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Description from extension meta This extension assist you to visualize JSON response from any website or API request in your browser. It introduces you with…
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Description from store This extension assist you to visualize JSON response from any website or API request in your browser. It introduces you with awesome JSON prettifying experiences. It has many unique features that makes it awesome. It helps developers to format or prettify JSON and traverse to the properties in graphical view. It has a nice and interactive chart to represent your server response or your provided JSON on input section in graphical view. It's main features are: 1) Prettify JSON response on every JSON response from any server or API url. 2) Visual representation of response 3) Depth traversing of JSON property using breadcumbs 4) Custom JSON pretifying and representing in JSON Input area 5) Cool User Interface. 6) Copy Path or property 7) Copy value 9) Access JSON in your console using only 'json' keyword and hit enter And many more are coming at next. We are working hard to add new features on regular basis. Github URL: https://github.com/rbrahul/Awesome-JSON
Latest reviews (2019-11-19) Lam Lê Trần Nguyên: One great feature comparing to other JSON viewers is the chart view. I love it. (2019-11-19) gala lx: Chart mode is awesome ! (2019-11-18) XIAOGUANG ZHAO: simple and good to use!!! thanks so much!! (2019-11-14) Fabio Sousa: Perfeito, de fato é a melhor definição. (2019-11-04) Mehedi Hasan Likhon: I love the chart view. And, yes, it it fu******king awesome 😎 (2019-10-29) quan lu: 非常好用 (2019-10-24) Abel Wenning: Love it. The "chart" function is cool (but has limited depth), and the dark background is a nice touch. (2019-10-24) silent coder: nice! (2019-10-17) 蔡佳昊: 它真的很酷!!! It is really cool and awesome!!! (2019-10-15) Rahul Sharma: Loved the UX of, however it needs permission to read my browser history which doesn't seems right? May I know why do you need that? It says this in manage section: ```Permissions Read your browsing history``` (2019-10-12) QIANG QIU: 转换工具和脑图模式很赞,建议添加下字体或者Json Viewer 的样式功能吗? (2019-10-10) 유명한: AWESOME!!!!!!! (2019-09-29) Kareem saeed: It is such an intuitive tool that is easy to use and enjoyable . (2019-09-26) Anis Ben Afia: all Ajax requests that has a json as a response, will be changed to a HTML String which brokes up everything in my project (2019-09-26) Ravikumar Yadav: Just as name says its awesome!!. Well done Rahul (2019-09-25) Crownless X: Awesome plugin! (2019-09-23) Mehran poursadeghi: Really Nice and useful (2019-09-22) Anwarul Islam: This is indeed awesome! Please add white-space: prewrap to wrap all texts (2019-09-20) J. Scott Elblein: Very nice and useful. Would love a settings area with some them choices as well as a text area to enter our own CSS for our own theme. Also, the ability to change the default font size. (2019-09-18) Jonathan Williams: Works well out of the box. I don't fully understand all of the views, but the tree view and json view are both clear and easy to read. (2019-09-09) weixi he: Very good, local offline, no data upload, formatted reading is also very friendly, the construction speed is fast, the picture is very dazzling, if the tree can display more, it is better. (2019-09-05) li yin: 这个json解析的插件是我见过的最好的插件,可以进行各种可视化 (2019-08-24) Long Le: Awesomeness, thanks Rahul, btw, would why only have of Chart rendered? I have to drag it around so that i can see all parts of the tree, even when browser is maximized. My payload is pretty small, few properties on it, think it should definitely be able to render that, I'm guessing the implementation is using a canvas underneath, which maybe why I have to drag it over the canvas to see it? Anyhow, hand down best json viewer out there, and I'm sure I've used just about all of them in the past. :) (2019-08-23) 尹茸: 中文显示为 ??? (2019-08-16) Xigmond Berton: its name is really fits its work. this extension has become one of my every-day tools i use it 100s of times every day. i just have 2 requests: 1- in the chart section could it show more than 2 levels of nodes ? 2- it would be much more awesome if it somehow shows where is the error in the json object or where the error starts ...

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