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Description from extension meta A quick and easy way to add custom CSS to the current web site.
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Description from store Insert your custom CSS code to the current web site and you will see the changes immediately. How to use: 1. Press the extension button to display the CSS editor. 2. Write your custom CSS. 3. Enjoy the result. 4. Press the extension button to hide the CSS editor. Button shows a green indicator, when current web site has custom CSS. The extension uses CodeMirror to highlight code and supports the Emmet toolkit.
Latest reviews (2019-10-23) Lighty Ponce: Great extension tbh, wish it had autocomplete though (2019-09-05) Miguel Sánchez Martín: It requires that the website uses jQuery but does not specify that requirement in the extension description (2019-08-08) Nicolai Weitkemper: Funktionierte auf StackOverflow und YouTube, aber Reddit lässt sich nicht laden, solange die Erweiterung aktiviert ist. (2019-07-20) Cesar Vidril: Throw a lot of error when button is pressed: Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined. (2019-06-17) David O'Donovan: It no longer works with google docs. (2019-05-26) George Beckingham: Press the button, nothing happens. Is Google disabling extensions left and right? (2019-05-19) mutiny lisa: Its code is relatively nice, the issue is, It doesnt work... I press the button on every website ive tried, waited up to 10 minutes, the UI never appears... Im very saddened now :( (2019-05-08) Luky Wang: It's very cool, but version 2.2 not working on chrome 74.0.3729.131, it says "jQuery not found" (2019-04-11) Damir Males: Rien ne se passe au clic sur l'icône (2019-04-01) Doesn't work with optimised styles (many elements assigned to one atribute). (2019-03-15) Mikhail Krug: Перестало работать в новом хроме (2019-02-28) Cory Roberts: Not a very good plugin - when you resize the page to work on custom CSS on a resized Window, it resizes the editing box so small you can't read anything. (2019-02-12) ElementalX7: Doesn't work. When I click on {CSS} icon on toolbar, nothing happend. The same in options. can't add website, change settings etc. The same on clear Chrome Dev. (2018-12-20) Henrique: Didn't work on Vivaldi Browser When the extension's button is clicked, no css editor window show up. (2018-12-12) Henry Foster: This is awesome! It works perfectly, and it is so easy to use. Thank you! (2018-12-03) Yurii Lytvynchuk: Simple and useful for UI testing. (2018-12-02) Broken. (2018-11-15) Kirill: Installed this also in Blisk browser. So far works nicely. I like that it's simple and intuitive and does what it should: allows me to set custom css for a particular websites. (2018-11-14) Антон Швец: вообще не работает, нет окошка правок css, не отображаются импортированные (2018-10-27) jottocraft: Great extension! Quick & easy to use and works well (2018-10-21) Abd-Elrahman hassan: amazing (2018-10-11) Renan 'RenanMsV': Great ! Now I can change youtube's background ! Code below body { --yt-main-app-background: url(https://images.pexels.com/photos/531880/pexels-photo-531880.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&dpr=2&h=650&w=940) top; --yt-primary-color: white; --yt-metadata-color: white; } (2018-10-08) Βαγγέλης Ντόμινο: Wish there where some wildcards like www.example.com/projects/* cause i want different css in different subpages. (2018-10-05) Clint Favor: is this gonna get updated? please fix the bottom part of the editor. it keeps on clipping on the bottom part of the page, can't read the texts. (2018-09-26) Benoit Schweblin: VM6940 scripts.js:315 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

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