It doesnt have a gender / country filter.
  • (2023-03-02, v:4.4.40) Edward: Extension not opening
    I just downloaded the extension and paid for the service...but the extension is not working....please advise.
  • (2023-02-22, v:4.4.40) Georges Coach Existentiel: looking for Genius connector and crm messenger
    Good morning I'm looking for: - genius connector - crm messenger How to buy them together? THANKS [email protected]
  • (2023-02-16, v:4.4.40) Richard Radke: Genius Connector
    Did anybody get a reply when they said Genius Connector doesn't work or doesn't open? Richard
  • (2023-02-16, v:4.4.40) Richard Radke: Genius Connector
    I add Genius Connector to the chrorme web store But when I click on it it doesn't open. So watch the problem here? Looking forward to a speedy reply Thank you Richard Radke
  • (2023-02-03, v:4.4.38) veja marackinaite: Extenstion doesn't work
    Hi there, I downloaded the extension and unfortunetly it doesnt open, do you know what I can do to fix this?
  • (2023-02-02, v:4.4.38) Todd N: Not opening
    Nothing happens when I click on it
  • (2023-01-13, v:4.4.34) Sheila Berkowitz: Connector not opening
    I see the extension, but it is not opening.
  • (2022-10-27, v:4.4.27) Francesca Arianne C. Agojo: Sign Up
    Hi! How do you sign up to login an account?
  • (2022-06-18, v:4.4.20) Tim Queen: Download
    I sent my card information, got an email "click here to download" once I clicked it I got the same video that was on the original page and no where to download to my FB. Help !
  • (2022-02-23, v:4.3.97) Abdur Rehman: hi
    How does it work?
  • (2022-02-18, v:4.3.95) Angel Urena: Genius Connector
    The app is not working, I see the extension but don't launch
  • (2022-02-09, v:4.3.95) Raymond Butterfield: brand new chromebook wont download the extension
    THis chroebook wont download the extension. Says I need the chrome 88 but this laptop is brand new..
  • (2021-08-24, v:4.3.57) Portia Franklin: The app is not working
    what is the possible reason that its not working
  • (2021-08-12, v:4.3.55) Its not working
    Hi, I just got connector genius, but for some reason, once i start the extension after filling everything out, it doesn't do anything. I have the message groups set up as well as the info for where to start from and how many people to contact, but it doesn't do anything when i hit start. the button changes to a stop button, indicating that it started, but it doesn't do anything. Please help
  • (2021-07-17, v:4.3.53) Bay Hi: how to sign up
    how to sign up
  • (2021-07-10, v:4.3.53) Ankit Jindal: How to signup
    I cant see any option for Signup there? How to create an account there on your extension


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