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Skips/mutes/blanks selected parts of streaming videos

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Description from store VideoSkip allows you to filter out several types of objectionable content from video streams. It uses the same categories as the "Parents Guide" section of IMDB.com. It can skip sections entirely, or simply mute the sound or blank the video, at your discretion. Because it does not modify the videos in any way, but rather plays them selectively, it does not infringe media copyrights. Step by step: 1. Load the video from a streaming service normally and begin play so it loads some data (not full-screen), then stop it and click the VideoSkip icon on the upper-right of the browser. A new window will appear next to the video. You can move it, or resize it like a regular page with Ctrl + or Ctrl -. 2. If you have a .skp file containing the skips, you can load it now with the "Load skip file" button. Once loaded, its contents will appear in a box on the "Edit" tab. There is a growing number of skip files for popular films at the VideoSkip Exchange, loaded by a button on the interface. 3. If the skip file has been previously synced with your video service, you will be taken to the "Filter" tab so you can set the filter strengths as described in the next step. Otherwise, you'll be taken to the "Sync" tab. There, you will be asked to scrub the video with the arrow buttons until it looks okay again. When the screenshot finally matches the video, click "Sync times" to sync everything for your service. A new version of the skip file will be made so the people you share it with can skip this step from now on. 4. Set the category filters using the sliders, according to the audience. The higher, the more stringent the filter. High = for children, Medium = for teens, Low = for adults. If a filter is Off, the flagged content will be shown. 5. Start the video from its own page, sit back, and enjoy. Skips will take place when their time arrives. A message will appear on the fullscreen video when you move the mouse, telling you which filters are engaged. You can make your own skip files and share them with your friends freely. They will work even if the videos being played are from a different source. The skip file exchange is located at https://videoskip.org/exchange There's also a standalone web app, which works with videos that you have saved to your computer. Get it at https://videoskip.org/app for computers, or https://videoskip.org/mobile for mobile devices. Legal Notice: Content copyright owners and distributors are hereby informed that users and developers of this software are exercising their right of free speech, guaranteed by law in many nations, by voluntarily refraining from seeing or hearing content without modifying said content in any way. Legal action that ignores this notice will be considered harassment and infringement of basic rights, and prosecuted according to the law.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-07-19) Loky Stellaris: Doesn't work on all embedded video !! Only major platform such a youtube, prime, netflix...etc !!
  • (2022-04-23) Jerry Shaw: Perfect
  • (2021-11-20) Adam Mitchell: This really is an excellent tool. It does take some time to get used to how it works and you have to read the documentation on the website to get the hang of it, but it really does a solid job. I'm very happy to have a tool that helps fine tune the watching experience for any show.
  • (2021-06-19) A. U. Crawford: A little hard to figure out but once you understand it, it works great. example filter: ---- -1:51:08.4 Far And Away (Amazon) 0:51:08.4 --> 0:51:34.4 Brothel 1 1:03:58.51 --> 1:04:05.07 Him Changing 1 1:04:09.01 --> 1:04:20.76 Her Changing 1 1:05:58.25 --> 1:06:13.21 Inappropriate Sounds 1 ----- The part the stumped me was that you have to goggle the sync options: Other; before it will work
  • (2021-05-06) Sarah Lambert: Very, very handy!! This is fabulous. I've been looking for something like this for a while. And very easy to use (just be sure to read the 'Help' section, or watch the help videos). Also, I love the option to make the screen black but keep the audio going, and also the 'blurring' option too (will be very handy with any scenes with indecent statues/art)
  • (2020-12-22) Big Bad Max: How do you use it? its a little confusing please tell me.
  • (2020-10-30) Areiva Designs (Andrea Phaneuf): Awesome, exactly what we were looking for! Being able to customize the edits for our edits, as opposed to using services curated by people that may not catch everything we'd like. Thank you for an amazing app.

Latest issues

  • (2023-02-21, v:0.5.6) Elena Baker: Two Issues
    1. Does it still work with Hulu through the chrome extension? 2. Is there a way to reset the initial window position? When it comes up I have to make the browser window significantly smaller to find the pop-up and if I resize the window it moves off screen again.
  • (2021-09-21, v:0.4.1) Jose Gabriel Joannon: No consigo cargar el archivo porque no encuentro el boton cargar el video skip que indican las instrucciones. Muchas gracias
    Lo que indico más arriba: No consigo cargar el archivo porque no encuentro el boton cargar el video skip que indican las instrucciones. Muchas gracias


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