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This extension assist you to visualise JSON response from any website or API request in your browser. It introduces you with…

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Description from store This extension assist you to visualise JSON response from any website or API request in your browser. It introduces you with awesome JSON prettify experiences. It has many unique features that makes it awesome. It helps developers to format or prettify JSON and traverse to the properties in graphical view. It has a nice and interactive chart to represent your server response or your provided JSON on input section in graphical view. It's main features are: ✅ Beautify JSON response from API ✅ Visual representation of JSON ✅ Depth traversing of JSON property using breadcrumbs ✅ Write custom JSON in Input area ✅ Import local JSON file ✅ Download JSON file using Context Menu ✅ URL filters ✅ Change Themes ✅ Custom CSS ✅ Cool User Interface. ✅ Copy property and value ✅ Access JSON in your console using only `json` keyword And many more are coming. We are working hard to add new features on regular basis. Github URL: https://github.com/rbrahul/Awesome-JSON

Latest reviews

  • (2020-09-18) Ali Toshmatov: It was working perfectly, but now i cant use it it is constantly opening new tab and showing default json
  • (2020-09-16) Maquinarias Pesadas: Buena, solo falta mostrar cabezeras y poder colapzar y descopalzar. Mas Themes
  • (2020-09-15) Eliot Anderson: excelente 10/10
  • (2020-09-11) Vitali Neumann: The Extension /Parser delete HTML-Tags "value": "Widerrufsbelehrungen</h2> Musst be "value": "<h2>Widerrufsbelehrungen</h2> not gut!!
  • (2020-09-10) Emiliano Parizzi: It works great, except that it tries to parse a Next.js app even thought the response headers clearly states that it's indeed HTML and also the body is HTML5. No idea why the extension tries to read it as JSON.
  • (2020-09-09) Thiago Lucio Bittencourt: Só para arquivos JSON pequenos. Quando o arquivo trás muitos dados nem cheiro dele funcionar.
  • (2020-09-08) Jia-ming Ma: Nice Work, Can it support URL-content on Kiwi-browser (an android chrome browser with extension installable)? It show raw json on kiwi-browser that just using url to load content.
  • (2020-09-02) Kien Ta: Awesome
  • (2020-08-29) Sudhan: Very Useful Tool
  • (2020-08-21) Héctor Ayala Inoriza: Please let add "localhost" with a specific port as an exception, it can't be added in current version. Thanks.
  • (2020-08-16) Anand Prakash: Awesome😍😍
  • (2020-08-11) Joel Varghese: This is an awesome extension especially for a person like me who is a web developer. This makes us easily visualize the JSON structure and can be used to copy the path of a particular key. This is super duper useful and I'd like to thank the developer for this.
  • (2020-07-31) Rick Deininger: I used to use this extensively (because it was the best), but the latest update automatically collapses all of my JSON objects, even though I have it set to expand. I have reformatted my machine multiple times since (for unrelated reasons), and every time I reinstalled this addon it was the same. I notified the developer about this recent decrease in functionality but the issue still persists. This addon is a frustrating waste of time for me as-is, and there is nothing else for me to do to try to get the developer to fix this (or even just roll back the update) besides leaving an honest bad review. So here you go. Hope you fix this.
  • (2020-07-31) Nhung DT: very useful!
  • (2020-07-20) Rohit Singh: Useful tool for devs. Request you to provide toggle for collapse/expand all JSON nodes on JSON viewer page.
  • (2020-07-15) 张文杰: 选了几个,这个最好用,人性化
  • (2020-06-30) jihoo yim: Rahul Baruri.. Thank you. You are an artist.
