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Stay focused & improve productivity. Easily block any distracting and unproductive video searches. Stop procrastination!

Description from store Stay focused & improve productivity. Easily block any distracting and unproductive video searches. Stop procrastination! Youtube is a learning and productivity tool. It's drastic to block Youtube just because it's easy to get distracted and watch unproductive videos while you are using it to learn something for work or school. Block unproductive video searches instead Example, you are watching a tutorial on Youtube, and before you have even finished watching the video, you might be searching Youtube for funny cat videos instinctively! This extension will block that unproductive search and will only allow searches that contain the words or phrases you allowed. Stay focused & improve productivity. Easily block any distracting and unproductive videos. Stop procrastination once and for all! 2.1.1 FIX: Exclude picture checkbox should be hidden when unblock search timer is set 2.1.0 NEW: It is now allowed to exclude the first picture when randomizing lockdown pictures UPDATE: Upgraded to manifest v3 2.0.0 NEW: Selecting the allowed word/phrase from the pop-up will search the word/phrase in new tab 1.0.4 HOTFIX: Numeric and alphanumeric was not working, e.g., 5700, 5700U. This is fixed now, numeric and alphanumeric are allowed to be searched 1.0.3 FIX: Unblocked Search functionality was not working. This is fixed now 1.0.2: FIX: Some parts of the pages were not loading. This is fixed now 1.0.1 HOTFIX: document.body is null sometimes, error: *TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null*, this causes multiple page reloading and the extension not to work. This hotfix fixes that problem 1.0.0 NEW: No more momentary glimpse of the videos when the the page is loading. Will only show the page when everything is already set up NEW: Search works on English Language only, now it works on other languages too (e.g., Chinese) 0.13.3 NEW: Adapt the operating system's dark/light mode settings to strict mode's passphrase. No YouTube-level detection of dark/light mode yet 0.13.2 FIX: Clicking comment's REPLY button reloads the page. Clicking REPLY button no longer reloads the page 0.13.1 FIX: Word parser bugfixes: * "spider-man" search should not match the "spider" in the storage * "c#" search should not match the "c" in the storage * "asp.net" search should not matches the "asp" in the storage 0.13.0 NEW: Pictures can now be dragged and dropped to lockdown pictures. Improved word parser, e.g., ".net" is distinguished from "net" 0.12.0 NEW: Hides burger menu. Another distraction averted! 0.11.3 FIX: Corrected search's word parser. Links (e.g., Youtube Studio) that were not navigating correctly are now navigating correctly 0.11.2 FIX: When in unblocked mode, clicking any part of the popup window with Block Search button, blocks the search. Blocking should only happen when user click the Block Search button, not the area surrounding it. Made a fix, blocking happens when user clicks the button only 0.11.1 FIX: Hiding Up Next hides the transcript, which should not happen. Made a fix, hiding Up Next no longer hides the transcript 0.11.0 NEW: Added help link. User is informed when the picture added is not an image 0.10.1 FIX: Next and back button for lockdown slides should not appear when there is only one picture, this is fixed now Version 0.10 NEW: * Search can be unblocked for a period of time, default is 10 minutes, this can be changed by the user * Option to hide the Youtube's Up Next sidebar is added. Youtube's sidebar sometimes gives unrelated videos to the one you are watching, easily causing distractions to workflow or research on Youtube 0.9.0 NEW: Pictures uploaded by the user will be shown when search is in lockdown mode. User can upload inspiring pictures, or any pictures that can instill discipline to himself/herself 0.8.2 FIX: for video watch not showing up when search was temporarily allowed 0.8.1 FIX: Fix errors on lockdown mode 0.8.0: NEW: Added lockdown mode

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  • (2022-03-18) Steven: Great on paper. It allows for blocking search and being good about it. The problem is that it also blocks your home, subscriptions and side bar menu. Allow me to see my subscriptions and this will turn into a five-star review.


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