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Description from extension meta Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications. Based on AngularJS Batarang
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Description from store Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications. This extension is based on AngularJS Batarang which sadly had not been updated in approximately two years. For that reason, I'm trying to provide AngularJS programmers with a tool that will address the issues that currently exist and work towards making this even better!
Latest reviews (2019-08-15) Mauricio Scotton: Does not work! AngularJS 1.75... Instaled, Removed other tool "Batarang", Closed browser, opened, and no luck. Doesn't work at all. (2019-01-30) Paul Gorbas: Extension was not working well. $scope did not show up and most items in $scope were not there either. (2018-10-07) Chris Wang: angularjs + webpack can't see AngularJS tab, but there is Element > State, but too much information (2018-09-11) Emmanuel Higgins: Caused an angularjs infinite loop (2018-09-04) Reece Pegues: This (along with Batarang) appear to have stopped working with a recent version of chrome. And yes, I clicked the enable button and restarted chrome. (2018-08-29) Max Budnyk: It doesn't work (2018-08-01) Paul Green: Just shows "< Scope()." but nothing happens when I click on it (2018-05-25) Barret Blake: Doesn't work at all. Apparently doesn't recognize it is on a page with an AngularJS app. (2017-11-13) Nam Nguyen: Support replace for AngularJS Batarang don't update (2017-09-12) Kyle Harrison: It works exactly as intended The only gripe I got is I wish the refresh rate in the inspector was a tad more real time. Unlike others it does update as I change scope variables, but the refresh rate makes it lag behind and makes it difficult to watch for quicker operations Bump up the refresh rate somehow and this thing could be so aces (2017-07-19) Leon Li: It'd be so nice to have a watcher counter. The dependency viz is such a nice touch. (2017-03-30) Anshul Dharmadhikari: It works like a charm.. thanks Kevin (2017-03-15) Nico Q: Very helpful, does exactly what it says. (2017-02-05) Rahul Kundu: Can you please keep a option to minimize 'Scope' tree box. Sometime we need a better view of 'Models for' box. (2016-05-23) Petr Koutný: When enabled, fails with: function($provide) is not using explicit annotation and cannot be invoked in strict mode (2015-07-14) Jarno: great stuff, even works with large scale bsadly coded aplications (2015-06-17) Fabian Hilz: nice! (2015-05-21) Ahmed Alejo: All features stated worked for me. (2015-04-24) Tomasz Brudziński: It does it's job, exactly as Batarang used to. (2015-03-07) محمد ابوالنجا: thanks man for your hard work.i have one request on the inspector i'd like it to be with maxheight and scrollable as when my scope varialbes are big i can't scroll to see them (2015-02-14) Fransiscus Deddy: this is what i need, thankssssss (2015-02-01) Bobby Drake: Works far better than the Batarang extension! (2014-10-22) Christopher Teien-Paul: Looks like this chap Kevin has fixed the abandoned extension? Can't give it 5 stars yet as I haven't had time to test it fully, but a quick poke around has it looking like it works. Would be very pleased if that is the case, about to start a large project using Angular. Thanks Mr. Kirsche.

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