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Description from extension meta php dev tools integrated to your browser
Image from store Clockwork
Description from store Clockwork gives you an insight into your PHP application runtime, including request data, application log, database queries, cache usage, execution visualisation and much more. Clockwork uses a server-side component, that gathers all the data and easily integrates with any PHP project, including out-of-the-box support for major frameworks. Read the full installation guide on the Clockwork website - https://underground.works/clockwork/installation#content Learn more about privacy when using Clockwork extensions - https://underground.works/clockwork/privacy#content
Latest reviews (2019-10-21) Евгений С: Nnnnnnnnice ! (2019-02-13) ojbk (2018-11-30) Fantastic! Much less intrusive than Debugbar and an excellent companion to Telescope. I love having access to PHP debug info in devtools. (2018-11-07) Eduard Tofan: The best (2018-03-07) Takis Antonopoulos: Light years better from Laravel Debugbar!!! Love It!!! (2017-11-28) 李翊賓: Great!!! (2017-05-19) Alexandru Chitoragă: Thanks! Good extension for Chrome! (2017-03-06) M Amir Shahzad: love to use it (2016-11-12) Yanbin Zheng: nice for me (2016-10-21) Eric Chiu: awesome (2016-08-22) Jingnag Hu: great~ (2016-05-11) Robbo: I never rate things on here. But finally we have a matured PHP debugging tool. (2016-05-05) Link X: 太好用了!充分利用了 Chrome 的控制台,而不用像 Debugbar 那样在页面插入额外的 HTML! (2016-04-09) jason kinney: Amazing! Use it daily (2016-03-17) Abhimanyu Sharma: Lovely extension :) (2016-01-26) Chuang Wang: very nice! i userd php5.6 (2015-04-22) Ken Mulford: Using this with Laravel 5, massively helpful tool in understanding how Eloquent translates into SQL queries (both quantity and efficiency). (2015-04-02) Ethan Zhang: Great extension for development (2014-12-12) Federico Soria: Infaltable para desarrollar con Laravel (2014-09-02) Nilotpal Barpujari: Made my life a lot easier. Great and a must have extension. (2014-03-30) simon norton: Just for the SQL statements alone this is awesome. (2014-03-27) Peter Fox: Great little extension for working with Laravel (2014-02-19) David O: Very useful for debugging. Excellent. (Also using it with Laravel 4.1). (2014-01-20) Kreshnik Hasanaj: Great extension, really a great help! (2014-01-17) Paul Dillinger: Using with Laravel 4.1 and it has replaced my others tools. No more FirePHP or crummy admin toolbars. It's GREAT!

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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2019-10-30 / 4.0.7




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