  • (2020-06-27) Hani Shala: a very nice tool
  • (2020-06-26) Naman Malhotra: Awesome extension, loved it.
  • (2020-04-16) Musa Köşker: Çok iyi.
  • (2020-04-04) Malcolm VanOrder: Unable to scroll is a dealbreaker for reading JSON data. I did like the layout and functionality if offered, but was unable to use it. Additionally, this addon will render the json of websites that are not intended to be JSON. As an example, try opening a webex meeting URL while the extension is enabled.
  • (2020-04-02) Faruk ARIGÜN: Mükemmel çalışıyor.
  • (2020-03-30) John Doe: The extension does what it should and especially well. There is a graph view and you can select and copy single blocks in the response. Very good and thanks for that!
  • (2020-03-23) Yashar Valakjie: Works like a charm and it's gorgeous! ;)
  • (2020-03-05) José Lucas da Silva Almeida: Excelente visualização, é realmente um alívio para os meus olhos.
  • (2020-03-02) Mehdi Mousavi: I use this many times per day and i love it. Please set 'Json Input' as default tab when extension starts.
  • (2020-02-20) Franklin Rabay: This is really awesome, for me the only missing feature is the ability to save or export the charts, which is a pity...
  • (2020-02-12) Saeed Yari: When I search a tool for pretty REST API responses, I filtered results with 5 stars. I see two options. but this one is the best tools that I see. tnx.
  • (2020-02-01) Jeff Trimmer: One of the best JSON viewers I have come across so far. Thank you for providing this tool.
  • (2020-01-29) Umar Zahir: i liked it, awesome
  • (2020-01-23) Rafael Fogel: Awesome plugin. Chart mode is incredible. Congrats.
  • (2020-01-15) Xu Tony: Awesome !
  • (2020-01-15) 董升: 和bilibili.com 网站首页菜单有冲突
  • (2020-01-13) Nikola Lohinski: Very useful, however, it does not load local files when opened with chrome. I can not manage to auto parse local `.json` files.
  • (2020-01-12) Mickael Bourgois: Doesn't work for local files (file://) also a filter/research feature could be useful and an expand all / collapse all feature could be nice like the one from Firefox json viewer
  • (2020-01-10) Eric Hays: Fantastic extension! Really love the ability to view a JSON object as a chart for quickly seeing layers and relationships. Only feature I wish was included is an option to list the URL + timestamp at the top or bottom of the JSON object so that copy/pasting with URL + timestamp included is easier.
  • (2020-01-09) Vincent GS: Numa, está bien pro D:
  • (2020-01-05) Roberto Pereira: esta de ruta
  • (2020-01-03) Leandro Marques: Pratique et vraiment lisible. Pratico e visualisação agradavél
  • (2019-12-29) Tech Zone-LK-ටෙක් Zone: Great tool
  • (2019-12-28) Tai Pham: it's great !!. Thank the developer very much.
  • (2019-12-25) 严严: nice
  • (2019-12-24) Hung-Chang Cheng: More easy to use than other extension. Auto dark-mode Nice~~~
  • (2019-12-21) Muntasir Billah Munna: Rahul, this is the greatest JSON I've ever encountered. But my problem is, your extension is requiring "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit". Can you please explain why? Your extension does one thing and does it with absolute perfection, but that one thing shouldn't require any other data than which I provided. I'd expect a newer version soon which won't require this permission.
  • (2019-12-20) zhu chao: 非常好用
  • (2019-12-10) saharsh jain: Best json viewer available using it for last one year from different accounts. 1000% happy with the extension. Every developer needs this.
  • (2019-12-02) nash Lee: 非常好用,界面也很好看,值得推荐
  • (2019-11-27) Guilherme Canoa: É o mais bonito e organizado, porém buga algumas páginas.
  • (2019-11-22) vishwa karma: good
  • (2019-11-19) Lam Lê Trần Nguyên: One great feature comparing to other JSON viewers is the chart view. I love it.

