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Description from extension meta Validate and view PHP print_r outputs
Image from store PHPView
Description from store Pretty print any kind of PHP print_r output. Debug your arrays and objects easily, and collapse the branches that you don't need to check in order to navigate in a easier way over the structure. I'm basically adapting this great extension for JSON: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jsonview/chklaanhfefbnpoihckbnefhakgolnmc That fantastic work deserves 99% of the credit, but we, PHP developers, also needed this! Repository: https://github.com/theypsilon/PHPView-for-Chrome Please, contribute!
Latest reviews (2019-10-11) Gary Pettigrew: Waste of time (2019-06-10) Can: It's good but i want to see raw data sometimes. What should i do at this times? (2019-03-20) Peter Bechold: Extremly useful :) Open/Collapse with doubleclick would be nice. (2018-08-22) sỹ sang Đào: Extremely good idea. Thanks a lot!!! (2018-07-28) RALAVA Jean Nica: Good Job (2017-12-16) alan mo: did excellent jobs, love it and save tons of time to parse the ugly php array (2017-05-29) Guy Elsmore-Paddock: Only works if the first thing in the document is the print_r() output. If there is anything that comes before, you get no pretty print and "undefined" in the JS console. (2017-02-12) Александр Македонский: Очень хорошо!!! (2017-01-11) Mike Parda: Makes var_dump and print_r suck a lot less. (2016-12-27) Z World: not working with php asort(); display wrongly array output by asort(); (2016-12-20) Miles Chick: Was helpful until about a week ago. Started throwing up errors to the the console log. So many, I couldn't figure out what were my errors or their errors. If you're the dev... I'm getting that it can't read an innerHTML call in line 282. (2016-10-05) Harry Lewis: It was great until it started converting random websites' source code into pretty print, instead of letting me browse the site... With no way to disable it. Nice one guys. (N) (2016-09-26) Dave Rogers: Liked it until I realized it sorts the array however it wants, instead of how I have it programmed to sort. That's a pretty big issue for most developers, as we often need arrays sorted in a particular way (alphabetical, numerical, what have you). Just a head scratcher. Github appears to be a dead project. (2016-09-16) Saurabh Mistry: 100 Salute To the Developer (2016-01-12) Ayaz Ahmed Mast: This is very helpful! (2015-08-17) Marlon Borges: Ótimo app, exibe arrays de formas estruturadas. (2015-07-22) Charlie Miles: very nice (2015-03-27) very useful (2014-12-26) Семен Пинигин: Супер

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