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High speed and secure connection. Getting access to all sites has become easier with the PRO version.

Image from store Troywell VPN Pro - Fast and secure VPN
Description from store Troywell VPN Pro - Fast and secure VPN High speed and secure connection. Getting access to all sites has become easier with the PRO version. What is an extension? This is a special program for a specific browser, the need for which arises when it is necessary to hide or protect the established connection. It is also needed in the case of encrypting personal information (last name, first name, bank card details, logins, passwords, and so on) and hiding data of any session. This program is not difficult to install from this site, even a novice can cope with the task. What benefits do you get from its use: The feasibility of installing a VPN extension Troywell is a small application designed to significantly increase the capabilities of your browser. Usually, such software products are free and their installation is not difficult. In addition, they are compatible with any operating system. VPN is used from blocking Internet resources within a certain territory, placing orders over the Internet or sending files that contain important information over the network. In this case, Troywell VPN PRO is designed for some other tasks: provides complete privacy when browsing the Internet resource - your IP address will remain unknown; - provides access to virtually any resource - in the case of blocking the site, to remove its recommended VPN download; - maintains a stable connection - usually these plugins are provided with a large number of servers to maintain the quality of connection; - guarantees a completely secure connection - all personal information of the user will be protected from unauthorized access; - hides client traffic - VPN for Google Chrome changes the user's IP to a server address, and it is impossible to identify the person's real location; - maintains a secure connection to Wi-Fi network - when the user often uses Wi-Fi network in some public places, it makes sense to use VPN to protect personal information; - encrypts any information - not only personal data of the client will be protected, but also the traces of the search history in the internet browser will be deleted; - current location - automatically determines the current location of the user; - speed test - defines the real speed of the Internet, which is provided by your provider or mobile operator. Thus, the advantages of installing a VPN on Chrome are numerous. People who often browse blocked online resources, shop online, send important documents or want to secure their personal information have a particular need to activate this application. What benefits does Troywell VPN PRO have? The application has all the features listed above. However, these are not the most important ones. The most important features are the high-speed connection (compared to competitors' offers) and the absence of restrictions. Most services offer to purchase a paid subscription to work with all the features of the program, or allows you to use only a stripped-down functionality. VPN by Troywell is a completely free application without any restrictions in terms of the availability of features. How to download and install? Usually, the installation and activation process is easy and requires very little time. You can download the application in one click. To do this, you need to activate the "Install" button and confirm your action. This, in fact, is the whole procedure. After a short period of time, the application will be installed and appear on the control panel. After that, you can start working with it. How to operate Troywell VPN PRO after downloading? So, you have completed the installation of the extension, now it will not be difficult for you to understand its work. It's not for nothing that Troywell is the most promising free VPN for Chrome. The app also wins over the competition due to the fact that everything is elementary simple in terms of installation and management. The program icon is usually located on the control panel inside the Internet browser, it is also easy to remove if not needed. To start it, you need to click on the Troywell icon. A window will pop up, in which you need to click on the big activation button. Here everything is very simple, you can not mix up anything. Almost immediately, the VPN will begin functioning, and the client will be able to view even blocked in his country resources, encrypt personal data and hide the traces of Internet browsing history. In the box during the activation process displays your new IP address, depending on which server you are connected to. The window also shows the duration of the current session, amount of traffic used, statistics of the program's operation over a certain period of time, and the exclusion sites. In addition to the above, the program allows you to find out the location of the server with which you are connected at a given time interval. If the connection to this particular location does not suit you (for example, the server is located in a state where restrictions are imposed on the desired site), it is possible to cope with this. If the client has used our services and no longer sees the need for them, it is possible to disable it. Then click on the icon of the application and click "Disable VPN". The application will be deactivated, but will remain in the browser control panel. If the need arises, it can be restarted according to the same scheme as outlined in the block above. It is not advisable to remove the VPN at all, as you will most likely need it more than once. In conclusion. Troywell VPN PRO is one of the best products for Google Chrome. It makes it easy to change your IP address to evade blocking, encrypt your personal data, buy safely online, and much more. You get all of these features absolutely free and in one click. Very soon after you start, you will realize that this is the best version of the application with a set of relevant features. Similar offers lose to our extension in one way or another, because they do not have those or other features. So feel free to download Troywell VPN PRO and use its functionality without any limitations.

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  • (2023-03-01) Car Am: Read Privacy practices. bad one.
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  • (2022-08-29) Юрий Николаевич: Медленно
  • (2022-08-24) Ромик xXxBReeZExXx: После установки расширение проработало 1 день
  • (2022-08-07) Марина Кравченко: Очень долго грузятся сайты.
  • (2022-07-26) DaliS: Только установил, расширение работает, только 2ip.ru и speedtest.net определяют не те страны, которые я выбираю в расширении. Странно как-то.
  • (2022-07-21) Yara Havana: one of the best vpn extension on chrome, and very easy to use
  • (2022-06-10) 昆明鸿: 可以连接,不能联通。不能用。
  • (2022-05-26) Federico N.: Sembra funzioni,se si aggiungono Austria e Svizzera metto 5 stelle. Grazie
  • (2022-04-30) Hugo Freitas (Haardowien): Very useful VPN and a fresh new look to the vpn section
  • (2022-04-26) Lester Gomes: Great VPN extension, worked in a lot of sites were I was needing to unblock content and was so useful to me, for that I recommend it.
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  • (2022-04-25) Angellca Siso: this extension works very well, i need a VPN for my work and this definily helps me a lot! its easy to install and easy to use it!


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