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Custom JavaScript for Websites 2

Description from extension meta Run custom JavaScript on any website.
Image from store Custom JavaScript for Websites 2
Description from store Run custom JavaScript on any website. Use this tool to inject custom JavaScript in any website. Your scripts are kept by the Chrome sync API and applied across domain URLs. You can inject custom JavaScript based on domain or custom Regular Expression (since v3.1.1). This extension supports dedicated tab to edit your codes since v2.5.1 You can use some built-in libraries such as * jQuery 1.12.4 * jQuery 2.2.4 * jQuery 3.2.1 * Indefinite Observable 1.0.1 * MooTools 1.6.0 or/and your own external scripts. Use cases: * Site debugging (wrong list sort, etc.) * Extract useful information from website, such as billings/orders metadata * Hide annoying popups and Ads * Custom UI * Anything you can think of :) New features: Ace Editor (formating, highlight, undo/redo by hotkeys) Draft auto save (so doesn't matter when you close the window without saving) Hosts (websites) switch (you can browse customjs of other websites) Include external script (eq. Underscore.js is cool) Thanks to: Ace - http://ace.c9.io/ Pure - http://purecss.io/
Latest reviews (2019-10-16) Kirill Yunussov: If I could give you 10 stars, I would! Love your extension. Personalizing and customizing the web however I wish. Love it! (2019-05-30) Nathi Nonthasen: Please allow more code size. (2019-05-11) Hoang Le: very helpful thanks you (2019-05-01) Jeremy Belpois: So helpful. (2019-03-29) Govarthanan Venunathan: I try to add own js file but its not working how to do that? please help me on this (2019-03-25) Jay: love the app but i found a website that it does not accept the injection from this extension.. it would be super if we could fix it! (2019-02-26) jian li: Great! It solved my big problem. (2019-02-19) 雷雨: Tampermonkey can't work but this is can be, THANKS MAN! (2019-02-13) Ethan M: Love this. An extension to end all extensions. I use this on scribd.com to add zerbra stripes in the reader: $(window).load(function(e) { $( "span.text_line:odd" ).css( "background-color", "#bbbbff" ); }); (2019-01-10) Marat Dospolov: Can not load data, please try to open a new window and try again. (2019-01-10) Zeus2459: Doesn't work anymore (2018-12-10) Ron Klein: there are problems with the external script injection although the built in example works (//cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/underscore.js/1.8.3/underscore-min.js;), URLs with the format http://.... doesn't work. also, like CJS1, there is a problem to inject more then two external scripts (the 3rd script and later scripts aren't really injected) (2018-10-15) Jan Vrátný: Toto rozšíření jednoduše nefunguje. Nespustí se žádný script, ani obyčejný alert, nic. Nefunguje ani s využitím jquery a document.ready, ani bez něj — zkrátka se nespustí nic. Píšete tu, jak je to super, tak to asi v nějakých starších verzích chromu běželo, ale teď je to zcela k ničemu. (2018-10-12) Antonio Morais: Awesome (2018-09-12) Isaac Walker: Wow, so simple, clean, and effective! Love the ability to only run based on certain URL's, this is critical. This in combination with StyleBot for CSS = all-in-one seamless web customization for sites that need some help! Thanks! (2018-09-02) Gren: Kinda worried using this, Until now Im still using Custom Javascript for website (not 2/this).. but this one looks so similar. Is this clone? Are you put something into this? I've so many question why there's second CJS with *different* author. Thank you ---- Edit: Ah, yeah GUI. I appreciate coz this have some feature which the first didnt have.(I was give 2 stars) (2018-08-06) Huu Trieu Vu: I loved it (2018-04-22) Adam Wong: Good extension. Can help me to customize some UI effect well and make the pages fantastic when I browse. (2018-04-04) هشام بنصالح: Awesome Extension. Works perfect in chrome 65.0.3325.181 The great thing is the possibility to include JQuery without having to add extra code. Awesome. Thank you very much. (2018-03-30) Ethan Crist: I said this on version 1, but you should add an option in "hosts" for "Every Site"! Otherwise, love this plugin. (2018-03-26) Вадим Папченко: Очень удобно. Спасибо разработчикам (2018-03-04) Xin Yi: Works perfect!!! (2018-02-17) David Lopez: This is the best thing since sliced bread. I don't understand why the bad reviews. Works like a charm. God bless xcv58 and all the contributors! BTW much better that the first version of CJS Update: Injecting jQuery on facebook doesn't work (2018-02-14) testerkim gnitsetdaca: This extension just gets worse and worse. The latest update doesn't even work. Tested it with a simple alert command. Nothing pops up. Getting frustrated with this extension. Looks like I might have to develop my own extension. (2018-02-13) Dmitrijs Balcers: Doesn't work anymore :/

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