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Salesforce Shortcuts with Colored Favicons

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Allows you to quickly open the saved Salesforce orgs with keyboard shortcuts. It also enables you to set a colored favicon for them.

Image from store Salesforce Shortcuts with Colored Favicons
Description from store The plugin allows you to quickly open saved Salesforce orgs with built-in shortcuts to Home, Setup and Developer Console. You can also add additional custom shortcuts to other Salesforce URLs of your choice. In addition to that, to help you differentiate between different sandboxes, the plugin enables you to set a colored favicon for each one. How to use the shortcuts after your already added a Salesforce org to it: 1) Open the extension using the "Alt + S" keyboard shortcut ("Option + S" on macOS) 2) Select your Salesforce Org with up and down arrows 3) Press "Control + 1" to open its Home page 3.a) use "Control + 2" to open Setup, or "Control + 3" to open Developer Console How to change the favicon color: 1) Open the extension using the "Alt + S" keyboard shortcut ("Option + S" on macOS) 2) Click on the colored circle next to the name of the Salesforce Org for which you want to change the favicon color 3) Select a new color 4) Next time you open that org the favicon will be of the color you selected You can change the default "Alt + S" shortcut by opening the following URL in your browser: chrome://extensions/shortcuts The plugin is 100% safe and private, however, it requires certain permissions to be able to know when you have opened a Salesforce URL so that it can set a favicon for it. If you still have privacy concerns, you can use a version of this plugin that doesn't require any permissions, but it comes without the colored favicons: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/salesforce-shortcuts/cfkgcmoiljifcbaaofinpfjgobhmnopk *** Release Notes *** --- v1.7.2 --- Improvements: - Ask for a review on 200th usage --- v1.7.1 --- Fixes: - Fix the issue where the "Active Org" is not automatically selected if "Ignore tags" setting is enabled --- v1.7.0 --- Features: - It is now possible to configure the plugin to search through all the orgs even if a tag is selected Improvements: - Minor styling improvements in Help page Fixes: - "Active Org" feature adjusted to work better with community domains and to ignore some other non-relevant Salesforce domains --- v1.6.2 --- Fixes: - Fixed the issue where the Alt keyboard shortcuts are ignored when not using the Numeric Pad --- v1.6.1 --- Fixes: - Fixed the issue where the Alt keyboard shortcuts sometimes didn't execute the correct shortcut --- v1.6.0 --- Improvements: - New "Help" page with basic instructions on how to use the plugin - New "Settings" page where a different shortcut activation key can be selected (Control vs Alt/Option) Fixes: - Fixed the issue where the plugin would show some standard Salesforce pages as Active Orgs --- v1.5.1 --- Improvements: - Width of the Name cell will remain constant independent of the Name length - Improved spelling in some labels Fixes: - The plugin popup window will now close automatically when executing shortcuts within the Chrome's "New Tab" --- v1.5.0 --- Features: - If the org that is currently open in the browser is not yet stored, the plugin will still show it as "(ACTIVE ORG)" in the first row (this is useful for scratch orgs) - If the org that is currently open in the browser is already stored, the plugin will automatically highlight it so that you can execute keyboard shortcuts even quicker than before Improvements: - Reduced the size of the drop down icon in Tag selector - Added more robust handling of Salesforce domains to prevent adding duplicate orgs --- v1.4.0 --- Features: - If Chrome's "New Tab" is opened and active, executing shortcuts will open the URL in that same tab - When adding a new org its URL will automatically be selected if it's in the currently opened Chrome tab - Holding down "CTRL" will show shortcut numbers instead of icons for easier use of keyboard shortcuts Improvements: - 12 new icons are available for custom shortcuts - When 7 or more shortcuts are displayed in the home page they are now not as narrow as before Fixes: - Favicons will now work with sandbox communities - Fixed the issue where color codes in color picker were too dark when the plugin was in dark mode --- v1.3.0 --- Features: - Tags can now be added to Orgs - Orgs can be quickly filtered by their tags - Stored Orgs can now be edited - Custom Shortcuts can now be reordered Improvements: - Explanation for "System" theme is provided Fixes: - Fixed the scrollbar look in Dark mode --- v1.2.0 --- Features: - Dark mode - Shortcuts can now store URL query parameters Improvements: - Moved "Delete Org" button to Reordering screen to prevent accidental deletions - Display plugin version in Settings - Added "Arrow Up" and "Arrow Down" icons for Custom Shortcuts - Added help text next to "Shortcut URL" field to make it more clear how it functions Fixes: - Fix the flickering when opening pages - Focused buttons couldn't be executed when pressing "Enter" key before. Now they can, but in order to open the selected Org "Ctrl + Enter" has to be pressed. --- v1.1.0 --- Features: - Allow adding custom shortcuts that are applied across all Orgs - When Org is selected, pressing the "Enter" key will execute the first action - Allow reordering of Orgs

Latest reviews

  • (2023-02-15) Johannes Erhardt: The shortcuts make it very easy to immediately jump to your favorite Saleforce Org Links e.g. Translation Workbench, Flows with just one click! I love the feature and use it everyday!
  • (2022-04-14) Tim Güll: Makes working with many SF orgs very easy. I Love the feature!


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