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Automate the sending of Parcel Journey Updates, from the carrier, to the tracking system.

Image from store Parcel Journey Updater
Description from store This extension can automatically fetch the parcel journey from the carrier and update it at regular intervals to the tracking system. Icon attribution: by Freepik from www.flaticon.com Version * Improvement - better handling of duplicate parcels: on receipt, on discovery and during processing. * Bugfix - fix for the issue of duplicate entries in the list of sites in settings Version * Improvement - better handling of redirects to, or fetches of, order details page Version * Bugfix - fixed handling of parcels not yet known on the system - regression from Version * Bugfix - fixed handling of order details page - regression from Version * Feature - For business accounts, the automation with endeavour to discover and update all orders, including those from other sub-accounts. Version * Bugfix - updated handler of order page to match the newer process. This ensures that the extension is informed of updates even for parcel with inaccessible tracking pages. Special thanks to S Thomas. Version * Feature - we've added initial support for non-native pages, please report your experience. Special thanks to Pierre Ledet. * Improvement - added special handling of orders page URLs where the custom query parameter was being preserved by the supplier's server. Special thanks to S Thomas. (Version & - internal releases) Version * Bugfix - fixed the handling of supplier accounts where there's only one page of orders history. Thank you Ayoub Said. Version * Improvement - added visual feedback for when the user has not yet setup the extension but attempts to run the automation. * Improvement - added visual feedback for when the user initiates the automation and there are sites which are set to not scan for new parcels. * Change - the "Manual Adding" site option has now been changed to "Scan for new parcels", with the opposite meaning. The motivation for this change is that users were assuming that all checkboxes should be ticked without reading the label or the instructions provided. Version * Bugfix - fixed a regression, that was introduced in version, with the handling of the automation recurrence trigger. * Improvement - further work towards ensuring constant stable performance of the automation. Version * Improvement - improvements in stability of the long-running updating process. After extensive work we have been able to identify and workaround some weak-points. Please continue to report your experience, both positive and difficulties, in this area [and in general]. Version * Improvement - added support for redirect to order-details page where to orderID URL query parameter has a concluding upper-case D. Version * Bugfix - fixed a casing typo which only affected systems with case-sensitive file-systems, like Linux. * Improvement - switched to using Manifest Version 3's promise APIs in place of callback APIs. Version * Bugfix - better handling of multiple parcels of 1 order. * Improvement - Added functionality to correctly identify equality of shipmentId between encoded and not encoded values. Version * Regression Fix - We accidentally broke support for the newest tracking page layout when improving support for pages that fail to load properly; we ask for your forgiveness. Version * Bugfix - typo in site URL in permissions. Version * Improvement - Added support for tracking pages that redirect to the order details page. * Improvement - Added [initial] support for the newest tracking page layout. * Improvement - Added [initial] support for tracking pages that fail to load properly; the automation moves on to the next parcel. * Coming soon - Support for the [rare] bulk tracking page [weblab_c]; please provide as many samples as you can, with the page URL and the full page source. Version * Improvement - Added support for newer tracking page and order history page URLs. * Bugfix - Corrected the permissions to allow submitting error logs. Version * Improvement - Added support for the newer account selection page and select the configured account. Version * Improvement - We now make sure that the new window is ready before starting the automation. Previously, in some circumstances the automation would try to start before the window was ready and would therefore freeze. * Improvement - We collect error logs. These contain no personal information. They only identify the type of error, the error message, the code location of the error and what type of task the automation was in. * Bugfix - Where orders need a payment update the parcel loading would freeze. Version * Improvement - Gracefully handle tracking pages which don't load as expected. * Bugfix - If all enabled sites were set to Manual Adding then automation would fail to open a window for itself. Version * Feature - On learning that a parcel is with a carrier not to be tracked, it is not retried in future. * Feature - If the carrier name or tracking number changes then it will be retied. * Improvement - The inter-component communication has been improved to be quicker and less resource intensive. * Bugfix - Due to a bug in Chrome [reported], when Incognito were set to behave separate [split] from "normal" windows then when starting an Incognito session Chrome would crash. We removed the Incognito "split" behaviour. Version * Bugfix - collecting parcel list stopped after 1 page. Version * Feature: Added the 'Manual Only' option to account settings - this is for 3rd buyers where not all buyers want the service. See the Settings Page.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-05-08) Mr Ahsan: Brilliant working thanks
  • (2023-01-26) bray mos: Good job
  • (2021-03-23) Xenofon Pap: Does its job. Happy with this release.

Latest issues

  • (2023-10-29, v:Stable 1.9) Habib Ullah: Want to buy it
    Hi, I want to buy it how I can pay for it nd how to create the account?
  • (2023-10-23, v:Stable 1.9) Habib Ullah: Account creating
    Hi, Can you please guide me how I can create account?
  • (2023-08-19, v:Stable 1.9) Waqas Wise: [email protected]
    I Would like to know how can i create my account on infinity ds parcel I wanna to create my account for my online business .can you help me in signing of my account
  • (2022-07-14, v: rana: How to use it
    Hi, How to use it. Where is the portal?
  • (2021-08-23, v:Beta 15) tamer abo lehia: لقد توقفت فجاه
    لقد توقفة فجاه كنت استخدم وضع التحديث يدوي فجاه توقف ضهور المربع الاحمر الذي تتم الاضافه منه
  • (2021-07-18, v:Beta 15) Ali Pehlivan: Getting stuck..
    When it tries to update the orders that have been cancelled, it is stuck and does not continue to update the trackings...
  • (2021-04-26, v:Beta 12) Sivarupan Mahenthiran: error when trying to install parcel journey chrome extension
    get the following error when trying to install the chrome extension parcel journey. --Package is invalid. Details: 'Could not load javascript 'signIn.js' for content script.'.


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