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Removes the download bar at the bottom of Chrome windows (does nothing else).

Image from store Disable Download Bar
Description from store Disables the download bar from view, for use with Gryphen POSCore EPoS Software primarily but can be used for any other purpose. All this extension does is disable the downloads bar.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-01-03) Ashley Kline: Someone help me. The download bar is still there. What do I do?
  • (2021-12-30) Carlo St. Regis: I love this thing so much. Works perfectly. My downloads just appear in the stack in my dock with the system animation and I don't have to close that stupid bar taking up 10% of my browser 30 times a day.
  • (2021-12-27) Alexandru Pănoiu: Does what it says, and in so doing contributes to making the world just a little better.
  • (2021-12-18) hippo potamus: Doesn't work. DL bar still present. Useless. The positive reviews must not be using the most recent chrome version or are fake.
  • (2021-11-23) Swgwmshar Basumatary: It's works... Amazing...
  • (2021-11-23) Sam: I just downloaded 2 files and the bar is still there. Does this extension not work anymore?
  • (2021-11-17) Kevin Godsey: IT WORKED!!! Added extension to Chrome (I'm using Chrome Beta), checked any applicable options, closed and then re-opened the application. Found an image to "test-download" and the bar did NOT appear at the bottom of the window. I followed up by checking my downloads folder and sure enough, it WAS THERE! Eureka! Thank you for this simple yet mind-easing solution.
  • (2021-10-31) fos1x: work perfect as i want
  • (2021-10-29) Nick Co: Awesome.
  • (2021-10-27) K.C. Marshall: This is the extension to hide the large, ugly, persistent download notification status bar in chrome. As always, you can just type Ctrl-J to see your downloads when you want to.
  • (2021-09-30) Barrow: Cumple lo que dice en el título pero es peligroso porque te descarga cosas y no te das cuenta... Entonces es mejor activar la opción de preguntar antes de descargar cualquier archivo
  • (2021-09-18) Jeremy: Won't work in Incognigto, but otherwise works fine. Wish there was a ping or something where the button was so you would at least know your download started
  • (2021-09-17) clarkcavers: Most definitely does not work.
  • (2021-09-11) AlexifeuLP: No Problems :D
  • (2021-08-31) Dr Tiga: works as intended!
  • (2021-06-15) Philip Groet: Simple and perfectly working. I looked at source, most simple extension you could imagine and does not load unsafe scripts/adware.
  • (2021-06-11) Mahmoud Jimmy: YOU ARE A LEGEND THANKS MAN
  • (2021-06-11) nosp pson: Doesn't work, bar still opens.
  • (2021-06-09) Kennethosaurus: Doesn't work
  • (2021-06-07) kw scot: Simple and graceful. A user for 3 years. When moving from Chrome to Brave, forgot to install it, and soon miss it. Thank you!
  • (2021-04-22) Daniel B.: I can't thank you enough for this. I hate the huge amount of space the download bar takes.
  • (2021-03-25) Susan Ganiebny: Thank you so much, I can now download in Chrome instead of switching to another browser and pasting the url in the address bar! The bar was so annoying, why do you even want to know what you just downloaded unless you have a short memory span.
  • (2021-03-17) Vinh Nguyễn Văn: working ok in 03/2021 . thanks bro
  • (2021-03-16) Gerard Haw: Best extension, working nice!
  • (2021-03-03) marci: 5 stars... Not enough! Thank you for a perfect tool. That stupid oversized bar no longer gets in the way, and you don't want to know everything I'm doing in exchange for this great tool... Now that's how extensions should be. Thank you so much!
  • (2021-03-02) ВАСЯ пупкин: Лучшее. Самое легкое и самое простое!
  • (2021-02-08) Cool Deep: Nagyon jóó! Végre nem ugrál fel és nem takarja ki az oldalt a letöltési ablak. Great! Download bar hide 4ever. Thanks dude.
  • (2021-01-13) Dzsorni: Perfect
  • (2021-01-13) Валерий Ермолаев: После установки файлы стали загружаться по 2 раза. Удалил
  • (2020-12-27) paint paint: Wow this is great and does the job
  • (2020-12-18) David Ortiz: Jesus Christ, thank you! Works perfectly. Can not stand google when they do dumb things, like an intrusive download bar.
  • (2020-12-11) Sergio Moná: Muy pero muy bueno, tal como lo leí desde el articulo: CÓMO DESACTIVAR LA BARRA DE DESCARGAS EN CHROME - Read more at: https://www.vichaunter.org/como-se-hace/desactivar-la-barra-descargas-chrome De inmediato se fue la barra de descargas.
  • (2020-12-05) Juan Montoya: Simple y funciona. He recuperado un quinto de la pantalla y he ahorrado 1 segundo por descarga gracias a esta extensión.
  • (2020-11-07) Bert Hunter: Even though i have turn it on for incognito mode it still shows the download?
  • (2020-11-01) BeatMil: It does exactly what it said. love it! so gud!
  • (2020-10-23) A I: Thank you so much for making this! I've hated that goddamn pointless download bar for as long as I can remember but never really thought to check extensions.
  • (2020-10-08) Keepers tk421: just what i wanted.
  • (2020-09-13) Hitesh Sanghavi: Simple and safe! Thank you Team Gryphen Solutions. God bless you all.
  • (2020-09-03) Wh1t3st4r: This is the perfect extension, simple, fast and does the job perfectly
  • (2020-08-15) Junta Janardhan: Does exactly what it says and nothing else. Perfect. Die bar, die!
  • (2020-07-30) Alexander Ruiz: Does exactly what it says. Nice. Hated that bar
  • (2020-03-29) J. M.: Doesn't ask for needless permissions. It just clears the download bar. It also doesn't appear to take up any memory at all. All the other extensions I've tried ask for extra permissions and eat up memory doing God knows what in the background.
  • (2020-03-27) Dawid Berne: It hides the download bar as it was designed to do. Recommend.
  • (2020-03-17) Sonnie Nash: works as advertised
  • (2020-02-26) Danny Dromedary: Works as described. No fuss or extra bull.
  • (2020-02-18) ANRK ALT: works perfectly.
  • (2020-01-13) Me Samurai: It's been years since an extension saying "It works" actually worked!
  • (2020-01-11) KnewMyName: Thank you for adding this Extension it helped me very much so I dont got to everytime close it :)
  • (2019-12-06) Katie Ward: Worked perfectly :)
  • (2019-11-24) Dominika Piesiakowska: works! ty!


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