Latest issues

  • (2020-07-21, v:1.1.4) Mahmoud Tolba: An error has occurred
    Download interrupted
  • (2020-06-19, v:1.1.4) Mehran Ishanian: Json Issue
    Hi, Bravo, I love your extension of JSON viewer awesome. only in one of my page is not working, If I get the source file and copy the source and upload as a file in the extension, it is working fine, if I copy in json input, it works well, only when I open from a web page (localy or from the server), it can not parse it and it is very strange, I can send you privately the URL to check.
  • (2020-06-06, v:1.1.4) cahit karakas: Suggestion.
    Hey brother Thanks for the app. One downside I see is it converts to the pretty look. Can you update such a way that I can actually see the raw view and just click on a button then it converts to pretty look? Regards...
  • (2020-05-29, v:1.1.4) Blagovest Karakashev: automatically parse json
    Hi, Is it possible to prettify JSON automatically as soon I open and raw json in my browser. Currently I have to copy the json and paste it in the extension in order to see it properly parse. Thanks
  • (2020-05-22, v:1.1.3) Dhilip Buddha: Colours issue
    Thanks for the updates - much waited. The theme colours are now leaking onto normal pages. Please can you check it out.
  • (2020-05-22, v:1.1.2) Adarsh Kumar: Color issue when switching tabs
    Hi, when i open any json using your extension, and switch to another tab its color and structure changes automatically.
  • (2020-05-21, v:1.1.1) Mike Kitzman: The dark theme is bleeding into other sites
    I noticed this extension received an update for a selectable and customizable theme, however now the "dark" theme background is affecting other websites that I visit, causing the background on those sites to appear dark.
  • (2020-05-20, v:1.1.1) Rick Deininger: Please fix your plugin
    I noticed today that my plugin was acting a bit weird, automatically collapsing some JSON documents. I looked at my plugin settings and saw there was a setting for this that was not checked, so it shouldn't have been collapsing anything. I figured there must have been some unwanted update that my browser downloaded automatically (since browsers are notorious for making it difficult and unintuitive to disable any kind of updates, period). I checked, and sure enough, you updated this plugin today. The problem of collapsing JSON has not happened again, but instead when I view pages that I view many times a day, which contain JSON, they now have your plugin's theme applied, with a black background and other things I obviously do not want. I don't know what's going on there, but please fix that. I will be looking for another plugin in the meantime.
  • (2020-05-19, v:1.0.6) 崔高舜: Switch Themes
    how to switch themes?I can't find the button
  • (2020-04-29, v:1.0.6) Garnet Favis: Data privacy
    I love this tool! I work with health care data and have to be careful with privacy and breaching HIPAA rules. Is the data in this extension run through a server, or are you able to access all of the data being processed? Or does the tool process the data locally in my machine? Sorry if you already had this question!
  • (2020-04-25, v:1.0.6) Om Prakash: json viewer awesome
    now it's not working well,after i click, it showing json response status code 200.
  • (2020-04-24, v:1.0.6) Gordan S: Question about Awesome json chrome exstension
    Hello, Is it possible to detect 'show null fields' and ignore it on the webpage? So i don't need to copy and paste json ?
  • (2020-04-21, v:1.0.6) Karan Parmar: Whitelist Domain / Block extension on some sites
    I am accessing a site, and they use REST api , whenever I hit the URL i get JSON Data instead of the webpage, I have to disable this extension to access those websites. Some ad blockers have feature like : Don't block ad on this site/page, If you add this feature then it would help a lot. By the way I loved your work, keep growing.
  • (2020-04-03, v:1.0.6) Dhilip Buddha: Issue with Webex
    Great extension! Love it but this is an issue when you use webex. Can you provide a feature to disable it for some domains? Thanks
  • (2020-03-27, v:1.0.6) G S: Options menu disabled ?
    Hi all, It seems, we can change themes, but I can not find how. When I click on the purple button, the "Options" menu is disabled. Is there any way to enable it ? Thanks a lot, this extension is really great! Regards
  • (2019-10-29, v:1.0.6) Eli Saav: Auth scripts get interrupted and dont allow you to log in to some pages
    title says it, sometimes while trying to log to a page the auth script gets shown as Json because of this extension and doesnt let you log in peace. I had to deactivate the extension to log, maybe a domaing ignorer would fix the issue! Otherwise amazing work!
  • (2019-09-22, v:1.0.6) Raphael Jacki Wittoz: Freeze my connection to my NAS
    Hi, I have big problem.. this extension freeze my connection to my synology DS115j. Very hard to detect :o Proof : https://youtu.be/Yr0lSA7pNR0
  • (2019-09-21, v:1.0.6) Matthew Rideout: Copying Path - Have Preference For Formatting
    Hello, I program in Dart for building Flutter apps. The path formatting I prefer is: ['weather'][0]['temperature']; Currently, your extension copies the path like this: weather[0].description; (lack of brackets with quotes for key names) It would be great if there was a setting that allowed you to choose your preferred format for copying the path.
  • (2019-08-16, v:1.0.6) Xigmond Berton: Requests
    its name is really fits its work. this extension has become one of my every-day tools i use it 100s of times every day. i just have 2 requests: 1- in the chart section could it show more than 2 levels of nodes ? 2- it would be much more awesome if it somehow shows where is the error in the json object or where the error starts ...
  • (2019-08-09, v:1.0.6) Ricardo Pineda Then: Why unsafe-eval?
    Hello! Great tool, one question, why do you use "unsafe-eval" on the manifest.json? Is this required for it to work? Some users might use this to check extensions: https://lifehacker.com/heres-one-way-to-check-that-your-chrome-extensions-are-1836630986
  • (2019-08-01, v:1.0.6) Javed Husain: What is the licensing for this plugin?
    Is there a specific license for this plugin?
  • (2019-06-13, v:1.0.6) Stefano Bargioni: Accessibility problem when printing in B/W
    Colors of properties (#4fdee5) and values (#01ff70) have a very low contrast on the white background. Change both colors, or add options to modify them. Thx. sb
  • (2019-05-27, v:1.0.6) Andrey Worldwide: sort keys of object by alphabet (like google dev tools)
    this will help to search specific property
  • (2019-05-27, v:1.0.6) Andrey Worldwide: after parse json collapse all nodes except first level
    if you have objects with many keys hard to search specific key inside. Or if you have big array
  • (2019-04-25, v:1.0.6) Ramkumar Pillai: Table Format or Export as csv
    would it be possible to add Export as CSV or Table View in this tool ?


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