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Description from extension meta Validate and view JSON documents
Image from store JSONView
Description from store JSONView port for Chrome. Original firefox extension is here: http://benhollis.net/software/jsonview/ Notes: - JSON is validated using a client-side javascript implementation of JSONLint (http://github.com/zaach/jsonlint) - this extension displays JSON text compliant with rfc 4627 (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4627.txt). - JSONP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON#JSONP) is supported You can configure JSON parsing method in options page: - the default method (JSON content is extracted from displayed page) is faster but can (in some rare cases) alter or fail to parse the JSON content. - the safe method costs an extra XMLHttpRequest request (JSON content is extracted from the HTTP response) but is 100% safe.
Latest reviews (2019-11-07) Giovanni Mansueto: Excellent! (2019-11-04) Scott Swanson: Perfect. Thanks for this! (2019-10-14) 林恩怜: 自动反转义,值包含双引号"的情况自动反转义,导致复制出来的json和原json意义不一致,害我出bug了, (2019-09-18) 陈永梅: 天哪,我要被搞死了,这个插件发请求的时候会造成数据重复,毫无理由 (2019-09-11) Mohammed El-Said: Thanks a lot (2019-09-09) Ferran Buireu: Simple pero muy útil. (2019-08-29) lei cheng: 现在不更新了么 (2019-08-29) 张晓泽: 很好用,能够自动美化和格式化返回的数据,方便阅读,不在像之前那样将返回的数据挤成一堆, (2019-08-14) 韩贤政: 很好用 (2019-08-07) Sankalp Kulshrestha: Love it. Quickly parsesraw JSON strings to pretty JSON. Keys are collapsible now, so that takes away scrolling down for big JSONs (2019-07-26) deqiao chen: 安装后,没法使用呀 (2019-07-23) 白洋: 码农们懂得神器!!! (2019-07-20) amirreza siami: it is not working... (2019-07-17) addiccion futbolera: UNA BASURA (2019-07-10) David Qu: aaaa (2019-06-28) Tao Jiang: 很好使用。 (2019-06-24) grzeniufication: Doskonały dodatek. Bardzo ułatwia pracę z JSONem :) (2019-06-19) Illia Kuzma: good one. does what it says (2019-06-18) 劉英傑: view source not working (2019-05-21) Islam Attrash: Really nice JSON formatting (2019-05-20) 徐志成: it's goods~! (2019-05-07) Armin Stroß-Radschinski: (not hating but do not recommmend usage) Not being maintained for years. Seemed to work (for me) at first sight for quick previews, but recently was leading to failures. Does not deal with nested quoted quotes in links and copying JSOn from the preview results in faulty data. see e.g. https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/JSONView-for-Chrome/issues/28 and more flaws... (2019-04-24) Вячеслав Агибалов: Good extension, thanks (2019-04-22) Meena Yadav: Very Good And Work Properly Thanx.. (2019-04-16) Rikky Bro: Спасибо, это как раз то, что я искал! Удобно и наглядно, ничего лишнего! 10/10

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